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  • Mechanisms Controlling the Degradation of Poly (methyl methacrylate) Prior to Piloted Ignition 

    Dakka, Sam M; Jackson, Gregory S; Torero, Jose L (Elsevier and The Combustion Institute, 2002)
    Degradation of Type-G PMMA (Rohm and Haas) plates was studied prior to piloted ignition. The onset of pyrolysis was estimated by means of an infrared camera with an MMA filter, a small load cell, thermocouples, and flow ...
  • Modelling the Propagation of Forward and Opposed Smouldering Combustion 

    Rein, Guillermo; Torero, Jose L; Fernandez-Pello, Carlos (EUROTHERM, 2007-06)
    A computational study has been carried out to investigate smouldering ignition and propagation in polyurethane foam. The one-dimensional, transient, governing equations for smouldering combustion in a porous fuel are ...
  • On the Derivation of Polyurethane Kinetic Parameters Using Genetic Algorithms 

    Rein, Guillermo; Herren, Jaime; Fernandez-Pello, Carlos; Urban, David (International Symposium on Combustion, The Combustion Institute, 2004-07)
    There is a lack of quantification for the kinetics mechanism of polyurethane thermal decomposition. The objective of this work is to derive a set of parameters for the kinetics of polyurethane valid for numerical models, ...