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  • Functional analysis of the mospd gene family 

    Buerger, Katrin (The University of Edinburgh, 2010)
    Mospd3, a gene located on mouse chromosome 5, was identified in a gene trap screen in ES cells. The gene trap vector integration in multiple copies into the putative promoter of the gene, resulted in a loss of expression ...
  • Functional analysis of the non-coding RNAs of murine gammaherpesvirus 68 

    Choudhury, Nila Roy (The University of Edinburgh, 2010)
    Murine gammaherpesvirus 68 (MHV-68) is used as a model for the study of gammaherpesvirus infection and pathogenesis. In the left region of the genome MHV-68 encodes four unique genes, eight viral tRNA-like molecules ...
  • Functional analysis of zebrafish innate immune responses to inflammatory signals 

    Taylor, Harriet Beverly (The University of Edinburgh, 2010)
    Injury, infection and tissue malfunction are triggers of inflammation which if not regulated may acquire new characteristics that result in pathological outcomes. Since innate immunity plays a key role in the resolution ...
  • Functional and biochemical analysis of ERK2 in mouse embryonic stem cells 

    Hamilton, William (The University of Edinburgh, 2011-11-24)
    The ERK-MAPK pathway is a dynamic signaling module, conserved across Eukarya, and capable of processing a myriad of environmental and cellular signals. It has been implicated in controlling important cell fate decisions ...
  • Functional characterisation and translational applications of kisspeptin-10. 

    George, Jyothis Thomas (The University of Edinburgh, 2012-06-30)
    Background: Kisspeptins, recently discovered hypothalamic neuropeptides encoded by the KISS1 gene, are essential for normal pubertal development and are modulated by diverse endocrine, metabolic and environmental signals. ...
  • Functional disconnection and social cognition in schizophrenia 

    Mukherjee, Prerona (The University of Edinburgh, 2011-11-25)
    Introduction Social and emotional functions play a key role in schizophrenia. Both positive symptoms, such as hallucinations and persecutory delusions, as well as negative symptoms such as social withdrawal, and flattened ...
  • Functional dissection of a cortical microcircuit for spatial computation 

    Pastoll, Hugh (The University of Edinburgh, 2013-07-02)
    In mammals, spatial learning and memory depend on neural processing carried out in the hippocampal formation. Interestingly, extracellular recordings from behaving animals have shown that cells in this region exhibit ...
  • Functional dissection of T. brucei Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase 1 and investigation of its development as a therapeutic target 

    Ruberto, Irene (The University of Edinburgh, 2011-06-27)
    Trypanosoma brucei undergoes developmentally regulated morphological and biochemical changes during its life cycle, being transmitted between the mammalian host and the tsetse fly. It is generally recognized that ...
  • Functional Heads and Interpretation 

    Adger, David (University of Edinburgh. College of Science and Engineering. School of Informatics., 1994-07)
    This thesis examines the effect that functional heads have on the interpretation of arguments.It focuses on the functional head Agr, which is implicated in predicate-argument agreement relations; the import that other ...
  • Functional neuroanatomy of action selection in schizophrenia 

    Romaniuk, Liana (The University of Edinburgh, 2011-11-24)
    Schizophrenia remains an enigmatic disorder with unclear neuropathology. Recent advances in neuroimaging and genetic research suggest alterations in glutamate-dopamine interactions adversely affecting synaptic plasticity ...
  • Functional studies on a novel cytochrome c from Rhodobacter sphaeroides 

    Li, Bor-Ran (The University of Edinburgh, 2009)
    SHP (Sphaeroides Heme Protein) is a monoheme cytochrome c of unknown function. In general, ligands cannot bind to ferric SHP, but some diatomic molecules, such as O2 or NO, can bind to ferrous SHP. The gene encoding SHP ...
  • Functionalism and Embodied, Embedded Mind - The Extended Story 

    Andersen, Lise Marie (2007)
    In “The Mind Incarnate” Shapiro argues that research in the area of embodied, embedded mind and cognition undermines a functionalist program. In contrast Clark, in “Pressing the Flesh”, argues that embodied, embedded ...
  • Functions of receptor activator of NF-κB ligand (RANKL) and its receptors, RANK and OPG, are evolutionarily conserved 

    Sutton, Kate Maurice (The University of Edinburgh, 2014-11-28)
    The tumour necrosis factor (TNF) superfamily is a group of cytokines that orchestrate a variety of functions, both in the development of the architecture of immune organs and of the immune response. The mammalian TNF ...
  • Fundamentals of Chinese Reading 

    Nixon, Jessie (The University of Edinburgh, 2009-11-26)
    A large corpus of data of natural reading in Chinese was explored using linear mixed effects analyses conducted in R.
  • Furnishing the modern street: the critical reception to street furniture design in postwar Britain 

    Herring, Eleanor Anna McNiven (The University of Edinburgh, 2014-06-27)
    In the immediate aftermath of the Second World War, many of the British government’s attempts to rebuild the social order and improve standards were experienced through design. This was true not only in the home and in ...
  • Further Investigation of MDS as a Tool for Evaluation of Speech Quality of Synthesized Speech 

    Janska, Anna C. (2009-11-26)
    The dissertation investigates MDS as a tool for the evaluation of the quality of synthesized speech. More specifically, it investigates the relations between Weighted Euclidean Distance Scaling and Simple Euclidean Distance ...
  • The future of literary GIS: James Boswell in Rome 

    van der Velden, Johanna J. (The University of Edinburgh, 2012-11-29)
    This course aims to find the future of literary GIS; it wants to find out how much of an aid GIS can be to literary studies, and if GIS can become an integrated part of literary research. There have some studies been done ...
  • Fuzzy Rules from Ant-Inspired Computation 

    Galea, Michelle (2007-11)
    This research identifies and investigates major issues in inducing accurate and comprehensible fuzzy rules from datasets.
  • Game Semantics and Subtyping 

    Chroboczek, Juliusz (University of Edinburgh. College of Science and Engineering. School of Informatics., 2003-07)
    Game Semantics is a relatively new framework for the description of the semantics of programming languages. By combining the mathematical elegance of Denotational Semantics with explicitly operational concepts, Game Semantics ...
  • Game semantics for an object-oriented language 

    Wolverson, Nicholas (The University of Edinburgh, 2009)
    This thesis investigates the relationship between object-oriented programming languages and game models of computation. These are intuitively well matched: an object encapsulates some internal state and presents some ...