Information Services (IS) comprises four service-led Planning Units and provides access to library and computing services for staff and students.

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  • Playing with metadata 

    Willshaw, Gavin; Renton, Scott (2017)
  • IIIF: a picture paints a thousand words 

    Renton, Scott (2017)
  • Working with Collections: A Guide for Researchers 

    Marshall, Joseph (The University of Edinburgh, 2016)
    This guide is intended to support academic staff who are developing funding bids or project proposals which include elements of activity relating to archives, museums or other heritage collections in the care of the ...
  • Torrie Project Portfolio 

    Warwick, Genevieve (The University of Edinburgh, 2016)
    The Torrie Project stems from a constellation of resources and opportunities unique to the University of Edinburgh. It brings together postgraduate teaching in History of Art with University Art Collections research. As ...
  • SHERPA Ref (and so can you!) 

    Field, Adam; Anders, Jane; Hussain, Azhar (2016-10)
    This 7-minute presentation by Adam Field, Jane Anders and Azhar Hussain of Jisc was given at RepoFringe 2016 on Monday 1st of August as part of the 24x7 session on 'The Nuts and Bolts of Open'. It describes how the SHERPA ...
  • DSpace at the University of Edinburgh (Life after CRIS) 

    Knowles, Claire (2016-10)
    This presentation was given by Claire Knowles of the University of Edinburgh at RepoFringe 2016 opening a panel discussion: "Sustaining content and collections: open educational resources, open access, open data". It deals ...
  • Capturing and utilising information on the impact of research 

    Galan-Diaz, Carlos; Barbeau, Rose-Marie (2016-10)
    This 7-minute presentation by Carlos Galan-Diaz and Rose-Marie Barbeau, both of the University of Glasgow, was given at RepoFringe 2016 on Monday 1st August 2016 as part of the 24x7 session on 'Making a Difference with ...
  • Sustainability and Open Education 

    Barker, Phil (Sharing and learning: Phil Barker's work blog, 2016-08-08)
    These notes formed the basis for the opening presentation by Phil Barker of Heriot-Watt University for a panel discussion at RepoFringe 2016 "Sustaining content and collections: open educational resources, open access, ...
  • Repository Fringe 2016 Welcome 

    McLachlan, Gavin (2016-10)
    Welcome address to the delegates of RepoFringe 2016 given by Gavin McLachlan, Chief Information Officer of the University of Edinburgh on Monday 1st August 2016.
  • Jisc update 

    Feldman, Paul (2016-10)
    This presentation was given by Paul Feldman, CEO of Jisc, at RepoFringe 2016 on the 2nd of August 2016, detailing some highlights of Jisc's current work.
  • Too Rich To Keep: Sharing the wealth of clinical data to enhance patient treatments 

    Pernet, Cyril R. (2016-10)
    This 7-minute presentation was made by Cyril Pernet of Edinburgh Imaging, University of Edinburgh, as part of the 24x7 'Making a Difference with Data' session at RepoFringe 2016.
  • Getting to(o) easy: boosting Open Access compliance by tailoring approaches to researchers 

    Bryce, Michael; Brady, Kyle; Knowles, Kirsty; Proven, Jackie (2016-10)
    Poster presented at RepoFringe 2016 by Michael Bryce, Kyle Brady, Kirsty Knowles and Jackie Proven, all of the University of St Andrews. The introduction reads: "As a small, research-intensive university with diverse subject ...
  • Research data sharing: what the FRIC? 

    Phillips, Brenda; Proudfoot, Rachel E. (2016-10)
    Poster presented by Brenda Phillips and Rachel Proudfoot (both of Research Data Leeds at the University of Leeds) at RepoFringe 2016. The poster subtitle reads: "Lots of cooperation is needed to help researchers share data ...
  • SDA: Survey Document and Analysis 

    Ruus, Laine (2016-10)
    Poster presented by Laine Ruus of EDINA at RepoFringe 2016. What Windows Media Player does for sound and video files, SDA does for numeric microdata, although it can also handle aggregate and time-series data.
  • Identifiers for PhD theses and research students: How can we make it happen? 

    Grace, Stephen; Gould, Sara; Kotarski, Rachael; Whitton, Michael (2016-10)
    Poster presented at RepoFringe 2016 by Stephen Grace (London South Bank University), Sara Gould, Rachael Kotarski (both of the British Library) and Michael Whitton (University of Southampton). The poster reported on the ...
  • Factors Impacting Choice of Data Repository 

    Whyte, Angus; Macneil, Rory; Lewis, Stuart (2016-10)
    "Paving the way to open and interoperable research data service workflows: Progress from 3 perspectives" - presentation made at RepoFringe 2016.
  • More than just a CRIS - How CRIStin is building a national infrastructure for Open Access 

    Karlstrøm, Nina (2016-10)
    Keynote presentation at RepoFringe 2016 under the theme of 'The Nuts and Bolts of Open' by Nina Karlstrøm of CRIStin (Current Research Information SysTem In Norway).
  • How can data make a difference to the impact of researchers' work? 

    Smith, Steve (2016-10)
    A '24x7' (7-minute) presentation by Steve Smith on behalf of Kudos under the theme of 'Making a Difference with Data' at RepoFringe 2016.
  • Keeping research data alive and usable: putting preservation into practice 

    Addis, Matthew (2016-10)
    This 7-minute presentation was given by Matthew Addis of Arkivum at RepoFringe 2016 on Monday 1st of August 2016 as part of the 24x7 'Making a Difference with Data' session. Abstract: There's growing evidence of the positive ...

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