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  • Towards the development of data libraries in the UK 

    Burnhill, Peter (1985)
    Data has been described as 'a general term used to denote any or all facts, numbers, letters and symbols which refer to or describe an object, idea, condition, situation or other factor' (S.Dodd 1982). Clearly this is quite ...
  • Providing local data support for academic data libraries 

    Rice, Robin (The Data Archive Bulletin, 2000-05)
    See article
  • An enquiry into the use of numeric data in learning & teaching 

    Rice, Robin; Burnhill, Peter; Wright, Melanie; Townsend, Sean (2001-09)
    Within UK higher education the renewed attention to learning and teaching is an impetus for change. Advances in information technology create new space for learning beyond the traditional classroom lecture format. ...
  • An enquiry into the use of numeric data in learning and teaching in UKHE 

    Rice, Robin; Fairgrieve, Joan (Radical Statistics, 2003)
    Only one-quarter of survey respondents who said they used data in the classroom had considered using the nationally funded academic data services provided by the Data Archive (at Essex), MIMAS (at Manchester), or EDINA ...
  • The Local Data Support Landscape in the UK 

    MacDonald, Stuart; Martinez-Uribe, Luis (IASSIST Quarterly, 2005)
    This paper will report on existing data support infrastructures within the UK tertiary education community. The paper will then discuss early methods and traditions of data collection within UK territories. In addition it ...
  • Supporting Local Data Users in the UK Academic Community 

    MacDonald, Stuart; Martinez-Uribe, Luis (Ariadne, 2005-07)
    This article will report on existing local data support infrastructures within the UK tertiary education community. It will discuss briefly early methods and traditions of data collection within UK territories. In addition ...
  • Use Case Compendium of Derived Geospatial Data 

    Smith, Mike J. (2005-12)
    The realisation that “everything happens somewhere” has driven widespread commercial and non-commercial thirst for geospatial data. The ability to collect, handle and distribute geospatial information has proven of major ...
  • Scholarly Communication and National Union Catalogues: a Strategic Role for SUNCAT in the UK Information Environment 

    Burnhill, Peter; Guy, Fred; Osborne, Nicola (Taylor & Francis, 2006)
    The paper sets out to re-assess the role for SUNCAT as national union serials catalogue, considering how it might move beyond its original remit as a simple route to discover and locate serials, to be a component in a ...
  • SUNCAT: The serials union catalogue for the UK research community 

    Mulligan, Zena (Association of Librarians and Information Professionals in the Social Sciences, 2007-01)
    SUNCAT is the national Serials Union CATalogue for the UK research community and is available at SUNCAT is a freely available tool to help both researchers and librarians locate serials held in ...
  • Designing a licensing strategy for sharing and re-use of geospatial data in the academic sector 

    Waelde, Charlotte; McGinley, Mags (2007-03)
    The GRADE Project ( is one of a cluster of projects in the Digital Repositories Programme funded by the Joint Information Services Committee ( of ...
  • Geospatial Data-sharing in UK Higher Education: informal repositories and users’ perspectives 

    Smith, Robin S. (2007-04)
    This report outlines research into the sharing of geospatial datasets by researchers based in UK universities as part of the GRADE project, a scoping exercise for the creation of a geospatial data ...
  • DISC-UK DataShare: Web 2.0 Data Visualisation Tools: 

    MacDonald, Stuart (2008-01-14)
    Part 1 of this briefing paper will highlight some examples of new collaborative web services using Web 2.0 technologies which venture into the numeric data visualisation arena. These mashups allow researchers to upload and ...
  • Libraries in the Converging Worlds of Open Data, E-research, and Web 2.0 

    MacDonald, Stuart; Martinez-Uribe, Luis (Online, 2008-03)
    See article
  • ESRC/SFC Scoping Study into Quantitative Methods Capacity Building in Scotland 

    McVie, Susan; Coxon, Anthony P.M.; Hawkins, Philip; Palmer, Jackie; Rice, Robin (2008-05)
    There has been widespread concern about a UK-wide deficit in quantitative skills amongst social scientists since the 1960s, especially in relation to the rapid pace of change within the industry and the lack of adequately ...
  • Data librarianship: a gap in the market 

    Hyams, Elspeth; Martinez-Uribe, Luis; Macdonald, Stuart (CILIP Update, 2008-06)
    Stuart Macdonald and Luis Martinez-Uribe have humorously described themselves as ‘accidental’ data librarians, but they have a serious message for the research community. They talked to Elspeth Hyams about data sharing and ...
  • DISC-UK DataShare 

    Rice, Robin (ALISS Quarterly, 2008-07)
    DISC-UK DataShare ( is a JISC-funded collaborative project led by EDINA and Edinburgh University Data Library, with the Universities of Oxford and Southampton as partners, and the ...
  • User Engagement in Research Data Curation 

    Macdonald, Stuart; Martinez-Uribe, Luis (2009)
    In recent years information systems such as digital repositories, built to support research practice, have struggled to encourage participation partly due to inadequate analysis of the requirements of the user communities. ...
  • Un nuevo cometido para los bibliotecarios academicos: data curation 

    Martinez-Uribe, Luis; Macdonald, Stuart (2009-12)
    Academic libraries are facing a range of new challenges in the 21st century, be it the pace of technological change, budgetary constraints, copyright and licensing, or indeed changes in user behavior and expectation. Models ...
  • Research Data Practice in the Life Sciences 

    Macdonald, Stuart (2009-12)
    The broad aim of the RIN-funded Case Studies in Life Sciences project, undertaken by a team of social scientists and information specialists from the Institute for the Study of Science, Technology and Innovation (ISSTI) ...
  • Edinburgh DataShare - A DSpace Data Repository: Achievements and Aspirations 

    Macdonald, Stuart (Presented at the Fedora-UK&I&EU Meeting, Oxford, 2009-12-08)
    An overview of the evolution of an institutional data repository, Edinburgh DataShare