Recent Submissions

  • Gallerist as publisher: a critical history from 1900 to the present 

    Madden, Allan Charles (The University of Edinburgh, 2019-07-04)
    This thesis presents a critical history of the gallerist as publisher from 1900 to the present. Through a series of case studies of gallerists and their publications, I chart the forms and functions that gallery publishing ...
  • Walking-with-sounds: creative agency, artistic collaboration and the sonic production of acoustic city spaces 

    Talianni, Aikaterini (The University of Edinburgh, 2019-07-04)
    This thesis interrogates the urban environment through the filter of the sonic to explore the significance of sound in society. As such, it is located within studies of the auditory culture in combination with theoretical ...
  • Politics of film music in Chile (1939-1973) 

    Farías Zúñiga, Martín Esteban (The University of Edinburgh, 2019-07-04)
    In this thesis, I explore film music in Chilean cinema in terms of meaning and interpretation and in light of the political circumstances that have marked the country during the twentieth century. The temporal framework ...
  • Loosening the saxophone: entanglements of bodies in the politics of free improvisation 

    Krekels, Tina (The University of Edinburgh, 2019-07-04)
    Loosening The Saxophone. Entanglement of Bodies in the Politics of Free Improvisation follows the works and practices of women, spit and non/human bodies within political spaces of free improvisation. This practice-led ...
  • Standard side effects: on the accidental architectures of fire-safety legislation 

    Ross, Liam Alexander (The University of Edinburgh, 2019-07-04)
    This dissertation reflects on building standardisation as a mode of design. Eschewing the architect’s conventional disdain for regulation - as an external constraint on creative freedom - the ambition here is to ask; ...
  • Architecture and photography: disruptions in the politics of architectural meaning making 1925-1960 

    Borree, Sarah (The University of Edinburgh, 2019-07-04)
    This thesis explores the changes in architecture’s use of photography in the wake of photography’s rise to an independent, artistic medium in the 1920s through an analysis of the distribution and characterisation of ...
  • Co-composition processes: form, structure and time across sculpture and sound 

    Panourgia, Eleni-Ira (The University of Edinburgh, 2019-07-04)
    This practice-based research employs sculptural and sound practices, and their mediation through representation, notation, technologies and performance, to develop an innovative compositional process named co-composition, ...
  • Narratives of making: modes of articulating tacit knowledge 

    Lambert, Ian Richard (The University of Edinburgh, 2019-07-04)
    This practice-based thesis aims to inform ways of narrating making in the advancement of epistemologies, ontologies and practice itself for maker-researchers and educators. With reference to Robin Nelson’s (2013) multi-mode ...
  • Exploring engagement in vlogs through content, context and presence 

    Zhang, Hantian (The University of Edinburgh, 2019-07-04)
    In this thesis, we present a qualitative exploration of how video bloggers (vloggers) achieve audience engagement in their vlogging. Engagement is a crucial factor for developing relationships between content providers ...
  • Artist's novel: the novel as a medium in the visual arts 

    Maroto Fernandez, David (The University of Edinburgh, 2019-07-04)
    Enquiring into the conditions under which it is possible to begin to write, Roland Barthes (2010) associates the desire to write with the formation of a fantasy: ‘Me producing a “literary object,” that is to say, writing ...
  • Music-making in a Northern Isle: Iceland and the “village” factor 

    Thoroddsen, Arnar Eggert (The University of Edinburgh, 2019-07-04)
    The thesis delves into the social dynamics of music-making in Iceland. It builds on this researcher’s twenty-year long career as a music journalist in his native country, making use of the knowledge, connections and ...
  • Study of Brasilia: from master plan to implementation 

    Zimbres, Paulo de Melo (The University of Edinburgh, 1974-07)
    This thesis examines the processes associated with the creation of Brasilia and appraises successes and failures of the implementation of the Master Plan for the new National Capital of Brasil.
  • Iconography of Late Anglo-Saxon kingship representations of kings Æthelstan, Edgar, and Cnut in three illuminated manuscripts 

    Fraser, Charikleia Konstantina (The University of Edinburgh, 2014-11-26)
    The Iconography of Late Anglo-Saxon Kingship Representations of Kings Æthelstan, Edgar, and Cnut in Three Illuminated Manuscripts
  • 1968 in West Berlin: space, place and identity 

    Bowie, Laura (The University of Edinburgh, 2019-07-04)
    Due to the current politicisation of public spaces and the “reclaiming of the commons”, there has been renewed interest in historical protest movements instigated by the Left and particularly in relation to the idea of ...
  • Data-driven, memory-based computational models of human segmentation of musical melody 

    Amoroso Lopes, Miguel Ferrand (The University of Edinburgh, 2006)
    When listening to a piece of music, listeners often identify distinct sections or segments within the piece. Music segmentation is recognised as an important process in the abstraction of musical contents and researchers ...
  • Adaptation and motivation: an environmental model for architectural meaning 

    Masaud, Masaud Abubaker (The University of Edinburgh, 1996)
    Most architectural theorisation at present, is engaged with concepts and views that are largely the expressions of some kind of "transient" epistemological and mental constructions. The typical design solutions emerging ...
  • Gyorgy Ligeti: form and style in his music 1956-1968 

    Marks, Pamela J. (The University of Edinburgh, 1979)
    Writing about a living composer is a little like writing an obituary for someone before he is dead. For this reason it is difficult, if not impossible to anticipate new directions and developments in their style or ...
  • A catalogue and assessment of drawings by Sir David Wilkie, 1785-1841 

    Campbell, Jean Patricia (The University of Edinburgh, 1979)
    Drawing played a central role in the formation of David Wilkie's style. His painting style underwent a striking alteration at the very height of his popularity, and this has led to much discussion among critics, both ...
  • Abianeh: revitalization of a historical settlement - a case study 

    Kashani, Massoud Mollahassan (The University of Edinburgh, 2006)
    Historical settlements such as Abianeh offer many clues as to our existence and the roots from which we have been so long dependent. Understanding the workings of such settlements helps resolve a great deal of lost social, ...
  • Portfolio of compositions 

    Justice, Alistair John (The University of Edinburgh, 2005)
    01. And the Earth was Shaped By Ice Cor Anglais, Two Violins and Viola. Members of the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, Our Dynamic Earth, 24/03/2001 || 02. Before I Say Goodbye - Before I Say Goodbye. - Don't ...

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