Recent Submissions

  • Scottish ballads 

    Thin, George Traquair (The University of Edinburgh, 1913)
  • Status areas of Edinburgh: a historical analysis 

    Gordon, George (The University of Edinburgh, 1970)
  • His Majesty’s Gracious Ordinance Regarding the Freedom of Writing and of the Press 

    Giles, Ian; Graves, Peter (2016)
    On the occasion of the 250th anniversary of the issuance of His Majesty’s Gracious Ordinance Regarding the Freedom of Writing and of the Press in Sweden - the world's first press freedom law - Ian Giles and Peter Graves ...
  • Voltaire et le "vous" de l'essai sur les moeurs: note instructive 

    Renwick, John (The Library, University of Edinburgh, 2015-03-31)
    Il est évident qu'une pratique ininterrompue de l'Abrégé de l'histoire universelle, devenu en 1754 l'Essai sur l'histoire universelle, devenu enfin en 1756 l'Essai sur les moeurs, sert à sensibiliser progressivement ...
  • The Accolades Project on Large Textual Corpora - Working Paper 

    Mansfield, Charlie (2010-05-19)
    Through my software development and computer programming in PHP and JavaScript I continue to develop analysis tools for use on huge corpora of text (typically 250 000 to 400 000 words). These corpora include longer literary ...
  • Modéliser l'espace dans les textes en moyen français : le développement d'un script informatisé pour faire le tamisage (SIFT) 

    Mansfield, Charlie (2007-03-02)
    Cet article rend compte des résultats de nos recherches sur les projets consacrés aux textes en moyen français dans les cadres des deux projets auxquels nous sommes associés pour la période 2005-2008 : les projets ANR ...
  • Christine de Pizan: A Publisher's Progress 

    Laidlaw, James (Modern Humanities Research Association/ JSTOR, 1987-01)
    In recent years there has been a welcome revival of interest in Christine de Pizan, both as author and as 'publisher', to use a deliberate anachronism. Thanks to the work of a number of scholars, we now have a clearer ...
  • French Urban Space: 1. Arriving in the City 

    Mansfield, Charlie (2006-11-27)
    This research has developed from my teaching French-language literature in Canadian Studies at the University of Edinburgh since 2005 and as the start of my doctoral work in French at Newcastle University. The research ...
  • On Bonnefoy 

    Mansfield, Charlie (East Midlands Arts, 1993-12)
    Book review of English translation of French poetry by Yves Bonnefoy With these narrative artefacts, fragmented and unfinished, Yves Bonnefoy begins to show us a world without conclusion. His act of defiance towards the ...
  • Setaside 

    Mansfield, Charlie (Poetry Nottingham, 1992)
    English verse
  • Approaching French Language Literature in Canadian Studies 

    Mansfield, Charlie (Centre of Canadian Studies, The University of Edinburgh, 2005-09-28)
    This book forms a self-study pack and teaching guide to help English speakers start using computers and the web to support their studies of French Canadian Literature, song, film and multimedia. Readers will need access ...
  • L'intégration des outils télématiques stimulant l'éducation interculturelle et la recherche sur les arts au sein d'un groupe d'universités européennes 

    Mansfield, Charlie; Baetens, Jan (Lang Peter, Frankfurt, Germany, 1999)
    Cette communication présente une étude de cas. Elle rend compte du travail d'un groupe d'universités européennes (Sunderland, Leuven, Maastricht, Liège et EuroPace 2000) au cours de la mise en oeuvre d'un projet télématique ...
  • The Design & Integration of Web-Based Resources in the Modern Languages Curriculum 

    Mansfield, Charlie; McNeill, Tony (Elm Bank Publications, Exeter, 1998)
    Examines the design and use of web-based resources in French Studies, particularly in nineteenth century French literature and culture.
  • Poetics Today 

    Mansfield, Charlie (Sage, 1989)
    Reviews Volume 9 of Poetics Today journal from Duke University Press 1988. Examines ontological barrier between real world and literary characters. Also notes on 1989 PALA Conference, Poetics and Linguistics Association. ...
  • Designing a Digital Version of British Library, Harley MS 4431 

    Laidlaw, James; Mansfield, Charlie (Université catholique de Louvain, 2005-05-12)
    Discusses design for the electronic transcription of MS BL Harley 4431 aims first of all to create a diplomatic corpus made up of the thirty works which Christine de Pizan included in the Queen’s MS. The generally accepted ...
  • Using JavaScript to simulate formative assessment questioning in web-based open learning materials 

    Bowerman, Chris; Mansfield, Charlie; Sewell, Keith (The European Journal of Open & Distance Learning, Norway, 1997-12-19)
    This paper provides the JavaScript code for asking questions in web-based learning materials. The paper situates the setting of formative assessment exercises and questioning in the tradition of open learning materials ...
  • The POETICA Project 

    Mansfield, Charlie (Computers & Texts, The CTI Newsletter, 1995-12)
    Describes web-based package called: Programme for Orientation, Education and Telematics Implementation in Critical Analysis (POETICA)
  • Baudelaire for Net Surfers: French Studies and the Internet 

    Mansfield, Charlie; McNeill, Tony (French Studies Bulletin, University of Hull, 1997)
    Using the Internet for French Studies teaching and learning. Report on a web-based package for 19th century French literature and culture, Les Chemins du savoir.
  • Identity and Narration in Chris Marker's La Jetée and the Appearance of the Internet as a Symptom of Cold-War Anxiety 

    Mansfield, Charlie (Rodopi, Amsterdam and Atlanta, 2001)
    CHRIS MARKER'S 29 minute film, La Jetée, first appeared in 1962 in the era of the Cold War, an era which also gave birth to the Internet. The Internet appeared in 1968 as the DARPA network, invented by Paul Baran at Rand ...
  • Lire L'empire des signes de Barthes comme écriture de voyage 

    Mansfield, Charlie (University of Tokyo Centre for Philosophy, 2004)
    Cet exposé aborde L’empire des signes de Roland Barthes comme une écriture de voyage. L’empire des signes a été publié en 1970 par les Éditions Albert Skira de Genève ‘composé dans un caractère créé spécialement’ (Barthes ...

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