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  • Tableau Algorithms for Categorial Deduction and Parsing 

    Luz, Saturnino (University of Edinburgh. College of Science and Engineering. School of Informatics., 1998-07)
    In this thesis we develop automated dedution mehanisms designed to keep complexity of categorial parsing under control while preserving the levels of uniformity and coverage one finds in labeled dedutive systems. First,we ...
  • Tableau systems for the modal μ-calculus 

    Jungteerapanich, Natthapong (The University of Edinburgh, 2010)
    The main content of this thesis concerns a tableau method for solving the satisfiability problem for the modal μ-calculus. A sound and complete tableau system for the modal μ-calculus is given. Since every tableau in ...
  • Task Achieving Agents on the World Wide Web 

    Tate, Austin; Levine, John; Dalton, J; Nixon, A (MIT Press, 2003)
    An important class of problems is related to performing activities, and the planning of future activity. The “doing of things” is at the heart of human endeavour. The WWW has primarily concentrated to date on information ...
  • Task assignment in parallel processor systems 

    Manoharan, Sathiamoorthy (The University of Edinburgh, 1993)
    A generic object-oriented simulation platform is developed in order to conduct experiments on the performance of assignment schemes. The simulation platform, called Genesis, is generic in the sense that it can model the ...
  • Teaching computer control applications : a programming approach 

    Chung, Wai Hing (The University of Edinburgh, 1986)
  • Techniques for the Construction and Analysis of Algebraic Performance Models 

    Clark, Graham (University of Edinburgh. College of Science and Engineering. School of Informatics., 2000-07)
    The performance modeller may attempt to quantitatively analyse the behaviour of computer systems by building performance models. Such models may become unwieldy, and so high-level structured modelling modelling techniques ...
  • Tegola tiered mesh network testbed in rural Scotland 

    Bernardi, Giacomo; Buneman, Peter; Marina, Mahesh (2008)
    Many rural and remote communities around the world see themselves on the wrong side of the digital divide. In particular, there is evidence to suggest that there is a growing digital divide between urban and rural areas ...
  • Temporal Logic Encodings for SAT-based Bounded Model Checking 

    Sheridan, Daniel (University of Edinburgh. College of Science and Engineering. School of Informatics., 2006-11)
    Since its introduction in 1999, bounded model checking (BMC) has quickly become a serious and indispensable tool for the formal verification of hardware designs and, more recently, software. By leveraging propositional ...
  • Temporal Relations in English and German Narrative Discourse 

    Schilder, Frank (University of Edinburgh. College of Science and Engineering. School of Informatics., 1997-12)
    Understanding the temporal relations which hold between situations described in a narrative is a highly complex process. The main aim of this thesis is to investigate the factors we have to take into account in order to ...
  • Tense, aspect and temporal reference. 

    Moens, Marc (The University of Edinburgh, 1987)
    English exhibits a rich apparatus of tense, aspect, time adverbials and other expressions that can be used to order states of affairs with respect to each other, or to locate them at a point in time with respect to the ...
  • Term selection in information retrieval 

    Maxwell, Kylie Tamsin (The University of Edinburgh, 2016-06-27)
    Systems trained on linguistically annotated data achieve strong performance for many language processing tasks. This encourages the idea that annotations can improve any language processing task if applied in the right ...
  • Testing equivalences and fully abstract models for communication processes 

    De Nicola, Rocco (The University of Edinburgh, 1986)
  • Testing from Structured Algebraic Specifications: The Oracle Problem 

    Machado, Patricia D L (University of Edinburgh. College of Science and Engineering. School of Informatics., 2000-07)
    Work in the area of specification-based testing has pointed out that testing can be effectively used to verify programs against formal specifications. The aim is to derive test information from formal specifications so ...
  • The Interpretation of Tables in Texts 

    Hurst, Matthew Francis (University of Edinburgh, 2000)
  • Theories of translation correctness for concurrent programming languages. 

    Millington, M. (University of Edinburgh, 1985)
  • Theory of abstraction 

    Walsh, Toby (The University of Edinburgh, 1990)
  • A Theory of Impedance Control based on Internal Model Uncertainty 

    Mitrovic, Djordje; Klanke, Stefan; Vijayakumar, Sethu; Haith, Adrian (2009)
    Efficient human motor control is characterised by an extensive use of joint impedance modulation, which to a large extent is achieved by co-contracting antagonistic muscle pairs in a way that is beneficial to the specific ...
  • The Theory of Interacting Deductions and its Application to Operational Semantics 

    Wilson, Andrew (University of Edinburgh. College of Science and Engineering. School of Informatics., 1996-07)
    This thesis concerns the problem of complexity in operational semantics definitions. The appeal of modern operational semantics is the simplicity of their metatheories, which can be regarded as theories of deduction about ...
  • The Theory of LEGO 

    Pollack, Robert (University of Edinburgh. College of Science and Engineering. School of Informatics., 1995-07)
    LEGO is a computer program for interactive typechecking in the Extended Calculus of Constructions and two of its subsystems. LEGO also supports the extension of these three systems with inductive types. These type systems ...