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  • Adaptive Modelling and Planning for Learning Intelligent Behaviour 

    Kochenderfer, Mykel J (University of Edinburgh. College of Science and Engineering. School of Informatics., 2006-12)
    An intelligent agent must be capable of using its past experience to develop an understanding of how its actions affect the world in which it is situated. Given some objective, the agent must be able to effectively use ...
  • Adaptive parallelism mapping in dynamic environments using machine learning 

    Emani, Murali Krishna (The University of Edinburgh, 2015-06-29)
    Modern day hardware platforms are parallel and diverse, ranging from mobiles to data centers. Mainstream parallel applications execute in the same system competing for resources. This resource contention may lead to a ...
  • Adaptive processing of thin structures to augment segmentation of dual-channel structural MRI of the human brain 

    Withers, James (The University of Edinburgh, 2010)
    This thesis presents a method for the segmentation of dual-channel structural magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) volumes of the human brain into four tissue classes. The state-of-the-art FSL FAST segmentation software ...
  • Adding safe and effective load balancing to multicomputers 

    Martin, Paul (The University of Edinburgh, 1994)
  • Addressing Constraint Failures in Distributed Dialogue Protocols 

    Osman, Nardine Zoulfikar (The University of Edinburgh, 2003)
    Early agent communication languages lacked the means to coordinate the interaction between agents. The importance of coordination was better appreciated when open systems became in favor. Some solutions have been proposed; ...
  • Adjoint Rewriting 

    Ghani, Neil (University of Edinburgh. College of Science and Engineering. School of Informatics., 1995-12)
    This thesis is about rewriting in the typed lambda-calculus. Traditional categorical models of typed lambda-calculus use concepts such as functor, adjunction and algebra to model type constructors and their associated ...
  • Advances in detecting object classes and their semantic parts 

    Modolo, Davide (The University of Edinburgh, 2017-07-07)
    Object classes are central to computer vision and have been the focus of substantial research in the last fifteen years. This thesis addresses the tasks of localizing entire objects in images (object class detection) and ...
  • AI in Computer Games: Generating Interesting Interactive Opponents by the use of Evolutionary Computation 

    Yannakakis, Georgios N. (University of Edinburgh. College of Science and Engineering. School of Informatics., 2005-12)
    Which features of a computer game contribute to the player’s enjoyment of it? How can we automatically generate interesting and satisfying playing experiences for a given game? These are the two key questions addressed ...
  • The Algebra of Finite State Processes 

    Sewell, Peter M (University of Edinburgh. College of Science and Engineering. School of Informatics., 1995-12)
    This thesis is concerned with the algebraic theory of finite state processes. The processes we focus on are those given by a signature with prefix, summation and recursion, considered modulo strong bisimulation. We investigate ...
  • An Algebraic Semantics of Prolog Control 

    Ross, Brian James (The University of Edinburgh: College of Science and Engineering: The School of Informatics, 1992-07)
    The coneptual distinction between logic and control is an important tenet of logic programing. In practice, however, logic program languages use control strategies which profoundly affect the computational behavior of ...
  • Algebraic approach to hardware description and verification 

    Cardelli, Luca (The University of Edinburgh, 1982)
  • Algebraic theory of type-and-effect systems 

    Kammar, Ohad (The University of Edinburgh, 2014-06-27)
    We present a general semantic account of Gifford-style type-and-effect systems. These type systems provide lightweight static analyses annotating program phrases with the sets of possible computational effects they may ...
  • An Algorithm for Evolving Protocol Constraints 

    Collins, Mark (University of Edinburgh. College of Science and Engineering. School of Informatics., 2006-06)
    We present an investigation into the design of an evolutionary mechanism for multiagent protocol constraint optimisation. Starting with a review of common population based mechanisms we discuss the properties of the ...
  • Algorithmic skeletons : a structured approach to the management of parallel computation 

    Cole, Murray Irwin (The University of Edinburgh, 1988)
  • Algorithms and lower bounds for testing properties of structured distributions 

    Nikishkin, Vladimir (The University of Edinburgh, 2016-11-29)
    In this doctoral thesis we consider various property testing problems for structured distributions. A distribution is said to be structured if it belongs to a certain class which can be simply described in approximation ...
  • Algorithms for assessing the quality and difficulty of multiple choice exam questions 

    Luger, Sarah Kaitlin Kelly (The University of Edinburgh, 2016-06-27)
    Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) have long been the backbone of standardized testing in academia and industry. Correspondingly, there is a constant need for the authors of MCQs to write and refine new questions for new ...
  • Algorithms in Lattice QCD 

    Pickles, Stephen M. (The University of Edinburgh, 1998)
    The enormous computing resources that large-scale simulations in Lattice QCD require will continue to test the limits of even the largest supercomputers into the foreseeable future. The efficiency of such simulations ...
  • Algorithms, abstraction and implementation : a massively multilevel theory of strong equivalence of complex systems 

    Foster, Carol Lynn. (The University of Edinburgh, 1991)
    This thesis puts forward a formal theory of levels and algorithms to provide a foundation for those terms as they are used in much of cognitive science and computer science. Abstraction with respect to concreteness ...
  • Alignment of speech and co-speech gesture in a constraint-based grammar 

    Saint-Amand, Katya; Amand, Katya Saint; Alahverdzhieva, Katya (The University of Edinburgh, 2013-07-02)
    This thesis concerns the form-meaning mapping of multimodal communicative actions consisting of speech signals and improvised co-speech gestures, produced spontaneously with the hand. The interaction between speech and ...
  • Altering speech synthesis prosody through real time natural gestural control 

    Abelman, David (The University of Edinburgh, 2013)
    A significant amount of research has been and continues to be undertaken into generating expressive prosody within speech synthesis. Separately, recent developments in HMM-based synthesis (specifically pHTS, developed ...