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  • StORe Business Analysis 

    Miller, Ken (2006-12-15)
    The StORe project is multidisciplinary in scope, embracing the seven scientific domains of archaeology, astronomy, biochemistry, biosciences, chemistry, physics and the social sciences (originally described in the project ...
  • StORe demonstrator – working specification 

    Miller, Ken (2007)
    This document is the working specification for the StORe demonstrator.
  • StORe system walk through 

    Miller, Ken (2007)
    This document is a brief walk through showing the functionality of the StORe software
  • StORe: Phase One Summative Evaluation Final Report 

    Poschen, Meik; Slack, Roger (2007)
    This document presents the final results of the phase one summative evaluation of the StORe project’s pilot demonstrator prototype system. As stated in the ‘Summative Evaluation Plan v1.3’ for WP 5 (see Appendix A), the ...
  • Stratified coherent spaces: a denotational semantics for Light Linear Logic 

    Baillot, Patrick (The University of Edinburgh, 2000-08)
    Light linear logic (LLL) was introduced by Girard as a logical system capturing the class of polytime function within the proofs-as-programs approach. This paper deals with the denotational semantics of LLL: we introduce ...
  • A Study of the Mechanisms Leading to Re-Ignition in a Worst Case Fire Scenario 

    Jomaas, Grunde; Roberts, B T; DuBois, Jacqueline; Torero, Jose L (University of Maryland, 2000-06)
    A systematic evaluation of the stability of a re-circulation zone behind a backward facing step under conditions expected in an aircraft engine nacelle has been conducted together with the evaluation of the effects of ...
  • Summative Evaluation Plan - Project StORe 

    Procter, Rob; Poschen, Meik; Slack, Roger (2007-03-19)
    To evaluate the demonstrator system and project ‘common model’ in order to make recommendations for future development work. The evaluation will assess the technical structure, functionality, design and quality of the ...
  • A Survey of Automated Deduction 

    Bundy, Alan (1999-04)
    We survey research in the automation of deductive inference, from its beginnings in the early history of computing to the present day. We identify and describe the major areas of research interest and their applications. ...
  • Towards A Computational Model Of Poetry Generation 

    Manurung, Hisar; Ritchie, Graeme; Thompson, Henry (The University of Edinburgh, 2000)
    In this paper we describe the difficulties of poetry generation, particularly in contrast to traditional informative natural language generation. We then point out deficiencies of previous attempts at poetry generation, ...
  • Towards the development of data libraries in the UK 

    Burnhill, Peter (1985)
    Data has been described as 'a general term used to denote any or all facts, numbers, letters and symbols which refer to or describe an object, idea, condition, situation or other factor' (S.Dodd 1982). Clearly this is quite ...
  • Transforming PEPA Models to Obtain Product Form Bounds 

    Tomasik-Krawczyk, Joanna; Hillston, Jane (2000-02)
    This report presents a detailed study of some examples expressed in the PEPA formalism. It has previously been shown that some sub-classes of PEPA models have a product form solution, making them amenable to efficient ...
  • UK Innovation Potential in Advanced Water Treatment: Future Directions & Strategy I 

    Schäfer, Andrea; Walker, Mike; Bower, Matt; Ponton, George (2011)
    The below response to the twelve questions discussed by eight interdisciplinary groups during the water innovation workshop includes the breath of responses with some editorial comments (in italics). From those discussions ...
  • UK Innovation Potential in Advanced Water Treatment: Future Directions & Strategy II 

    Schäfer, Andrea; Duncan, Diane; Ponton, George; Bower, Matt; Jensen, Hans; Bishop, Konrad; Bernard, Ian; Thomas, Kerry; Hughes, Gordon (2012)
    During the workshop, three sessions were assigned to allow six interdisciplinary groups to explore fourteen questions. Detailed responses can be found in the attachment. From the discussions a number of key issues from ...
  • Underground fire at Auchengeich Colliery Lanarkshire 

    Rogers, T. A. (Her Majesty's Stationery Office, 1960-05)
    MINISTRY OF POWER UNDERGROUND FIRE AT AUCHENGEICH COLLIERY LANARKSHIRE REPORT On the causes of, and the circumstances attending, the fire which occurred at Auchengeich Colliery, Lanarkshire on 18th September, 1959 by T. ...
  • Use Case Compendium of Derived Geospatial Data 

    Smith, Mike J. (2005-12)
    The realisation that “everything happens somewhere” has driven widespread commercial and non-commercial thirst for geospatial data. The ability to collect, handle and distribute geospatial information has proven of major ...
  • Using AI Planning Techniques for Army Small Unit Operations 

    Tate, Austin; Levine, John; Jarvis, Peter; Dalton, Jeffrey (1999-12)
    In this paper, we outline the requirements of a planning and decision aid to support US Army small unit operations in urban terrain and show how AI planning technologies can be exploited in that context. The work is a rare ...
  • Using Shared Models of Activity for Coalition Task-Driven Cooperation Final Report on DARPA/AFRL 

    Tate, Austin; Dalton, J; Levine, John; Stader, J (Artificial Intelligence Applications Institute, 2003-02-28)
    An I-X Process Panel (I-P2) supports a user or collaborative users in selecting and carrying out "processes" and creating or modifying "process products". Both processes and process products are abstractly considered to ...
  • Water Calorimeters and Burning Rates in Flambeau 1967 

    Western, A. M. (Home Office Scientific Advisers's Branch, 1967-09-29)
    Water Calorimeters and Burning Rates in Flambeau 1967
  • A Web Based Replayer For Proof General 

    Freear, Jonathan (The University of Edinburgh, 2000)
    Proof General is a generic interface for proof assistants, based on Emacs. It has been developed at the LFCS in the University of Edinburgh. One of the nice features of Proof General is that it is very easy to replay ...
  • Whitehaven William Colliery, Cumberland Final Report 

    Bryan, A. M. (His Majesty's Stationery Office, 1948-06)
    MINISTRY OF FUEL AND POWER WHITEHAVEN "WILLIAM" COLLIERY, CUMBERLAND FINAL REPORT On the Causes of, and Circumstances attending, the Explosion which occurred at Whitehaven "William" Colliery, Cumberland, on the 15th ...