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  • Editorial Resources in Work and Welfare 

    PUDIACwowe (The University of Edinburgh, 2010)
    This paper collates information on the top English-language publishing outlets in the field of work and welfare, including peer-reviewed journals and book series with large academic publishers. It is intended as a bookshelf ...
  • The effect of building age on the frequency of fires in dwellings 

    Miles, J. A. (Home Office Scientific Advisers's Branch, 1968-03-25)
    The effect of building age on the frequency of fires in dwellings
  • The emergence and changing nature of a polysemic category. European resources in the field of reconciliation between paid work and private life 

    Jacquot, Sophie; Ledoux, Clemence; Palier, Bruno (The University of Edinburgh, 2010)
    European policies regarding the reconciliation of paid work and private life have undergone substantial changes since the 1950s. This paper analyses how European resources related to reconciliation policies have been ...
  • Empirical Likelihood as an alternative to GMM estimation in the area of asset pricing 

    Gonzalez, Angelica (Management School and Economics. The University of Edinburgh, 2005)
    This paper proposes and analyses Owen’s (1998, 1990, 1991) Empirical Likelihood (EL) as an alternative to the General Method of Moments (GMM) within the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM). We concentrate on the …finite-sample ...
  • Employee welfare and collective bargaining in exposed and protected sectors: Evidence from Poland and Serbia 

    Bernaciak, Magdalena; Duman, Anil; Scepanovic, Vera (The University of Edinburgh, 2010)
    Collective bargaining is closely related to social policy making to the extent that the outcomes of the former inform and influence social policy agenda. It is widely held, however, that trade unions in Central Eastern ...
  • Employment insecurity of European individuals during the financial crisis. A multi-level approach. 

    Chung, Heejung; van Oorschot, Wim (The University of Edinburgh, 2010)
    The concept of Flexicurity has been receiving much attention as the European social model. One of the most important concepts within the flexicurity approach is employment security, the security of having secure and ...
  • Environmental Audit Committee: Personal submission to Sustainability and HM Treasury inquiry 

    Haszeldine, R Stuart (Scottish Carbon Capture and Storage (SCCS), 2016-02-18)
    On 25 November 2015, the UK Government issued a statement to the London Stock Exchange a few hours after the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement, which withdrew the capital funding support for the CCS Competition in the UK. This ...
  • Eritrea’s Nation and State-building: Re-assessing the impact of ‘the struggle’ 

    Dorman, Sara Rich (Presented at the Conference on Globalisation and Self-Determination, London, 4th April 2003, 2003)
    In the April 2003 issue of Atlantic Monthly, Robert Kaplan describes Eritrea as “newly independent, sleepily calm and remarkably stable”. Electricity is said to fail infrequently, corruption is rare, theft and crime ...
  • Evidence presented to Energy Bill 2010 Committee 

    Haszeldine, R Stuart; Gibbins, Jon (SCCS, 2009-12-09)
    2020 Vision – will the 2010 Energy Bill be enough to get CCS where it needs to be by the end of the next decade, and beyond to 2030? - A memorandum to the Energy Bill Committee - The financial support for carbon capture ...
  • Excess Volatility and Investment trusts 

    Adams, Andrew T (Management School and Economics. The University of Edinburgh, 2000)
    The variance of returns to investment trust shareholders may be split into three components - variance of net asset value (NAV) returns, variance of discount returns and twice the covariance between NAV returns and ...
  • Explaining Monday Returns 

    Draper, Paul; Paudyal, Krishna (Management School and Economics. The University of Edinburgh, 2001)
    The Monday effect is re-examined using two stock indices and a sample of 452 individual stocks that trade on the London Stock Exchange. The results based on conventional test methods reveal a low average return on Monday. ...
  • Feasibility Study for Europe-wide CO₂ Infrastructures 

    Haszeldine, R Stuart; Stewart, J; Ainger, Dominic; Argent, Steve; Carter, R (SCCS, 2010-10)
    Ove Arup & Partners Limited (Arup) and their partners Scottish Carbon Capture and Storage (SCCS) were commissioned in December 2009 by the European Commission Directorate-General Energy and Transport (DG-TREN) to undertake ...
  • Fertility, Female Participation in Employment and Reconciliation Policies in Spain 

    Ibanez, Marta (The University of Edinburgh, 2010)
    Different aspects of decisions regarding parenthood are analysed. From an institutional perspective, reconciliation policies and features of the female labour market are studied, as well as the values and life views that ...
  • Fire Brigades costs and organisational arrangements 

    Hoyle, W.H.H. (Home Office Scientific Advisers's Branch, 1967-09)
    Basic cost curves for fire brigades in England and Wales are presented. The relationships are used to investigate the financial consequenoes of enlarging present brigade responsibilities in terms of the scope of service ...
  • Flexible working lives and pension coverage in Europe with a focus on women: Lessons to be learned by Germany? 

    Leschke, Janine (The University of Edinburgh, 2011)
    In particular due to increasing female employment over the last decades employment has become more flexible in regard to the contract form and we observe more discontinuous employment careers. This paper discusses in how ...
  • Flexicurity – a state-of-the art review 

    Viebrock, Elke; Clasen, Jochen (The University of Edinburgh, 2009)
    The notion of ‘flexicurity’ promises to overcome the tensions between labour market flexibility on the one hand and social security on the other hand by offering ‘the best of both worlds’. In this review the development ...
  • Forecasting Stock Market Volatility: Evidence from Fourteen Countries. 

    Balaban, Ercan; Bayar, Asli; Faff, Robert (Management School and Economics. The University of Edinburgh, 2002)
    This paper evaluates the out-of-sample forecasting accuracy of eleven models for weekly and monthly volatility in fourteen stock markets. Volatility is defined as within-week (within-month) standard deviation of continuously ...
  • Formal response to Economides, CO₂ storage is feasible 

    Cavanagh, Andrew; Blunt, Martin; Haszeldine, R Stuart (SCCS, 2010)
    The proposition by Economides and Ehlig-Economides (E&E) in 2009 and 2010 that geological storage of CO2 is ‘not feasible at any cost’ deserves to be examined closely, as this is counter to the view expressed in the ...
  • Fund Turnover and Investment Performance 

    Adams, Andrew T; Lambert, E (Management School and Economics. The University of Edinburgh, 1997)
    We examine the level of share dealing activity of UK long-term institutional funds and, for UK pension funds, assess the impact of this dealing activity on investment performance. The analysis is carried out using annual ...
  • The future of carbon capture and storage in Europe Response to COM (2013) 180 

    Haszeldine, R Stuart; Scott, Vivian; Littlecott, Chris (SCCS, 2013-07-01)
    The future of carbon capture and storage in Europe Response to COM (2013) 180 final