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  • Dialectology, phonology, diachrony: Liverpool English realisations of PRICE and MOUTH. 

    Cardoso, Amanda Beth (The University of Edinburgh, 2015-11-26)
    Dialect emergence or new-dialect formation in intensive contact situations has been the subject of research for decades. Approaches to dialect emergence have led to a more solid understanding of the origins of specific ...
  • Cross-linguistic metaphor intelligibility between English and German 

    Hesse, Christoph (The University of Edinburgh, 2015-11-26)
    Conceptual Metaphor Theory (CMT, Lakoff & Johnson 1980; Lakoff, 1983, 1987, 1993, 2008, 2009), the most prominent cognitive approach to metaphor comprehension, argues that the nature of interconnections within the ...
  • Linguistic significance of current British slang 

    Agutter, A.J.L. (The University of Edinburgh, 1979)
    This thesis comprises four chapters dealing with aspects of current British Slang. In Chapter 1 a questionnaire dealing largely with Slang terms for women is described, and the results obtained are analysed for ...
  • Some studies in the dialect of Midlothian 

    Speitel, Hans-Henning (The University of Edinburgh, 1969)
  • Cognition, computers and creative writing 

    Sharples, Mike (The University of Edinburgh, 1984)
    This thesis describes a teaching scheme for creative writing that takes account of a child's developing cognitive abilities. It first provides the means for a child to explore language and gain sufficient understanding ...
  • Analytical phonetic study of three areas of Al-Farahidiy's legacy 

    Sa'Adeddin, M.A. (The University of Edinburgh, 1980)
    It is the purpose of the present thesis to present an analytical phonetic study of three areas of alFarahidiy1s linguistic legacy in a general phonetic perspective in such a way as to preserve a proper balance between ...
  • Action and causation in a localist grammar 

    Roberts, D. (The University of Edinburgh, 1978)
  • Dad sound : a historical phonetic study 

    Muaibed, Muhammad Jabbar (The University of Edinburgh, 1983)
    This thesis treats the Arabic dad sound in detail from the Pre-Islamic period to the present day. It consists of five chapters; the first chapter, which can be considered as an introduction, treats this sound in the ...
  • Childrens Use and Understanding of Modal Expressions 

    MacDonald, Carol Ann (The University of Edinburgh, 1983)
    The purpose of the study was to examine children's use and under¬ standing of modal expressions during middle childhood. The assumptions on which the work was based are as follows. First that any analysis of the developing ...
  • Auditory speaker recognition: a theoretical and experimental study 

    Brown, Roger S. (The University of Edinburgh, 1980)
    Speaker recognition is defined as the.ability to recognise a speaker's identity on the basis of hearing a sample of his speech. Previous approaches to the subject have concentrated on the experimental manipulation in ...
  • Aspects of English anaphora 

    Borsley, Robert D. (The University of Edinburgh, 1979)
    This thesis is concerned with various aspects of English anaphora and a number of related phenomena. Roughly two thirds is devoted to nominal anaphora. The remainder considers some of the ways in which constituents other ...
  • Apologies and the police 

    Friskney, Ruth Elizabeth (The University of Edinburgh, 2015-06-30)
    This thesis describes how the police apologise, primarily through lexical and syntactic analysis of explicit apology language in letters written by the Scottish police. The unique contribution of this thesis is the ...
  • Music, language and the signalling of cognitive ability: an empirical investigation 

    Murray, Keelin Margaret (The University of Edinburgh, 2013-11-27)
    First systematically discussed by Darwin (1871), theories of a musical precursor to language have seen a revival in recent years, with researchers such as Tecumseh Fitch, Stephen Brown, and Stephen Mithen invigorating ...
  • Lowland Scots in education : a survey of attitudes and policy, past and present 

    Williamson, I. K (The University of Edinburgh, 1982)
    This study offers a general survey from a linguistic standpoint of attitude and policy to Lowland Scots language in Scottish education. Chapter 1 outlines the aims of the thesis and considers the present status and ...
  • Some problems of translation: a linguistic comparison of texts in English sand Hindi 

    Sharma, Dharma Dutta (The University of Edinburgh, 1966)
    The aim of this thesis is to study problems of translation in linguistic terms - that is, within the framework of linguistic theory. The theory underlying this study is the scale-and-category theory, which is most fully ...
  • Historical analysis of the meanings of Russian verbal prefixes 

    Roberts, C.B. (The University of Edinburgh, 1971)
    The vocabulary of Russian with its unfamiliar roots, prefixes and suffixes is acknowledged to be one of the main difficulties for the non-Slavonic student of the language. The "meanings" given to prefixes in particular ...
  • Localist studies in Telugo syntax 

    Reddy, Bandi Ramakrishna (The University of Edinburgh, 1977)
    The aim of this work is two-fold, being, firstly, to describe certain important areas of the syntax of modern spoken Telugu and, secondly, by formulating the description in terms of localise case theory, to contribute ...
  • Infant prosodic expressions in mother-infant communication 

    Papaeliou, Christina (The University of Edinburgh, 1998)
    Prosody, generally defined as any perceivable modulation of duration, pitch or loudness in the voice that conveys meaning, has been identified as part of the linguistic system, or compared with the sound system of Western ...
  • Tense and aspect in the English of German-speaking learners 

    Zydatiss, Wolfgang (The University of Edinburgh, 1975)
  • Applied linguistic approach to discourse analysis 

    Widdowson, H.G. (The University of Edinburgh, 1973)
    This study is intended as an exercise in applied linguistics. Its purpose is to explore work done on the description of language use for insights which might be developed and exploited for the preparation of language teaching ...

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