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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
Nov-1998Three Methods of Intonation ModelingSyrdal, Ann; Moehler, Greg; Dusterhoff, Kurt E; Conkie, Alistair; Black, Alan W-
2009Threesomes, With and Without BlameSiek, Jeremy; Wadler, Philip-
Dec-1998The Tilt Intonation ModelTaylor, Paul-
2007To memorize or to predict: Prominence labeling in conversational speechNenkova, Ani; Brenier, Jason; Kothari, Anubha; Calhoun, Sasha; Whitton, Laura; Beaver, David; Jurafsky, Daniel-
2008Tongue movement and syllable onset complexity: ultrasound studyKocjancic, Tanja-
Jul-2004Towards a revised model of Code and social regulationJones, Richard-
2007Towards a Tailored Sensor Network for Fire Emergency Monitoring in Large BuildingsTsertou, Athanasia; Upadhyay, Rochan; McLaughlin, Stephen; Laurenson, David I-
1999Towards an annotation scheme for noun phrase generation.Poesio, Massimo; Henschel, R; Hitzeman, Janet; Kibble, R; Montague, S; van Deemter, K-
2007Towards an improved modeling of the glottal source in statistical parametric speech synthesisCabral, Joao P; Renals, Steve; Richmond, Korin; Yamagishi, Junichi-
2009Towards Semi-supervised Manifold Learning: UKR with Structural HintsSteffen, Jan; Klanke, Stefan; Vijayakumar, Sethu; Ritter, Helge-
Aug-2000Towards the Hybrid Library: Developments in UK Higher EducationRusbridge, Chris-
2009Towards Unsupervised Articulatory Resynthesis of German Utterances using EMA dataSteiner, Ingmar; Richmond, Korin-
2009Tractable nonparametric Bayesian inference in Poisson processes with Gaussian process intensitiesAdams, Ryan Prescott; Murray, Iain; MacKay, David J. C.-
1999A Training Scheme for Pattern Classification Using Multi-layer Feed-forward Neural Networks.Keeni, Kanad; Nakayama, Kenji; Shimodaira, Hiroshi-
Dec-2007Trajectory mixture density networks with multiple mixtures for acoustic-articulatory inversionRichmond, Korin-
Oct-2000Transcription and Summarization of Voicemail SpeechKoumpis, Konstantinos; Renals, Steve-
2005Transcription of conference room meetings: an investigationHain, Thomas; Dines, John; Garau, Giulia; Karafiat, Martin; Moore, Darren; Wan, Vincent; Ordelman, Roeland; Renals, Steve-
28-Jan-2011Transferring Impedance Control Strategies Between Heterogeneous Systems via Apprenticeship LearningHoward, Matthew; Mitrovic, Djordje; Vijayakumar, Sethu-
2003Transforming F0 ContoursGillett, Ben; King, Simon-
2003Transforming Voice QualityGillett, Ben; King, Simon-
Showing results 559 to 578 of 626
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