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  • Can Social Theory Adequately Address Nature-Society Issues? Do political ecology and science studies in Geography incorporate ecological change? 

    Nightingale, Andrea J (Institute of Geography. The School of Geosciences.The University of Edinburgh, 2006)
    There has been an expansion of interest in nature-society issues within human geography spurred by the rich, sophisticated analyses of environment-development issues within the Third World. This latter work emerged out ...
  • Climate: Russians face another disappointment 

    Reay, David S (Nature Publishing Group, 2004-10-14)
  • The Design & Integration of Web-Based Resources in the Modern Languages Curriculum 

    Mansfield, Charlie; McNeill, Tony (Elm Bank Publications, Exeter, 1998)
    Examines the design and use of web-based resources in French Studies, particularly in nineteenth century French literature and culture.
  • ‘The experts taught us all we know’: Professionalisation and Knowledge in Nepalese Community Forestry 

    Nightingale, Andrea J (Institute of Geography. The School of Geosciences.The University of Edinburgh, 2006)
    Environmentalist concerns over the state of Nepal’s ‘fragile forests’ resulted in the establishment of Community Forestry projects. These community-based projects are partnerships between the state and community user-groups ...
  • Final Report for Verbmobil 1 TP 4.4 

    King, Simon (Universität Bonn, 1997)
    This is the final report for work carried out from January 1996 to October 1996 for the Verbmobil project, Teilprojekt 4.4 (English synthesis). It describes the algorithms for unit selection and prosody generation. The ...
  • A Forest Community or Community Forestry? Beliefs, meanings and nature in north-western Nepal 

    Nightingale, Andrea J (Institute of Geography. The School of Geosciences.The University of Edinburgh, 2006)
    In this paper I outline a history of community forestry in Nepal and highlight how it has been embedded within different understandings of ecosystems and development. In particular, the Theory of Himalayan Environmental ...
  • The impact of subject-specific electronic resources on the research process using ERIC (Education Resources Information Center) and SciFinder Scholar electronic resources as exemplars. 

    Love-Rodgers, Christine; Stewart, Rowena (2006-02-16)
    As part of a UK wide study attempting to assess the impact libraries have on the work and study of their members, Edinburgh University Library (EUL) decided to “measure the impact of subject-specific electronic resources ...
  • In brief: Project StORe 

    Pryor, Graham (Corporation For National Research Initiatives (CNRI), 2006-09)
    Project StORe is one of twenty-five projects supported in the UK by the JISC ( Digital Repositories Programme, which aims to bring together people and practices from across the domains of research, ...
  • Intellectual Property and Electronic Theses 

    Andrew, Theo (JISC Legal Information Services, 2004-09)
    The role of this briefing paper is to raise awareness of the main issues involved when converting paper-based theses into a digital format. This change of media has many implications for the way theses are created, stored, ...
  • Malaria transmission-blocking vaccines—how can their development be supported? 

    Carter, Richard; Mendis, Kamini N; Miller, Louis H; Molineaux, Louis; Saul, Allan (Nature Publishing Group, 2000-03)
    Malaria is a disease of poor countries. The development of malaria vaccines requires considerable investment, for which there is little commercial interest, particularly for transmission-blocking vaccines that have ...
  • Modeling with the Semantic Web in the Geosciences 

    Reitsma, Femke; Albrecht, Jochen (Institute of Geography. The School of Geosciences. The University of Edinburgh, 2006)
    Earth system science deals with complex systems that pose many significant representation challenges. As depicted in the classic Bretherton diagram of biospheric cycles (Figure 1), modeling the earth system involves ...
  • The modern touch: Interior design and modernisation in post-independence Singapore 

    Cairns, Stephen; Jacobs, Jane M (Institute of Geography. The School of Geosciences.The University of Edinburgh, 2006)
    This paper takes as its empirical focus the advice on interior design and decoration that Singapore’s Housing Development Board (HDB) distributed to residents as part of its programme of universal housing provision. ...
  • Nature-Society and Development: Social, Cultural and Ecological Change in Nepal 

    Nightingale, Andrea J (Institute of Geography. The School of Geosciences.The University of Edinburgh, 2006)
    This paper presents a theoretical framework for analyzing human-environment issues that examines shifting, dialectical relationships between social and power relations, cultural beliefs and practices, and ecological ...
  • The POETICA Project 

    Mansfield, Charlie (Computers & Texts, The CTI Newsletter, 1995-12)
    Describes web-based package called: Programme for Orientation, Education and Telematics Implementation in Critical Analysis (POETICA)
  • Poetics Today 

    Mansfield, Charlie (Sage, 1989)
    Reviews Volume 9 of Poetics Today journal from Duke University Press 1988. Examines ontological barrier between real world and literary characters. Also notes on 1989 PALA Conference, Poetics and Linguistics Association. ...
  • Project StORe survey: cross-discipline report 

    Pryor, Graham (2006-08)
    The principal objective of the survey of seven scientific disciplines was to identify aspects of desired functionality in source and output repositories that would be included in a mechanism for enabling source to output ...
  • Project StORe: Archaeology report 

    Hull, Daniel (2006-07-10)
    The StORe project commenced in September 2005, with the aim of developing ways of enabling repositories of published reports and papers to interact directly with repositories of source data from which thay are derived. ...
  • Project StORe: Astronomy Report 

    Choudhury, Sayeed; Hanisch, Robert; Stewart, Rowena (2006)
    In many ways, digital astronomy is at the forefront of issues related to data curation, given the existing experience with generating large amounts of data in raw form, and significant quantities of derived data in ...
  • Project StORe: Biochemistry report 

    Tonkin, Suzanne (2006)
    Biochemistry departments at UK universities were invited to take part in the Project StORe questionnaire. Potential sites were identified by using the list of departments submitting to the 1996 Research Assessment Exercise ...
  • Project StORe: Biosciences interviews 

    Biegon, Dagmar (2006-11-08)
    This report was written as part of the first phase of the national higher education research project StORe (Source-to-Output Repositories). Data was acquired through a series of individual interviews which are presented ...