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  • Experimental Review of the Homogeneous Temperature Assumption in Post-Flashover Compartment Fires 

    Stern-Gottfried, Jamie; Rein, Guillermo; Bisby, Luke; Torero, Jose L (Elsevier - Fire Safety Journal, 2010)
    Traditional methods for quantifying and modelling compartment fires for structural engineering analysis assume spatially homogeneous temperature conditions. The accuracy and range of validity of this assumption is examined ...
  • Travel Guide (Travelling Fires) 

    Stern-Gottfried, Jamie; Rein, Guillermo; Torero, Jose L (Fire Risk Management, 2009-11)
    Close inspection of real fires in large, open compartments reveals that they do not burn simultaneously throughout the whole compartment. Instead, these fires tend to move as flames spread, partitions or false ceilings ...
  • Travelling Fires for Structural Design 

    Stern-Gottfried, Jamie (The University of Edinburgh, 2011-08)
    Traditional methods for specifying thermal inputs for the structural fire analysis of buildings assume uniform burning and homogeneous temperature conditions throughout a compartment, regardless of its size. This is in ...