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  • Muddy Flooding on the South Downs 

    Butler, Jonthan (Institute of Geography; The School of Geosciences;The University of Edinburgh, 2005)
    A post event assesment of flooding that affected parts of the South Downs, East Sussex, England in Autumn 2000 is presented. The floods were of the 'muddy' variety related to soil erosion from agricultural land rather than ...
  • Multiple scattering of classical waves: microscopy, mesoscopy, and diffusion 

    van Rossum, Mark; Nieuwenhuizen, Th.M (The American Physical Society, 1999)
    A tutorial discussion of the propagation of waves in random media is presented. To a first approximation the transport of the multiple scattered waves is given by diffusion theory, but important corrections are presented. ...
  • Multisensory Oddity Detection as Bayesian Inference 

    Hospedales, Timothy; Vijayakumar, Sethu (Public Library of Science, 2009-01-15)
    A key goal for the perceptual system is to optimally combine information from all the senses that may be available in order to develop the most accurate and unified picture possible of the outside world. The contemporary ...
  • Musing on the structural organization of the exosome complex 

    Mitchell, Philip; Tollervey, David (Nature Publishing Group, 2000-10)
    The exosome complex of 3′→5′ exoribonucleases functions in both the precise processing of 3′ extended precursor molecules to mature stable RNAs and the complete degradation of other RNAs. Both processing and degradative ...
  • ‘My tongue is mine ain’: Copyright, the Spoken Word, and Privacy 

    MacQueen, Hector L (Blackwell Publishing, 2005)
    This article shows how under the present legislation in the United Kingdom copyright may exist in speech, in particular in interviews and conversations, provided that the words are recorded and constitute an original work.
  • Nanofiltration of hormone mimicking trace organic contaminants 

    Nghiem, Long D.; Schäfer, Andrea; Elimelech, Menachem (Taylor and Francis, 2005)
    The removal mechanisms of three hormone mimicking organic compounds by nanofiltration (NF) membranes have been examined. Two NF membranes having different pore size were used in laboratory-scale nanofiltration experiments ...
  • Nanofiltration of Natural Organic Matter: Removal, Fouling and the Influence of Multivalent Ions 

    Schäfer, Andrea; Fane, Anthony G.; Waite, T D (Elsevier, 1998)
    The presence of calcium and humic substances or natural organic matter (NOM) in surface waters can cause severe fouling of nanofiltration (NF) membranes. Conditions of fouling were studied using a stainless steel stirred ...
  • The NART as an index of prior intellectual functioning: a retrospective validity study covering a 66-year interval 

    Crawford, John R; Deary, Ian J; Starr, John M; Whalley, Lawrence J (Cambridge University Press, 2001)
    Background. The National Adult Reading Test (NART) is widely used in research and clinical practice as an estimate of pre-morbid or prior ability. However, most of the evidence on the NART's validity as a measure of prior ...
  • Natural formation and degradation of chloroacetic acids and volatile organochlorines in forest soil: challenges to understanding 

    Laturnus, Frank; Fahimi, Isabelle; Gryndler, Milan; Hartmann, Anton; Heal, Mathew R; Matucha, Miroslav; Schoeler, Heinfried; Schroll, Reiner; Svensson, Teresia (Ecomed, 2005)
    Goal, Scope and Background. The anthropogenic environmental emissions of chloroacetic acids and volatile organochlorines have been under scrutiny in recent years because the two compound groups are suspected to contribute ...
  • Natural organic matter removal by nanofiltration: effects of solution chemistry on retention of low molar mass acids versus bulk organic matter 

    Schäfer, Andrea; Pihlajamäki, A.; Fane, Anthony G.; Waite, T. D.; Nyström, M. (Elsevier, 2004)
    The main emphasis of this study is the difference in behaviour between those two organic types. Stirred cell experiments were used to investigate charge and size effects in the rejection behaviour of bulk natural organics ...
  • Naturalism and Causal Explanation 

    Toribio, Josefa (Communication and Cognition, Ghent, 1999)
    Semantic properties are not commonly held to be part of the basic ontological furniture of the world. Consequently, we confront a problem: how to 'naturalize' semantics so as to reveal these properties in their true ...
  • The Nature of Gender: work, gender and environment 

    Nightingale, Andrea J (Institute of Geography. The School of Geosciences.The University of Edinburgh, 2006)
    Gender has long been recognised as important within environmental issues, but exactly how and in what contexts it is relevant has been hotly debated. As feminist theorising around women and gender has changed, so ...
  • Neighbouring as an occasioned activity : "Finding a lost cat" 

    Laurier, Eric; Whyte, Angus; Buckner, Kathy (Sage, 2002)
    To illustrate the decline in a strong sense of community the characteristics of suburban living are often cited by social and cultural commentators. Spatially dispersed, lifeless during the daytime due to commuting, an ...
  • Neuroscience, Policy and Family Life 

    Broer, Tineke; Cunningham-Burley, Sarah; Deary, Ian; Pickersgill, Martyn (CRFR, 2016)
    Background: Research on the brain is increasingly drawn upon in policy-making and family services, with consequences for parenting advice and parenting practices. Especially in the early years of children's lives, infant ...
  • A new approach to increasing diversity in engineering at the example of women in engineering 

    Schäfer, Andrea (Taylor and Francis, 2006)
    A new initiative to incorporate diversity issues into the common engineering curriculum at the University of Wollongong (UoW) in Australia is outlined and the effect on student awareness quantified. The diversity issues ...
  • A New Fuzzy Interpolative Reasoning Method Based on Center of Gravity 

    Huang, Zhiheng; Shen, Qiang (IEEE, 2003)
    Interpolative reasoning methods do not only help reduce the complexity of fuzzy models hut also make inference in sparse-rule based systems possible. This paper presents an interpolative reasoning method by exploiting ...
  • New sedimentological and structural data from the Ecemis Fault Zone, southern Turkey: implications for its timing and offset and the Cenozoic tectonic escape of Anatolia 

    Jaffey, Noah; Robertson, Alastair H F (The Geological Society, 2001)
    he left-lateral Ecemis Fault Zone, with a newly estimated displacement c. 60 km, records important strike-slip deformation within Anatolia, prior to and during the Plio-Quaternary tectonic escape of the Anatolian ‘microplate’ ...
  • The new sharing ethic in Cyberspace 

    Guadamuz, Andres (Chigaco-Kent College of Law, Illinois Institute of Technology, 2002)
    The Internet is a new medium that allows every person who is connected to it to become a publisher and to be able to share ideas and information. This is a phenomenon that I call the “New Sharing Ethic”. This new sharing ...
  • The New Software Copyright Law 

    Bundy, Alan; MacQueen, Hector L (Oxford University Press, 1994-03)
  • New Testament Studies in the 20th Century 

    Hurtado, Larry W (2009-03-01)
    Considered diachronically, NT studies in the twentieth century is a story of vigorous scholarship. Especially after World War II, there is increasing diversification in approach and in the makeup of scholars, with a ...