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  • Planning Proofs of Correctness of CCS Systems 

    Monroy-Borja, Raul (The University of Edinburgh: College of Science and Engineering: The School of Informatics, 1997-07)
    The specification and verification of communicating systems has captured increasing interest in the last decades. CCS, a Calculus of Communicating Systems [Milner 89a], was especially designed to help this enterprise; it ...
  • Reactive Scheduling of DAG Applications on Heterogeneous and Dynamic Distributed Computing Systems 

    Hernandez, Jesus Israel (2008-12-04)
    Emerging technologies enable a set of distributed resources across a network to be linked together and used in a coordinated fashion to solve a particular parallel application at the same time. Such applications are often ...
  • Statistical semantic processing using Markov logic 

    Meza-Ruiz, Ivan Vladimir (The University of Edinburgh, 2009)
    Markov Logic (ML) is a novel approach to Natural Language Processing tasks [Richardson and Domingos, 2006; Riedel, 2008]. It is a Statistical Relational Learning language based on First Order Logic (FOL) and Markov ...