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  • Solo-Living in Scotland: Trends and issues 

    Jamieson, Lynn; Wasoff, Fran; Cunningham-Burley, Sarah; Backett-Milburn, Kathryn; Kemmer, Debbie (CRFR, 2001-06)
    This first Research Briefing focuses on solo-living - that is the increasing trend towards one person households, and the personal and social implications of this trend for those at different stages of the lifecourse.
  • Gender Care and Transitions, in association with the Scottish Poverty Information Unit 

    Innes, Sue; Scott, Gill (CRFR, 2002-01)
    This briefing is the interim report of CRFR's first Fellowship and considers how women with dependent children move into training or employment and the role of both formal and informal care in supporting them.
  • Family Policy in Scotland 

    Wasoff, Fran; Hill, Malcolm (CRFR, 2002-02)
    This briefing looks at the development of family policy in Scotland, considers the interplay between devolved and reserved matters, outlines the Departments of the Scottish Executive responsible for family policy, and ...
  • Understanding Children's Lives: How children and parents experience and understand social and health inequalities 

    Backett-Milburn, Kathryn; Cunningham-Burley, Sarah (CRFR, 2002-03)
    Children's differing social circumstances and experiences are part of the pathways implicated in health and illness in adulthood. However, children's own perspectives tend to be absent from adult-defined data about health ...
  • CRFR News 1 - Spring 2002 

    CRFR (CRFR, 2002-05)
    CRFR News and Events
  • Child Sexual Abuse: Fracturing Family Life 

    Nelson, Sarah (CRFR, 2002-06)
    Research has shown that childhood sexual abuse can have damaging long-term effects on family life and relationships. Some effects have been widely recognised such as feelings of betrayal and confusion when fathers abuse, ...
  • Parents teenagers and family life: a qualitative investigation 

    Seaman, Pete (CRFR, 2002-09)
    Divorce is not only a social and legal institution that is the legal dissolution of a legal marriage, but is also a major life transition, with often negative emotional, social and practical consequences for many of the ...
  • Divorce in Scotland 

    Wasoff, Fran (CRFR, 2002-10)
    This briefing explored divorce in Scotland, setting it in its historical context, and examining recent trends.
  • Maximising children's interests after parental separation: the australian experience 

    Seddon, Beth (CRFR, 2002-10)
    This briefing gives an overview of policy developments in Australia aimed at maximising the interests of children when their parents separate. It touches on issues common to a number of countries, in particular attempts ...
  • Men's understanding of their violence towards women 

    Seddon, Beth (CRFR, 2003-02)
    This briefing reports on a study in Australian that explored men's experience and understanding of their violence towards their female partners. The study aimed to gain a fuller understanding of men's perspectives with a ...
  • Feeding families and influences on healthy eating in Scotland: findings from a qualitative study 

    Fuller, Tony; Backett-Milburn, Kathryn (CRFR, 2003-05)
    A series of policy documents in the 1990's highlighted the contribution of dietry factors to morbidity and mortality in Scotland. Primary care was identified as one setting where advice about diet and healthy eating may ...
  • Life in low income families in Scotland: research report 

    McKendrick, John H; Cunningham-Burley, Sarah; Backett-Milburn, Kathryn (Scottish Government, 2003-09)
    Living on a low income is a problem that the Scottish Executive and UK Parliament want to tackle. Previous work has focused on measuring the number of people living on a low income. This research was commissioned to ...
  • Family, friendship and the transition to secondary school: the experiences of black, minority ethnic and white children 

    Graham, Catherine; Hill, Malcolm (CRFR/Glasgow Centre for the Child and Society, 2003-11)
    Around the age of 11, nearly all Scottish children transfer from primary to secondary school. This will involve changes to the size, location, class structure, curriculum, ethos of school as well as markedly altering ...
  • Home birth in Scotland: exploring women's views 

    Edwards, Nadine (CRFR, 2004-01)
    Planning a home birth within a hospital birth-based culture presents possibilities and challenges for women, their families and their attendants. The study reported here sought to increase understanding about women's ...
  • Caringscapes: experiences of caring and working 

    McKie, Linda; Gregory, Susan; Bowlby, Sophie (CRFR, 2004-02)
    There is growing interest in ways in which people combine working with caring, and what can be done to make the balance of work and care more manageable. In this paper, Linda McKie, Susan Gregory and Sophia Bowlby explore ...
  • Family formation and dissolution: trends and attitudes among the Scottish population 

    Morrison, Anita; Headrick, Debbie; Morton, Sarah; Wasoff, Fran (Scottish Government, 2004-03)
    This Research Finding draws together existing Scottish data on trends in family formation and dissolution. This includes data on marriage and divorce from the General Register Office for Scotland (GROS), Scottish censuses ...
  • Young people, cannabis and family life 

    Highet, Gill (CRFR, 2004-03)
    This briefing reports on a study of the role of cannabis in young people's lives during their early teenage years. Interviews explored cannabis-related beliefs and behaviour of young people aged 13-15 within the context ...
  • Participation for Change 

    Anderson, Sue; Dick, Euan; Morton, Sarah; Wilkinson, Heather (CRFR, 2004-04)
    In September 2002, new legal rights in the form of the Community Care and Health (Scotland) Act 2002 recognised the contribution of many thousands of unpaid carers in Scotland. This briefing reports on a study of how Carers ...
  • In love or just curious 

    Gillan, Evelyn (CRFR, 2004-05)
    Concern about the sexual behaviour and health of young people and the rate of teenage pregnancy has given sexual health a high policy profile in recent years. Much less explored are the meanings given to sexual behaviour ...
  • A Baseline Study of Outcome Indicators for Early Years Policies in Scotland 

    Wasoff, Fran; MacIver, Sheila; McGuckin, Anne; Morton, Sarah (Scottish Government, 2004-06)
    The indicator study involved analysis of data on a range of ‘indicators’ identified in a previous feasibility study as relevant to the early years’ policy objectives. A number of indicators related to health and pre-school ...