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  • The Situation of the World; a sermon 

    Robertson, William (Edinburgh : Printed for Hamilton & Balfour, and sold by them, and Mr. A. Millar, London, 1759, 1755)
    The situation of the world at the time of Christ's appearance, and its connexion with the success of his religion, considered : a sermon, preached before the Society in Scotland for Propagating Christian Knowledge, at their ...
  • An inquiry into the nature and causes of the wealth of nations: Volume One 

    Smith, Adam (London : printed for W. Strahan; and T. Cadell, 1776., 1776)
    Of the causes of improvement in the productive powers of labour, and of the order according to which its produce is naturally distributed among the different ranks of the people
  • An inquiry into the nature and causes of the wealth of nations: Volume Two 

    Smith, Adam (London : printed for W. Strahan; and T. Cadell, 1776., 1776)
  • Trends in Self-Posting of Research Material Online by Academic Staff 

    Andrew, Theo (UKOLN, 2003)
    With the rapid uptake of digital media changing the way scholarly communication is perceived, we are in a privileged position to be part of a movement whose decisions now will help to ultimately decide future courses of ...
  • Digital Archives Research Project: A report and recommendations 

    Semple, Najla (Edinburgh University Library, 2003-01-24)
    The preservation of digital resources is of great importance to the academic community and society as a whole. We are in danger of losing much of our academic and cultural heritage through neglect of these burgeoning ...
  • DSpace and ETD-db Comparative Evaluation 

    Jones, Richard D (2003-10-23)
    We evaluated two open source packages with a view to using one for the creation of an online submission and archive system for Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETDs) in the UK. These packages were the ETD-db written ...
  • Using Macromedia Flash to create online information skills materials at Edinburgh University Library 

    Jones, Richard D; Bains, Simon (Emerald, 2003-12)
    Growth in electronic information services, pressure on staff resources and developments in the area of electronic learning have resulted in a need for online information skills delivery. Edinburgh University Library has ...
  • DSpace vs. ETD-db: Choosing software to manage electronic theses and dissertations 

    Jones, Richard D (UKOLN, 2004-01-30)
    The Theses Alive! Project, based at Edinburgh University Library and funded under the JISC Fair Programme, is aiming to produce, among other things, a software solution for institutions in the UK to implement their own ...
  • Theses Alive! : an E-theses management system for the UK 

    Andrew, Theo (2004-03-08)
    The concept of Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETDs) is not a new one. E-Theses have been openly discussed by key players in the present worldwide ETD movement since 1987 , and even accepted by some universities (e.g. ...
  • Intellectual Property and Electronic Theses 

    Andrew, Theo (JISC Legal Information Services, 2004-09)
    The role of this briefing paper is to raise awareness of the main issues involved when converting paper-based theses into a digital format. This change of media has many implications for the way theses are created, stored, ...
  • The Tapir: Adding E-Theses Functionality to DSpace 

    Jones, Richard D (UKOLN, 2004-10)
    The Theses Alive Plugin for Institutional Repositories (Tapir) [1] has been developed at Edinburgh University Library [2] to help provide an E-Thesis service within an institution using DSpace [3]. It has been developed ...
  • Recovering from disaster - the loss of Edinburgh's AI Library 

    Battersby, Richard (Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals, 2005-03-16)
  • Open access, open source and e-theses: the development of the Edinburgh Research Archive 

    Jones, Richard D; Andrew, Theo (Emerald, 2005-08)
    The Theses Alive project, conducted at Edinburgh University Library, aimed to produce an E-Theses repository with a view to providing a solution which may be appropriate for other UK higher education institutions to ...
  • Open Scholarship 2006 StORe poster 

    Pryor, Graham (2006)
    StORe is a project within the JISC digital repositories programme. It has a declared mission to enhance the value of academic research output by enabling direct interaction between source and output repositories
  • Attitudes and aspirations in a diverse world: the Project StORe perspective on scientific repositories 

    Pryor, Graham (Digital Curation Centre, 2006)
    When preparing a team of recent postgraduates who were about to embark on a survey of repository users, it became necessary to equip them with a glossary of terms for use when explaining their mission. Whilst our project’s ...
  • ILL, a dying breed or a new brand? The experience of Edinburgh University 

    Lobban, Marjory (Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 2006)
    Purpose – The purpose of this article is to examine the trend of interlibrary loans (ILLs) through the experiences of Edinburgh University Library (EUL). A preliminary study aims to consider how the purchase of one e-journal ...
  • Project StORe: Astronomy Report 

    Choudhury, Sayeed; Hanisch, Robert; Stewart, Rowena (2006)
    In many ways, digital astronomy is at the forefront of issues related to data curation, given the existing experience with generating large amounts of data in raw form, and significant quantities of derived data in ...
  • Use and Linkage of Source and Output Repositories and the Expectations of the Chemistry Research Community About Their Use 

    Polydoratou, Panayiota (Springer Berlin / Heidelberg, 2006)
    This paper presents findings from a questionnaire survey that aimed to identify the issues around the use and linkage of source and output repositories and the expectations of the chemistry research community about their ...
  • Project StORe: Biochemistry report 

    Tonkin, Suzanne (2006)
    Biochemistry departments at UK universities were invited to take part in the Project StORe questionnaire. Potential sites were identified by using the list of departments submitting to the 1996 Research Assessment Exercise ...
  • Open Scholarship 2006 Biosciences poster 

    Biegon, Dagmar (2006)
    The John Rylands University investigated the repository usage of biosciences researchers in academia. We collected the data via an online questionnaire and a series of individual interviews. This poster presents some of ...