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  • Legal Status of CO₂ – Enhanced Oil Recovery 

    Macrory, Richard; Armeni, Chiara; Clarke, Chris; Docherty, Sarah; Van Der Marel, Eva; Milligan, Ben; Purdy, Ray (SCCS, 2013)
    This report examines key issues concerning the application of current law to the injection of CO2 associated with enhanced oil recovery operations. Its focus is on the applicable law within the United Kingdom including ...
  • Long Spine Mooring 

    Retzler, Chris-Heinz (The University of Edinburgh, 1986)
    In this report we present the specification of the mooring for the long spine model, and a detailed analysis of its static and dynamic characteristics. We describe the experimental investigations of the behaviour of the ...
  • Long spines with appendages 

    Rezler, Chris-Heinz (The University of Edinburgh, 1987)
    Spines are generic to a number of wave energy devices . Ducks use round spines with very low freeboard. Other devices use spines which are, for example, rectangular in section, or have higher freeboards. This report ...
  • Long-term care facilities in Ontario, Canada: A waste management overview 

    Gales, John; Roy-Poirier, A; Champagne, P (white paper report, 2009)
    Long-term care (LTC) facilities are growing in number in the province of Ontario. Typically, Canadian LTC facilities house an average of over 100 residents. Environmental concerns associated to waste management in LTC ...
  • Magnetic Squeeze-Films 

    Anderson, Colin George (The University of Edinburgh, 1983-04)
    Design proposals for a magnetic-repulsion enhanced hydrostatic bearing for the type N2 wave-power buoy
  • Making a Productive Use of Failure to Generate Witnesses for Coinduction from Divergent Proof Attempts 

    Dennis, Louise; Bundy, Alan; Green, Ian (1999)
    Coinduction is a proof rule. It is the dual of induction. It allows reasoning about non--well--founded structures such as lazy lists or streams and is of particular use for reasoning about equivalences. A central difficulty ...
  • Measurement, Monitoring and Verification: Enhanced Oil Recovery and Carbon Dioxide Storage 

    Boait, Fran; JafarGandomi, Arash; Johnson, Gareth (SCCS, 2015-03-06)
    This report assesses the differences between monitoring technology requirements for CO2 storage in a saline or depleted hydrocarbon reservoir and in a hydrocarbon reservoir, when CO2 injection is used for enhanced oil ...
  • Million Atom KS-DFT with CP2K 

    Bethune, Iain; Carter, Adam; Guo, Xu; Korosoglou, Paschalis (2011)
    CP2K is a powerful materials science and computational chemistry code and is widely used by research groups across Europe and beyond. The recent addition of a linear scaling KS-DFT method within the code has made it possible ...
  • Mineral Resources Consultative Committee - Fluorspar 

    Notholt, A. J. G.; Highley, D. E. (Her Majesty's Stationery Office, 1971)
    Widespread and increasing interest in the mineral resources of the United Kingdom has led the Mineral Resources Consultative Committee to undertake the collation of the factual information at present available about minerals ...
  • MOOCs @ Edinburgh 2013: Report #1 

    MOOCs@Edinburgh Group (The University of Edinburgh, 2013-05-10)
    A report summarising the experience of the University of Edinburgh of offering our first 6 massive open online courses (MOOCs) in partnership with Coursera
  • Multi-Predicate Induction Schemes for Mutual Recursion 

    Boulton, Richard (2000-04)
    Where mutually recursive data types are used in programming languages, etc., mutually recursive functions are usually required. Mutually recursive functions are also quite common for non-mutually recursive types. Reasoning ...
  • A New Algorithm for Learning Range Restricted Horn Expressions 

    Arias, Marta; Khardon, Roni (2000-03)
    A learning algorithm for the class of range restricted Horn expressions is presented and proved correct. The algorithm works within the framework of learning from entailment, where the goal is to exactly identify some ...
  • Numerical Models 

    Pizer, David (The University of Edinburgh, 1994-09)
    This work is a continuation of a previous DTI project on "The Numerical Prediction of the Performance of a Solo Duck". Results of the previous study are extended by computing the reactive powers required to attain the ...
  • OAIS Five-year review: Recommendations for update 

    Higgins, Sarah; Semple, Najla (Digital Curation Centre, 2006-10-31)
    This document is a compilation of comments gathered from a joint meeting of the Networks Associates Members of the Digital Curation Centre and members of the Digital Preservation Coalition on 13 October 2006. It was ...
  • Offshore offloading of CO₂: Review of single point mooring types and suitability 

    Brownsort, Peter (SCCS, 2015-05)
    There are many types of single point mooring (SPM) and loading systems that have been developed in the offshore Oil and Gas sector for the transfer of hydrocarbon and other fluids from production wells, platforms or floating ...
  • Online intermediaries and copyright liability 

    Waelde, Charlotte; Edwards, Lilian (World Intellectual Property Organisation, 2005)
    The report, presented to the World Intellectual Property Organisation, examines the role of online intermediaries, and liability for copyright infringement. The authors discuss the difficulties found in disclosure identity ...
  • Opportunities for CO2 Storage around Scotland; An Integrated Strategic Research Study 

    Rennie, Alastair; Ackhurst, Maxine C; Gomersall, Sam D; Pershad, Harsh; Todd, Adrian C; Forshaw, Simon; Murray, Stuart; Kemp, Alex; Haszeldine, R Stuart; Bellingham, Richard (SCCS, 2009-04)
    Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is one of the critical technologies worldwide which will enable reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions arising from large industrial sites. CCS allows the continued use of a diverse ...
  • Optimal Control of a Duck 

    Nebel, Paul (The University of Edinburgh, 1992-05)
    Experimental values have been obtained for optimal (complex-conjugate) control of an Edinburgh Duck model in the presence of unidirectional monochromatic incident waves, in a one-dimensional test tank of intermediate depth. ...
  • Optimising CO2 storage in geological formations; a case study ofshore Scotland - CO2 MultiStore project 

    Akhurst, Maxine C; Callaghan, E A; Hannis, Sarah D; Kirk, K L; Monaghan, A A; Pearce, Jonathan M; Williams, J D O; Jin, Min; Mackay, Ericc; Pickup, Giliian; Goldthorpe, Ward; Mallows, Tom; Haszeldine, R Stuart; McDermott, Chris (SCCS, 2015-09)
    Carbon capture, transport and storage (CCS) is considered a key technology to provide a secure, low-carbon energy supply and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions (DECC, 2014) that contribute to the adverse effects of climatic ...