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  • Dialectology, phonology, diachrony: Liverpool English realisations of PRICE and MOUTH. 

    Cardoso, Amanda Beth (The University of Edinburgh, 2015-11-26)
    Dialect emergence or new-dialect formation in intensive contact situations has been the subject of research for decades. Approaches to dialect emergence have led to a more solid understanding of the origins of specific ...
  • Aristotle’s steps to virtue 

    Hamalainen, Hasse Joel (The University of Edinburgh, 2015-11-26)
    How to become morally virtuous? Among the students of Aristotle, it is often assumed that the philosopher does not have a fully worked-out theoretical answer to this question. Some interpreters (e.g. Burnyeat 1980, most ...
  • Cross-linguistic metaphor intelligibility between English and German 

    Hesse, Christoph (The University of Edinburgh, 2015-11-26)
    Conceptual Metaphor Theory (CMT, Lakoff & Johnson 1980; Lakoff, 1983, 1987, 1993, 2008, 2009), the most prominent cognitive approach to metaphor comprehension, argues that the nature of interconnections within the ...
  • Friedrich Hölderlin and the German idealist philosophy of his day 

    Simpson, David L. (The University of Edinburgh, 1983)
    The present thesis takes its original impetus from the author's conviction that the German philosophy of the "Goethezeit" represents a peak of metaphysical insight and achievement comparable with the original flowering of ...
  • Development and significance of English Philosophical Method 

    Forsyth, Thomas M. (The University of Edinburgh, 1908)
  • Linguistic significance of current British slang 

    Agutter, A.J.L. (The University of Edinburgh, 1979)
    This thesis comprises four chapters dealing with aspects of current British Slang. In Chapter 1 a questionnaire dealing largely with Slang terms for women is described, and the results obtained are analysed for ...
  • Evaluation of a language teaching project in South India 

    Beretta, Alan. (The University of Edinburgh, 1986)
    This thesis reports an evaluation of an innovative language teaching project in South India, known as the Communicational Teaching Project (CTP). A review of the relevant areas of applied linguistic, psychological and ...
  • Development of the object concept in infancy 

    Wishart, Jennifer G. (The University of Edinburgh, 1979)
    Piaget first observed and described the problems which young infants have in understanding the nature of objects forty years ago. Both his description and his analysis of the development of the object concept are still ...
  • Some studies in the dialect of Midlothian 

    Speitel, Hans-Henning (The University of Edinburgh, 1969)
  • Cognition, computers and creative writing 

    Sharples, Mike (The University of Edinburgh, 1984)
    This thesis describes a teaching scheme for creative writing that takes account of a child's developing cognitive abilities. It first provides the means for a child to explore language and gain sufficient understanding ...
  • Analytical phonetic study of three areas of Al-Farahidiy's legacy 

    Sa'Adeddin, M.A. (The University of Edinburgh, 1980)
    It is the purpose of the present thesis to present an analytical phonetic study of three areas of alFarahidiy1s linguistic legacy in a general phonetic perspective in such a way as to preserve a proper balance between ...
  • Action and causation in a localist grammar 

    Roberts, D. (The University of Edinburgh, 1978)
  • Determinism in humanist histriography: Facio, Palmieri and Platina 

    Palermino, R.J. (The University of Edinburgh, 1980)
    Scholars have written an immense amount about the Italian humanists of the fifteenth century and their basic attitudes towards the world around them. As philosophers without the intellectual consistency or rigour of, ...
  • Context of communication and a child's failure in the concrete-operations tests of Piaget 

    Olagbaiye, Olufunmilayo (The University of Edinburgh, 1981)
    This thesis is concerned with the explanation for young children's failure on Piagetian concrete-operations tests. The issue is of considerable importance because it relates directly to the process by which a child ...
  • Dad sound : a historical phonetic study 

    Muaibed, Muhammad Jabbar (The University of Edinburgh, 1983)
    This thesis treats the Arabic dad sound in detail from the Pre-Islamic period to the present day. It consists of five chapters; the first chapter, which can be considered as an introduction, treats this sound in the ...
  • Comparative study of the cognitive development of the infant with down's syndrome 

    Morss, John R. (The University of Edinburgh, 1980)
    This thesis investigates the cognitive development of the mentally handicapped infant in comparison with that of the normal infant. It has been claimed that the course of cognitive development in the infant with Down's ...
  • Analysis of the abilities of profoundly deaf children 

    Montgomery, G.W.G. (The University of Edinburgh, 1967)
    A National Survey of the abilities of profoundly deaf children was commissioned by the Donaldson Trust, Edinburgh in 1963 and still continues. This survey has registered the performance of selected samples of profoundly deaf ...
  • Control of feeding patterns in the barbary dove (streptopelia risoria) 

    MacLeod, Hamish Alexander (The University of Edinburgh, 1979)
    This thesis reports a study of the temporal patterns of feeding behaviour in the Barbary dove or Blonde Ring dove, Streptopelia risoria. The normal diurnal distribution of feeding in the intact, freely feeding bird is ...
  • David Hume's theory of value 

    Ardal, Pall S. (The University of Edinburgh, 1961)
    This thesis is neither e page to page commentary nor en assessment of Hume's place in the history of Philosophy. It mainly consists in an attempt at justifying a certain approach to the Interpretation of his theory of ...
  • Childrens Use and Understanding of Modal Expressions 

    MacDonald, Carol Ann (The University of Edinburgh, 1983)
    The purpose of the study was to examine children's use and under¬ standing of modal expressions during middle childhood. The assumptions on which the work was based are as follows. First that any analysis of the developing ...

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