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  • National Welfare State Reforms and the Question of Europeanization: From Impact to Usages 

    Jacquot, Sophie (Publication, Dissemination and Dialogue Centre (PUDIAC) of RECWOWE, 2008)
    This paper reviews the literature concerned with the interaction between the European Union and national welfare state reforms. Its interest lies in the studies that have been proposed of the interplay between the European ...
  • The Nature and Determinants of the Economic Currency Exposure of Non-Financial UK Firms 

    Moles, Peter; Bradley, K (Management School and Economics. The University of Edinburgh, 1998)
    This study examines the sensitivity of sales, profit margins and input costs to exchange rate movements for non-financial, UK firms. The sample is a representative cross-section of larger, publicly-listed firms and is not ...
  • Net Zero Carbon Scotland: Perspectives on shared objectives 

    Mann, Indira; Brownsort, Peter; Johnson, Gareth; Scott, Vivian; Stevenson, Richard L; Viguier, Romain (SCCS, 2017-05)
    The Scottish Government’s draft Energy Strategy has been broadly welcomed across different sectors of Scottish society. The document sets out ambitious targets for the long-term, sustained decarbonisation of Scotland’s ...
  • The New Insider Dealing Legislation - A Confusing Outcome 

    Adams, Andrew T; FitzGerald, Adrian; Rollo, J (Management School and Economics. The University of Edinburgh, 1996)
    This paper assess the impact of new insider dealing legislation on companies, brokers' analysts, professional fund managers and private investors. The revised legislation came into effect in April 1994. Our main conclusions ...
  • Occupational Pension Schemes and Human Resource Management: Some Survey Evidence 

    White, Phil; Terry, N (Management School and Economics. The University of Edinburgh, 1997)
    Definitions of Human Resource Management (HRM) have been both numerous and multifaceted and various classifications have been arranged to try to capture the essence of HRM. Although there is not one rigid "HRM position", ...
  • Ordinary Share Price Behaviour Around 'C' Share Issues by Investment Trusts 

    Adams, Andrew T; Szakacs, M (Management School and Economics. The University of Edinburgh, 1995)
    This paper examines the "C" share issue, a method of issuing shares which is peculiar to the UK investment trust industry. In particular, we analyse abnormal returns and discount/premium to net asset value behaviour of the ...
  • Parrots and monkeys 

    Jeffery, David Crighton (The University of Edinburgh, 1982)
    Before this series of experiments, Narrow Tank Duck control strategy had been researched by varying damping and spring in the three modes, nod, heave and surge. The justification for using this simple system was that ...
  • The Path to a Deployable CCS Technology 

    Haszeldine, R Stuart; SCCS Steering Group (SCCS, 2009-07)
    The Path to a Deployable CCS Technology
  • Pipeline infrastructure for CO₂ transport in Europe 

    Haszeldine, R Stuart (SCCS, 2010-10-18)
    Presentation on Europe-wide CO2 Infrastructures Feasibility Study
  • Placed Shares the Role of the Discount in UK Rights Issue and Open Offices 

    Armitage, Seth (Management School and Economics. The University of Edinburgh, 2000)
    The typical seasoned offer in the UK by smaller listed companies is no longer a conventional rights issue but an issue involving placed shares. Discounts provide substantial rewards to buyers of placed shares, and are ...
  • Planning policy and the deployment of Carbon Capture and Storage in Scotland 

    Haszeldine, R Stuart; Scott, Vivian; Littlecott, Chris (SCCS, 2013-07)
    Response to the Consultations on NPF3 and SPP, July 2013
  • The political economy of active labour market policy. 

    Bonoli, Giuliano (The University of Edinburgh, 2010)
    Active labour market policies have developed significantly over the last two decades across OECD countries, with substantial cross-national differences in terms of both extent and overall orientation. The objective of this ...
  • Popular response to Economides, CO₂ storage is feasible 

    Blunt, Martin; Cavanagh, Andrew; Naylor, Mark; Haszeldine, R Stuart (SCCS, 2010-04-27)
    The possibility of carbon dioxide storage underground, to enable carbon capture and storage lasting many thousands of years, does of course require guarantees of possibility and reliability. The research referred to by ...
  • Post-liberation Politics: African Perspectives Examining the political legacy of struggle 

    Dorman, Sara Rich (2006-05-08)
    This article examines the politics of African states in which insurgencies or liberation movements have taken control of the government. It examines the impact on governance of reforms introduced by these post-liberation ...
  • Power, responsibility and norms: could and should human rights be used as a curb on intellectual property rights? 

    Brown, Abbe (AHRC Research Centre for Studies in Intellectual Property and Technology Law, 2004-06)
    Paper by Brown on whether human rights should be used as a curb for intellectual property rights.
  • Progress on Carbon Capture and Storage in the UK 

    Haszeldine, R Stuart; Scott, Vivian; Littlecott, Chris (SCCS, 2013-09-02)
    Response to the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee call for evidence
  • The Proportion Underwritten and the Reaction to SEOs: UK Tests of the Eckbo-Masulis Theory 

    Armitage, Seth (Management School and Economics. The University of Edinburgh, 1999)
    The Eckbo-Masulis (1992) theory predicts that a seasoned offer is more likely to be underwritten the higher the proportion of shares expected to be sold to new investors and further predicts a negative relation between ...
  • Public administration employment in 17 OECD nations from 1995 to 2005. 

    Tepe, Markus (The University of Edinburgh, 2009)
    Although cross-national evidence on public employment is rather fragmented or outdated, downsizing and inherently growing personnel costs have been acknowledged as two distinctive features of public employment in affluent ...
  • Quality of work – concept and measurement 

    Dahlm, Svenn-Åge; Nesheim, Torstein; Olsen, Karen M (The University of Edinburgh, 2009)
    In this paper we review some of the most essential literature on the concept and measurement of quality of work. We show that different academic fields have conceptualized quality of work in distinct ways however there has ...
  • Re-assessing the Equity Risk Premium 

    FitzGerald, Adrian (Management School and Economics. The University of Edinburgh, 1997)
    Estimates of the historical equity risk premium in the UK are in the range 7 per cent to 9 per cent per annum. Until recently, portfolio investors and industrialists have been encouraged to use a premium of this order in ...