The MSc in Carbon Management provides high-level knowledge, skills and training in the business, economics, policy, and science of carbon management. It is designed for graduates who want an advanced academic qualification as a launch pad for a career in carbon and climate change management in business, industry and government.

Recent Submissions

  • Applying Circular Economy and Healthy Building Principles to Shipping Container Buildings 

    Freitas, Toni (The University of Edinburgh, 2016)
    This dissertation is research for the University of Suffolk (UoS) and the proposed BoxDock building project. BoxDock is a potential development on UoS marina-front property in Ipswich, England, to create a multi-functional ...
  • BLACK CARBON: Climate Impact of Bushfire in Australia 

    Porter, Stephen D. (The University of Edinburgh, 2013)
    Fire is a ubiquitous feature of the Australian landscape – characteristics of natural flora suggest that fire has been commonplace since well before the arrival of man some 40,000 years ago. Emissions from bushfire at a ...

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