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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
Sep-2012Neural networks for modelling the final target cost of water projectsAhiaga-Dagbui, Dominic D; Smith, Simon D-
Oct-1992A New Model of Intonation for Use with Speech Synthesis and RecognitionTaylor, Paul A; Isard, Stephen-
Sep-2002New objective distance measures for spectral discontinuities in concatenative speech synthesisVepa, Jithendra; King, Simon; Taylor, Paul-
1995New relationships in Scholarly PublishingRusbridge, Chris-
2005No available theories currently explain all adult-child cue weighting differencesMayo, Catherine; Turk, Alice-
May-2006A novel engineering tool for thermal analysis of structural members in natural firesLiang, Hong; Welch, Stephen-
6-Dec-2012Novel Fire Testing Methodology: Why, how and what now?Maluk, Cristian; Bisby, Luke; Terrasi, Giovanni; Krajcovic, Michal; Torero, Jose L-
2009A Novel Method for Learning Policies from Constrained MotionHoward, Matthew; Klanke, Stefan; Gienger, Michael; Goerick, Christian; Vijayakumar, Sethu-
Sep-2002Objective Distance Measures for Spectral Discontinuities in Concatenative Speech SynthesisVepa, Jithendra; Taylor, Paul-
1999Objective methods for evaluating synthetic intonation.Clark, Robert A J; Dusterhoff, Kurt E-
2001Obtaining phonetic transcriptions: a comparison between expert listeners and a continuous speech recognizer.Wester, Mirjam; Kessens, Judith M; Cucchiarini, Catia; Strik, Helmer-
2010On Generating Combilex Pronunciations via Morphological AnalysisRichmond, Korin; Clark, Robert; Fitt, Sue-
1997On Representation of Fundamental Frequency of Speech for Prosody Analysis Using Reliability Function.Nakai, Mitsuru; Shimodaira, Hiroshi-
Aug-2004On the Articulatory Representation of Speech within the Evolving Transformation System FormalismGutkin, Alexander; Gay, David R; Goldfarb, Lev; Wester, Mirjam-
Jul-2004On the Derivation of Polyurethane Kinetic Parameters Using Genetic AlgorithmsRein, Guillermo; Herren, Jaime; Fernandez-Pello, Carlos; Urban, David-
2008On the quantitative analysis of Deep Belief NetworksSalakhutdinov, Ruslan; Murray, Iain-
Dec-1998On the Use of Automatically Generated Discourse-Level Information in a Concept-to-Speech Synthesis SystemHitzeman, Janet; Black, Alan W; Taylor, Paul; Mellish, Chris; Oberlander, Jon-
1997On the use of prosody in a speech-to-speech translator.Strom, Volker; Elsner, Anja; Hess, Wolfgang; Kasper, Walter; Klein, Alexandra; Kreiger, Hans Ulrich; Spilker, Jorg; Weber, Hans; Görz, Gunther-
2003On-line Overlaid-Handwriting Recognition Based on Substroke HMMs.Shimodaira, Hiroshi; Sudo, Takashi; Nakai, Mitsuru; Sagayama, Shigeki-
2002Open-source Software for Developing Anthropomorphic Spoken Dialog AgentsShin-ichi, Kawamoto; Shimodaira, Hiroshi; Nitta, Tsuneo; Nishimoto, Takuya; Nakamura, Satoshi; Itou, Katsunobu; Morishima, Shigeo; Yotsukura, Tatsuo; Kai, Atsuhiko; Lee, Akinobu; Yamashita, Yoichi; Kobayashi, Takao; Tokuda, Keiichi; Hirose, Keikichi; Minematsu, Nobuaki; Yamada, Atsushi; Den, Yasuharu; Utsuro, Takehito; Sagayama, Shigeki-
Showing results 366 to 385 of 626
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