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  • Explosion at Ingham Colliery, Thornhill, Yorkshire 

    Bryan, A. M. (His Majesty's Stationery Office, 1948-06)
    MINISTRY OF FUEL AND POWER EXPLOSION AT INGHAM COLLIERY, THORNHILL, YORKSHIRE REPORT On the Causes of, and Circumstances attending the Explosion which occurred at Ingham Colliery Thornhill, Yorkshire) on the 9th September, ...
  • Explosion at Louisa (including Morrison Old) Colliery, Durham 

    Yates, R. (His Majesty's Stationery Office, 1948-03)
    MINISTRY OF FUEL AND POWER - EXPLOSION AT LOUISA (including MORRISON OLD) COLLIERY, DURHAM REPORT On the Causes of, and Circumstances attending, the Explosion which occurred at Louisa (including Morrison Old) Colliery, ...
  • Explosion at Walton Colliery Yorkshire 

    Rogers, T. A. (Her Majesty's Stationery Office, 1959-09)
    MINISTRY OF POWER EXPLOSION AT WALTON COLLIERY YORKSHIRE REPORT On the causes of, and circumstances attending, the explosion which occurred at Walton Colliery, Yorkshire, on 22nd April, 1959 by T. A. ROGERS, C.B.E. H.M. ...
  • Fire and rescue operations at Heathrow Airport 

    Department of Trade and Industry (Her Majesty's Stationery Office, 1971)
    Fire and rescue operations at Heathrow Airport
  • Fire at Michael Colliery, Fife 

    Stephenson, H. S. (Her Majesty's Stationery Office, 1968-06)
    MINISTRY OF POWER FIRE AT MICHAEL COLLIERY FIFE RE PORT On the causes of, and circumstances attending, the fire which occurred at Michael Colliery, Fife, on 9th September, 1967 by H. S. STEPHENSON, B.Sc., C.Eng., ...
  • Fire Performance of Plastics 

    Booth, M.; Raman, N. K.; Scott, K. A.; Taylor, W. (Rubber and Plastics Research Association of Great Britain, 1972)
    This review swnmaries tests which have been used to define the fire performance of combustible materials including plastics. Many of the small scale tests are intended to classify the characteristics of materials in the ...
  • Fire precautions in town centre redevelopment 

    Scottish Home & Health Department (Hobbs the Printers Ltd. Southampton, 1972)
    This code of guidance has been prepared by a Home Office working party in consultation with the Joint Fire Prevention Committee of the Central Fire Brigades Advisory Councils for England and Wales and for Scotland.
  • FireBeaters Phase II Report 

    Legg, Colin J.; Davies, G. Matt (2009)
    The FireBeaters Phase II project was established with three month’s funding to address the following work packages: 1. Construct a model of live fuel moisture. 2. Extend small-scale ignition tests in moorland fuels. 3. ...
  • Fitting of Constrained Models to Poor 3D Data 

    Robertson, Craig; Fisher, Robert B.; Werghi, Naoufel; Ashbrook, Anthony (The University of Edinburgh, 2000)
    In this work we have addressed the question of whether it is possible to extract parametric models of features from poor quality 3D data. In doing this we have examined the applicability of an evolutionary strategy to the ...
  • A Flexible Integrated Architecture For Generating Poetic Texts 

    Manurung, Hisar; Ritchie, Graeme; Thompson, Henry (The University of Edinburgh, 2000)
    In this paper we describe a flexible approach to natural language generation that employs a stochastic hillclimbing search algorithm and an integrated architecture. We then discuss the benefits of this approach over existing, ...
  • Formal Support for an Informal Business Modelling Method 

    Chen-Burger, Jessica; Robertson, Dave; Stader, Justine (The University of Edinburgh, 2000)
    Business modelling methods are popular but, since they operate primarily in the early stages of software lifecycles, most are informal. This paper describes how we have used a conventional formal notation (first order ...
  • Frame: An Imperative Coordination Language for Parallel Programming 

    Cole, Murray (The University of Edinburgh, 2000)
    We present Frame, a simple language which facilitates structured expression of imperative parallelism. Programs are described at two levels. The top level captures the main parallel algorithmic structure (which may be ...
  • Genetic Databases: Assessing the Benefits and the Impact on Human and Patient Rights – A World Health Organisation Report 

    Laurie, Graeme (Martinus Nijhoff Publisher, 2004)
    This article summarises the underlying rational and provisions of a report on genetic databases prepared for the European Partnership on Patients’ Rights and Citizens’ Empowerment, a network of the World Health Organisation ...
  • Geospatial Data-sharing in UK Higher Education: informal repositories and users’ perspectives 

    Smith, Robin S. (2007-04)
    This report outlines research into the sharing of geospatial datasets by researchers based in UK universities as part of the GRADE project, a scoping exercise for the creation of a geospatial data ...
  • Giving patients online access to their electronic primary care record: experiences and perceptions of practice staff and service users 

    Shand, Tim; Pagliari, Claudia; Fisher, Brian (The University of Edinburgh, 2011-12)
    The Record Access Collaborative is a voluntary network of clinicians, academics, industry representatives and policymakers interested in emerging Personal Health Record technologies and their impacts on patients and health ...
  • High Performance MP2 for Condensed Phase Simualations 

    Reyes, Ruyman; Bethune, Iain (2013-02)
    This report describes the results of a PRACE Preparatory Access Type C project to optimise the implementation of Møller-Plesset second order perturbation theory (MP2) in CP2K, to allow it to be used efficiently on the PRACE ...
  • Hydraulic Calculations Relating to the Flooding and Draining of the Roman Colosseum for Naumachiae 

    Crapper, Martin (School of Engineering and Electronics, The University of Edinburgh, 2007-07)
    This report includes full details of the calculations used in determining flows into and out of the Colosseum. It should be read in conjunction with the published paper in the Proceedings of ICE Civil Engineering 160 ...
  • The ignition hazard to urban interiors during nuclear attack due to burning curtain fragments transported by blast 

    Goodale, Thomas (1971-12)
    There exists some uncertainty at present, in the formulation of civil defense doctrine, as to whether it is advisable for window curtains to be closed or open during nuclear attack. Closed curtains would be in position to ...
  • Ignition Performance of New and Used Motor Vehicle Upholstery Fabrics 

    Spearpoint, Michael; Olenick, Stephen M; Torero, Jose L; Steinhaus, Thomas (Wiley InterScience, 2005)
    This paper examines the standards for fire safety in transport systems and in particular the test method for the flammability of materials within passenger compartments of motor vehicles. The paper compares data from ...
  • Improving the performance of CP2K on HECToR 

    Bethune, Iain (2009-07-29)
    This report presents the results of a HECToR dCSE project to improve the performance of CP2K, a freely available and popular Density Functional Theory code, on HECToR. Building on a recently implemented domain decomposition ...