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  • CO2 Aquifer Storage Site Evaluation and Monitoring (CASSEM) Understanding the challenges of CO2 storage: results of the CASSEM Project 

    Watt, James; Bricker, Stefanie; Ford, Jon; Lawrence, David; McInroy, David; Monaghan, Alison; Smith, Martin; Curtis, Andrew; Edwards, Mike; Eke, Paul; Haszeldine, R Stuart; Naylor, Mark; JafarGandomi, Arash; Polson, Debbie; Hamilton, Sally; Mackay, Eric; Jin, Min; Olden, Peter; Pickup, Gillian; Somerville, Jim; Sohrabi, Mehran; Todd, Adrian C; Vivalda, Claudia; Campbell, David; Ockendon, Mark; Carey, Jeremy; Roberts, Tom; Mander, Sarah (SCCS, 2012-10)
    Carbon capture and storage (CCS) brings new entrants to subsurface exploration and reservoir engineering who require very high levels of confidence in the technology, in the geological analysis and in understanding the ...