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  • Magnetotransport properties of doped RuSr2GdCu2O8 

    McCrone, J E; Tallon, J L; Cooper, J R; MacLaughlin, A C; Attfield, J. Paul; Bernhard, C (©2003 The American Physical Society, 2003)
    RuSr2GdCu2O8, in which magnetic order and superconductivity coexist with Tmag>Tc , is a complex material which poses new and important questions to our understanding of the interplay between magnetic and superconducting ...
  • Making Moral Space: A Reply To Churchland 

    Clark, Andy (University of Calgary Press, 2000)
    Like those famous nations divided by a single tongue, my paper (this volume) and Professor P.M. Churchland's deep and engaging reply offer different spins on a common heritage. The common heritage is, of course, a connectionist ...
  • Making sense of support: how parents view, experience and manage support for their everday parenting 

    Mountney, Karen (CRFR - About Families, 2013-04)
    A range of policy initiatives have been introduced in Scotland with the aim of supporting families, increasing parenting capacity, and facilitating early intervention (for example, Early Years Framework; parenting programmes ...
  • Making sense of support:how parents view, experience and manage support for their everyday parenting 

    Mountney, Karen (CRFR, 2013-04)
    A range of policy initiatives have been introduced in Scotland with the aim of supporting families, increasing parenting capacity, and facilitating early intervention (for example, Early Years Framework; parenting ...
  • Many South Asian people probably need pre-diabetes care 

    Bhopal, Raj; Fischbacher, C M (2002)
  • Maps and Journeys: an Ethnomethodological Investigation 

    Brown, Barry; Laurier, Eric (University of Toronto Press, 2005)
    The notion of the ‘cognitive map’ has long been central to studies of maps, wayfinding and navigation. In this paper we provide an alternate approach to what are often mistakenly taken to be private mental processes which ...
  • The MATCH Corpus: A Corpus of Older and Younger Users' Interactions With Spoken Dialogue Systems. 

    Georgila, Kallirroi; Wolters, Maria K.; Moore, Johanna D.; Logie, Robert (Springer, 2010-03)
    We present the MATCH corpus, a unique data set of 447 dialogues in which 26 older and 24 younger adults interact with nine different spoken dialogue systems. The systems varied in the number of options presented and the ...
  • Material Properties that Control Ignition and Spread of a Fire in Micro-Gravity Environments 

    Torero, Jose L (The 34th National Heat Transfer Conference (USA), 2000-08)
    A study of the different mechanisms controlling the initial stages of a fire in a micro-gravity environment is presented. Three different processes are deemed important for evaluation of material flammability, piloted ...
  • Material Symbols 

    Clark, Andy (Taylor and Francis, 2006)
    What is the relation between the material, conventional symbol structures that we encounter in the spoken and written word, and human thought? A common assumption, that structures a wide variety of otherwise competing ...
  • Maximising children's interests after parental separation: the australian experience 

    Seddon, Beth (CRFR, 2002-10)
    This briefing gives an overview of policy developments in Australia aimed at maximising the interests of children when their parents separate. It touches on issues common to a number of countries, in particular attempts ...
  • MBD2 is a transcriptional repressor belonging to the MeCP1 histone deacetylase complex 

    Ng, Huck-Hui; Zhang, Yi; Hendrich, Brian; Johnson, Colin A; Turner, Bryan M; Erdjument-Bromage, Hediye; Tempst, Paul; Reinberg, Danny; Bird, Adrian P (Nature Publishing Group, 1999-09)
    Mammalian DNA is methylated at many CpG dinucleotides. The biological consequences of methylation are mediated by a family of methyl-CpG binding proteins (1–4). The best characterized family member is MeCP2, a transcriptional ...
  • Me and my befriender: exploring adult/child befriending relationships 

    Milne, Sue (CRFR, 2012-05)
    Organised befriending provides supportive, reliable relationships through volunteers to people who would otherwise be socially isolated. In the UK, for example, befriending projects provide services to a range of people ...
  • Meaning and Other Non-Biological Categories 

    Toribio, Josefa (1998)
    In this paper I display a general metaphysical assumption that characterizes basic naturalistic views and that is inherited, in a residual form, by their leading teleological rivals. The assumption is that intentional ...
  • Meaning, Dispositions, and Normativity 

    Toribio, Josefa (Springer, 1998)
    In a recent paper, Paul Coates defends a sophisticated dispositional account which allegedly resolves the sceptical paradox developed by Kripke in his monograph on Wittgenstein's treatment of following a rule (Kripke, ...
  • MeCP2 Repression Goes Nonglobal 

    Klose, Robert; Bird, Adrian P (AMER ASSOC ADVANCEMENT SCIENCE, WASHINGTON, 2003)
    Methylation of CpG islands in gene promoters results in silencing of those genes. Mutation of a methyl-CpG binding domain protein called MeCP2 that contributes to the maintenance of methylation-mediated gene silencing is ...
  • Medicine and public health in a multiethnic world 

    Bhopal, Raj (2009)
    Achievement of medical and public health goals requires mutual understanding between professionals and the public, a challenge in diverse societies. Despite their massive diversity humans belong to one species, with race ...
  • Membrane filtration in water recycling: removal of natural hormones 

    Nghiem, L.D.; Schäfer, Andrea; Waite, T.D. (IWA Publishing, 2003)
    Recent detections of endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) in effluent are of great concern by sections of the community associated with the issue of reclaimed water recycling. In vitro and in vivo studies by many ...
  • Membranes and renewable energy — a new era of sustainable development for developing countries 

    Schäfer, Andrea; Broeckmann, Andreas; Richards, Bryce (Elsevier, 2005)
    This article outlines the combination of a small scale hybrid ultrafiltration and nanofiltration/reverse osmosis system with solar energy. The system is targeted to remote communities with access to either contaminated ...
  • Memento's Revenge: Objections and Replies to the Extended Mind 

    Clark, Andy (2003)
    In the movie, Memento, the hero, Leonard, suffers from a form of anterograde amnesia that results in an inability to lay down new memories. Nonetheless, he sets out on a quest to find his wife’s killer, aided by the use ...
  • Memorial to a gentleman and scholar : O. Charnock Bradley 

    Warwick, Colin M; Forrest, Jill; Macdonald, Alastair A. (2015)
    Professor Orlando Charnock Bradley, MD, DSc, ChB, FRSE, FRCVS (1871- 1937) was the Principal of the Royal (Dick) Veterinary College (as it was then known) from 12 June 1911 until his death on 21 November 1937.