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  • Active Learning - An Explicit Treatment of Unreliable Parameters 

    Becker, Markus (2008-06-24)
    Active learning reduces annotation costs for supervised learning by concentrating labelling efforts on the most informative data. Most active learning methods assume that the model structure is fixed in advance and focus ...
  • Detection of unusual fish trajectories from underwater videos 

    Beyan, Çigdem (The University of Edinburgh, 2015-06-29)
    Fish behaviour analysis is a fundamental research area in marine ecology as it is helpful for detecting environmental changes by observing unusual fish patterns or new fish behaviours. The traditional way of analysing ...
  • On combining collaborative and automated curation for enzyme function prediction 

    De Ferrari, Luna Luciana (The University of Edinburgh, 2012-11-29)
    Data generation has vastly exceeded manual annotation in several areas of astronomy, biology, economy, geology, medicine and physics. At the same time, a public community of experts and hobbyists has developed around ...