This is a selection of some of the more recent theses from the department of Linguistics and English Language.

Recent Submissions

  • Action and causation in a localist grammar 

    Roberts, D. (The University of Edinburgh, 1978)
  • Apologies and the police 

    Friskney, Ruth Elizabeth (The University of Edinburgh, 2015-06-30)
    This thesis describes how the police apologise, primarily through lexical and syntactic analysis of explicit apology language in letters written by the Scottish police. The unique contribution of this thesis is the ...
  • Music, language and the signalling of cognitive ability: an empirical investigation 

    Murray, Keelin Margaret (The University of Edinburgh, 2013-11-27)
    First systematically discussed by Darwin (1871), theories of a musical precursor to language have seen a revival in recent years, with researchers such as Tecumseh Fitch, Stephen Brown, and Stephen Mithen invigorating ...
  • Lowland Scots in education : a survey of attitudes and policy, past and present 

    Williamson, I. K (The University of Edinburgh, 1982)
    This study offers a general survey from a linguistic standpoint of attitude and policy to Lowland Scots language in Scottish education. Chapter 1 outlines the aims of the thesis and considers the present status and ...
  • Some problems of translation: a linguistic comparison of texts in English sand Hindi 

    Sharma, Dharma Dutta (The University of Edinburgh, 1966)
    The aim of this thesis is to study problems of translation in linguistic terms - that is, within the framework of linguistic theory. The theory underlying this study is the scale-and-category theory, which is most fully ...
  • Historical analysis of the meanings of Russian verbal prefixes 

    Roberts, C.B. (The University of Edinburgh, 1971)
    The vocabulary of Russian with its unfamiliar roots, prefixes and suffixes is acknowledged to be one of the main difficulties for the non-Slavonic student of the language. The "meanings" given to prefixes in particular ...
  • Localist studies in Telugo syntax 

    Reddy, Bandi Ramakrishna (The University of Edinburgh, 1977)
    The aim of this work is two-fold, being, firstly, to describe certain important areas of the syntax of modern spoken Telugu and, secondly, by formulating the description in terms of localise case theory, to contribute ...
  • Infant prosodic expressions in mother-infant communication 

    Papaeliou, Christina (The University of Edinburgh, 1998)
    Prosody, generally defined as any perceivable modulation of duration, pitch or loudness in the voice that conveys meaning, has been identified as part of the linguistic system, or compared with the sound system of Western ...
  • Tense and aspect in the English of German-speaking learners 

    Zydatiss, Wolfgang (The University of Edinburgh, 1975)
  • Applied linguistic approach to discourse analysis 

    Widdowson, H.G. (The University of Edinburgh, 1973)
    This study is intended as an exercise in applied linguistics. Its purpose is to explore work done on the description of language use for insights which might be developed and exploited for the preparation of language teaching ...
  • Effect of rhetorical organization on the readability of study texts 

    Urquhart, A.H. (The University of Edinburgh, 1977)
    Rhetoricians have traditionally claimed that the communicative effectiveness of a text can be increased if the writer adheres to certain relevant principles of organization. Up to now, however, there appears to have ...
  • Historical outline of Irish syntax: the verb 

    O'Kane, Mary Frances (The University of Edinburgh, 1966)
  • Extra-ordinary in ordinary language 

    Torode, Brian (The University of Edinburgh, 1975)
    This study reports an empirical and theoretical investigation of everyday language. It discusses the speech of teachers and pupils in a school classroom, from a 'phenomenological' point of view. In recent years, mutually ...
  • Study in the referential functions of English noun phrases 

    Thrane, Torben (The University of Edinburgh, 1977)
    The present work attempts to establish a theory of reference from a linguistic - rather than philosophical - point of view. PART Is The Preliminaries (pp. lo-113) surveys various linguistic and philosophical problems ...
  • Classroom talk: a socio linguistic study 

    Stubbs, Michael W. (The University of Edinburgh, 1975)
    This study analyses aspects of teaching as a speech event, using naturalistic data collected by participant observation and audio-reocordlng in classroom settings. It uses sociolinguistic concepts to analyse teachers' ...
  • Towards a pedagogically-relevant model of discourse analysis 

    Nyyssonen, Heikki J. (The University of Edinburgh, 1976)
    This Thesis reflects my efforts to build, up a theoret¬ ical framework for the analysis of discursive capacity. By discursive capacity is meant the various procedures used by competent readers for the interpretation of ...
  • Directionality of difficulty in second language acquisition of Chinese and English 

    Yuan, Boping (The University of Edinburgh, 1993)
    This thesis is concerned with the investigation of directionality of difficulty in second language acquisition (SLA) by Chinese-speaking learners learning English as a foreign language (EFL) and by English-speaking learners ...
  • Medieval topics and rhetoric in the work of the Cywyddwyr 

    Matonis, Ann T. (The University of Edinburgh, 1976)
    While foreign influences on certain areas of Welsh poetry have long been acknowledged, the extent to which the very fabric of Welsh verse reveals acquaintance with rhetorical methods and topics has not yet been examined ...
  • Study of violence as a literary technique in the poetry of Guillaume Apollinaire 

    Revie, Ian William (The University of Edinburgh, 1972)
    The thesis is a study of the development of a poetic technique and its increasing importance in the evolution of Apollinaire's poetic styles. In describing the technique as "violence" the thesis offers a definition not ...
  • Emergence of functional categories in bilingual first language acquisition 

    Serratrice, Ludovica (The University of Edinburgh, 2000-07-21)
    This thesis is a case study on the emergence of functional categories in bilingual first language acquisition. The investigation focuses on the transition from one-word to multiword utterances and the shaping of functional ...

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