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  • Behavior of Structures in Fire and Real Design - A Case Study 

    Lamont, Susan; Lane, Barbara; Flint, Graeme; Usmani, Asif (Society for Fire Protection Engineers, 2006)
    A great deal of understanding into the behaviour of composite steel-concrete structures in fire has been developed since the Cardington frame fire tests (UK) 1990s. This has now been broadened so that structures in fire ...
  • Collapse scenarios of WTC 1 & 2 with extension to generic tall buildings 

    Usmani, Asif; Flint, Graeme; Jowsey, Allan; Roben, Charlotte; Torero, Jose L (2006-10)
    This paper presents a summary of the author’s investigation into the collapse of tall buildings. A large number of computational analyses have been carried out at the University of Edinburgh (UoE) over the last 4 years ...
  • Tall building collapse mechanisms initiated by fire 

    Usmani, Asif; Roben, Charlotte; Johnston, Louise; Flint, Graeme (2006-05)
    This paper introduces the hypothesis of two possible failure mechanisms for tall buildings in multiple floor fires. This paper extends the previous work done on the WTC towers by investigating more "generic" tall building ...