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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
1957Merchant Shipping: The Merchant Shipping (Safety Convention Countries) (Various) (No. 2) Order, 1957Agnew, W.G.-
2002Mesozoic sedimentary and magmatic evolution of the Arabian continental margin, northern Syria: evidence from the Baer–Bassit MelangeAl-Riyami, Khalil; Robertson, Alastair H F-
1998Mesozoic-Tertiary tectonic evolution of the easternmost Mediterranean area: integration of marine and land evidence.Robertson, Alastair H F-
2002The metal content of airborne particles in Edinburgh: application to epidemiological researchHibbs, L R; Beverland, Iain J; Heal, Mathew R; Agius, Raymond M; Elton, Robert A; Fowler, D; Cape, Neil-
Aug-2005Metformin and weight loss in obese women with polycystic ovary syndrome: comparison of dosesHarborne, L. R.; Sattar, N.; Norman, J. E.; Fleming, R.-
Sep-2003Metformin or antiandrogen in the treatment of hirsutism in polycystic ovary syndromeHarborne, L.; Fleming, R.; Lyall, H.; Sattar, N.; Norman, J.-
Mar-2011Methyl bromide and methyl chloride fluxes from temperate forest litterBlei, Emanuel; Heal, Mathew R-
2008Methyl bromide emissions to the atmosphere from temperate woodland ecosystemsDrewer, Julia; Heal, Kate V; Smith, Keith A; Heal, Mathew R-
24-Apr-2003The methylated component of the Neurospora crassa genomeSelker, Eric U; Tountas, Nikolaos A; Cross, Sally H; Margolin, Brian S; Murphy, Jonathan G; Bird, Adrian P; Freitag, Michael-
Jul-2002The MHC and body odors: arbitrary effects caused by shifts of mean pleasantnessWedekind, Claus-
2000Microfiltration of colloids and natural organic matterSchäfer, Andrea; Schwicke, U.; Fischer, M. M.; Fane, Anthony G.; Waite, T. D.-
1989Microfunctionalism: Connectionism and the Scientific Explanation of Mental StatesClark, Andy-
2011Micropollutant Sorption to Membrane Polymers: A Review of Mechanisms for EstrogensSchäfer, Andrea; Akanyeti, Ime; Semião, Andrea J.C.-
2002Mindful BeliefToribio, Josefa-
2002Minds, Brains and ToolsClark, Andy-
1993Minimal RationalismClark, Andy-
1998Miocene shallow-water carbonates on the Eratosthenes Seamount, easternmost Mediterranean SeaRobertson, Alastair H F-
2003Misfeasance in Public Office: An Emerging Medical Law Tort?Laurie, Graeme; Mason, J K-
2008Model-Based Query Systems for Emergency ResponsePotter, Stephen; Wickler, Gerhard-
Dec-2010Modelización de Incendios: Ventajas y RiesgosVigne, Gabriele; Rein, Guillermo-
Showing results 542 to 561 of 982
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