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  • Wikidata I/O Showcase 

    McAndrew, Ewan; Evans, Navino (2017-08-04)
    Using Wikidata to achieve impact from research data by linking it and increasing its visibility to the public. Facilitated by Ewan McAndrew, Wikimedian in Residence at the University of Edinburgh, with facilitation from ...
  • OpenGLAM and Open Access: How open is open? 

    Wallace, Andrea (2017-08-04)
    Presentation at RepoFringe 2017 - OpenGLAM and Open Access: How open is open? by Andrea Wallace, PhD Candidate in Cultural Heritage Law with CREATe, University of Glasgow
  • Impact and the REF panel session 

    Firth, Catriona; Jones, Pauline; Laegran, Anne-Sofie (2017-08-03)
    How are institutions preparing for the next round of the Research Excellence Framework #REF2021, and how do repositories feature in this? What lessons can we learn from the last REF and what changes to impact might we ...
  • Balancing shared infrastructure and domain-specific tools in data management 

    Millar, Andrew; Troup, Eilidh; Zieliński, Tomasz (2017-08-04)
    Presentation at RepoFringe 2017, 'Balancing shared infrastructure and domain-specific tools in data management' by Andrew Millar, Eilidh Troup andTomasz Zieliński
  • Open access… from oblivion… to the spotlight? 

    Hibbert, Dawn (2017-08-03)
    “In 2008 Sherpa/Romeo was created, and for the first time there was a (relatively) easy way of checking the publisher’s policies for journal articles. At the same time, our University, Northampton launched it’s repository, ...
  • Edinburgh DataVault: local implementation of Jisc DataVault: the value of testing 

    Ward, Pauline (2017-08-03)
    The DataVault is designed to help meet evolving funder expectations with respect to data retention and increased data volumes. Building on the DataVault pilot project funded by Jisc, staff at EDINA and the University of ...
  • Data management and preservation using PURE and Archivematica at Strathclyde 

    Morrisson, Alan (2017-08-03)
    The core of this brief session will present an overview of the curation and preservation workflow for research data currently implemented by the Research Data Management & Sharing Service at the University of Strathclyde. ...
  • What RADAR did next: developing a peer review process for research plans 

    Siminson, Nicola (2017-08-03)
    RADAR ( is the Glasgow School of Art’s institutional repository, and showcases thousands of research outputs in the fields of art, design and architecture, making details and images of artefacts, ...
  • Automated metadata collection from the researcher CV Lattes Platform to aid IR ingest 

    Furnival, Chloe; Matias, Mesailde Souza de Oliveira; Matias, Paulo; Faria, Leandro Innocentini Lopes; Amaral, Roniberto Morato (2017-08-03)
    In 1999, the Brazilian National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq) launched the Lattes CV Platform, and all Brazilian HEIs oblige their researchers and staff to inform and update their publication ...
  • Lifting the lid on global research impact: implementation and analysis of a Request a Copy service 

    Flanagan, Dimity (2017-08-03)
    In 2016, we activated the EPrints Request a Copy function in our institutional repository LSE Research Online (LSERO). As a mediated service, the implementation was a trial to ascertain the demand for restricted content. ...
  • Reference Rot in theses: a HiberActive pilot 

    Osborne, Nicola (2017-08-03)
    The Reference Rot in theses: a HiberActive pilot is a short University of Edinburgh-funded project to explore how the principles of using “Hiberlinks” in scholarly work can be applied in practice. We are working to develop ...
  • IIIF: you can keep your head while all around are losing theirs! 

    Renton, Scott (2017-08-03)
    Library and University Collections adopted IIIF as a consortium member in 2016. This was an important step for the division: we've seen it as a vital framework and standard for beautification of digital ...
  • An analysis of national open data and open science policies in Europe: process and findings 

    Donnelly, Martin (2017-08-03)
    policy (n.) “a set of ideas or a plan of what to do in particular situations that has been agreed to officially by a group of people, or an organisation” The Digital Curation Centre (DCC) maintains a watching brief on ...
  • Politics of open: the state of play in the U.S. 

    Joseph, Heather (2017-08-04)
    Keynote presentation by Heather Joseph, Executive Director, SPARC - The politics of open: the state of play in the U.S.
  • 'Weather cloudy & cool harvest begun’: St Andrews output usage beyond the repository 

    Brady, Kyle; Bryce, Michael; Knowles, Kirsty; Proven, Jackie; Aucock, Janet; Collins, David (2017-08-03)
    St Andrews might be small but, as a research intensive University with around 700 research active staff and over 8500 students, its research output is considerable. The St Andrews Research Repository has been accepting ...
  • PhD thesis digitisation project 

    Willshaw, Gavin (2017-08-03)
    10 minute presentation by Gavin Willshaw on the University of Edinburgh's PhD thesis digitisation project.
  • RSpace & Figshare: towards an integrated reearch data workflow 

    Macneil, Rory; Hardeman, Megan (2017-08-03)
    One of the major advances over the last 10 years for sharing content has been the development and gradually increasing use of data repositories, of which Figshare is a leading example. The recent integration of the RSpace ...
  • CORE Recommender: a plug in suggesting open access content 

    Pontika, Nancy; Anastasiou, Lucas; Charalampous, Aristotelis; Cancellieri, Matteo; Pearce, Samuel; Knoth, Petr (2017-08-03)
    Recommendation systems filter a user’s choices and attempt to provide suggestions on relevant items. CORE, a global open access aggregation service, supports a recommender plugin that can be installed in all repository ...
  • v2.juliet – a model for SHERPA’s mid-term infrastructure 

    Field, Adam (2017-08-03)
    Over the past 15 years, SHERPA Services have provided Open Access Intelligence to the sector to assist with and promote the Open Access agenda. Over that time, the context of Open Access has changed remarkably, and SHERPA ...
  • Ten years of the Oxford University Research Archive 

    Watson, David (2017-08-03)
    Poster presented by David Watson, Bodleian Libraries of the University of Oxford - Ten years of the Oxford University Research Archive