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  • Modeling of One-Dimensional Smoldering of Polyurethane in Microgravity Conditions 

    Rein, Guillermo; Bar-Ilan, Amnon; Fernandez-Pello, Carlos; Ellzey, Janet L; Torero, Jose L; Urban, David (The Combustion Institute, 2004-08)
    Results are presented from a model of forward smoldering combustion of polyurethane foam in microgravity. The transient one-dimensional numerical-model is based on that developed at the University of Texas at Austin. The ...
  • The role of secondary char oxidation in the transition from smoldering to flaming 

    Putzeys, Olivier; Bar-Ilan, Amnon; Rein, Guillermo; Fernandez-Pello, Carlos; Urban, David (The Combustion Institute, 2006-08)
    The transition from forward smoldering to flaming in polyurethane foam is observed using indepth thermocouples and ultrasound probing. The experiments are conducted with small parallelepiped samples vertically placed in ...