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  • Living on your own: Social integration, quality of life and aspirations for the future 

    Jamieson, Lynn; Simpson, Roona (CRFR, 2010-01)
    The General Registrar Office for Scotland predicts an increase in the proportion of one-person households from 35% of all households in 2006 to 44% in 2031. This trend is common across many societies and has implications ...
  • Living room: rematerialising home 

    Jacobs, Jane M; Smith, S.J. (2008-03-01)
  • Loading rate dependence of permeability evolution in porous aeolian sandstones 

    Ojala, Ira O; Ngwenya, Bryne T; Main, Ian G (Copyright 2004 American Geophysical Union. Further reproduction or electronic distribution is not permitted., 2004)
    Mechanical properties of rocks are characterized by their notable dependence on the applied deformation rate. However, little is known about the strain rate dependence of fluid flow properties since most laboratory tests ...
  • Local Associations and Global Reason: Fodor’s Frame Problem and Second-Order Search 

    Clark, Andy (Hermes-Lavoisier, Paris & Oxford., 2002)
    Kleinberg (1999) describes a novel procedure for efficient search in a dense hyper-linked environment, such as the world wide web. The procedure exploits information implicit in the links between pages so as to identify ...
  • The Local Data Support Landscape in the UK 

    MacDonald, Stuart; Martinez-Uribe, Luis (IASSIST Quarterly, 2005)
    This paper will report on existing data support infrastructures within the UK tertiary education community. The paper will then discuss early methods and traditions of data collection within UK territories. In addition it ...
  • Local Dimensionality Reduction for Non-Parametric Regression 

    Hoffmann, Heiko; Schaal, Stefan; Vijayakumar, Sethu (Springer, 2009)
    Locally-weighted regression is a computationally-efficient technique for non-linear regression. However, for high-dimensional data, this technique becomes numerically brittle and computationally too expensive if many ...
  • Long-term CH3Br and CH3Cl flux measurements in temperate salt marshes 

    Blei, Emanuel; Heal, Mathew R; Heal, Kate V (Copernicus Publications for European Geosciences Union, 2010-11)
    Fluxes of CH3Br and CH3Cl and their relationship with potential drivers such as sunlight, temperature and soil moisture, were monitored at fortnightly to monthly intervals for more than two years at two contrasting temperate ...
  • Long-Term Exposure of Sitka Spruce Seedlings to Trichloroacetic Acid 

    Cape, Neil; Reeves, Nicholas M; Schroder, Peter; Heal, Mathew R (Royal Meterological Society, 2003)
    Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) has been implicated as an airborne pollutant responsible for adverse effects on forest health. There is considerable debate as to whether TCA observed in trees and forest soils is derived from ...
  • The longevity legacy: the problem of old animals in zoos 

    Kitchener, Andrew; Macdonald, Alastair A (Blackwells, 2002)
    Zoos once demonstrated their skill in keeping wild mammals in captivity by longevity records. However, as our knowledge of animal husbandry in zoos has increased and breeding in most species has become commonplace, so the ...
  • Longitudinal cohort study of childhood IQ and survival up to age 76 

    Whalley, Lawrence J; Deary, Ian J (BMJ Publishing Group, 2001)
    Objectives: To test the association between childhood IQ and mortality over the normal human lifespan. Design: Longitudinal cohort study. Setting: Aberdeen. Subjects: All 2792 children in Aberdeen born in 1921 and ...
  • Loss of Dicer fowls up centromeres 

    White, Sharon A; Allshire, Robin C (Nature Publishing Group, 2004-08)
    Centromeres, specialized regions on chromosomes, are essential for accurate chromosome segregation during cell division. In fission yeast, the RNA interference machinery has a pivotal function in the assembly of ...
  • Low levels of cardiovascular risk factors and coronary heart disease in a UK Chinese population. 

    Harland, J O; Unwin, Nigel; Bhopal, Raj; White, M; Watson, B; Laker, M; Alberti, K G (BMJ Group, 1997)
    OBJECTIVE: To compare the prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors and coronary heart disease in Chinese and Europid adults. DESIGN: Population based, cross sectional survey. SETTING: Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, 1991-93. ...
  • Lowering the barriers from Discovery to Delivery: a JISC funded EDINA and Mimas project 

    Guy, Fred; Palmer, Joy Elizabeth (Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 2010)
    Abstract – Purpose The paper describes the context and the progress with the Discovery to Delivery project. Approach Having set the scene for discovery to delivery, the paper describes how the project work was ...
  • LWPR: A Scalable Method for Incremental Online Learning in High Dimensions 

    Vijayakumar, Sethu; D'Souza, Aaron; Schaal, Stefan (2005-06)
    Locally weighted projection regression (LWPR) is a new algorithm for incremental nonlinear func- tion approximation in high dimensional spaces with redundant and irrelevant input dimensions. At its core, it employs ...
  • A macrocyclic approach to transition metal and uranyl Pacman complexes 

    Love J.B. (2009-01-01)
    Multielectron redox chemistry involving small molecules such as O-2, H2O, N-2, CO2, and CH4 is intrinsic to the chemical challenges surrounding sustainable, low-carbon energy generation and exploitation. Compounds with ...
  • Madster and Madster: File-sharing and Copyright Infringement Again 

    MacQueen, Hector L (W Green, 2003)
    The article examines file-sharing across the internet.
  • Magic Words: How Language Augments Human Computation 

    Clark, Andy (Cambridge University Press, 1998)
    Of course, words aren’t magic. Neither are sextants, compasses, maps, slide rules and all the other paraphenelia which have accreted around the basic biological brains of homo sapiens. In the case of these other tools and ...
  • Magnetic cluster excitations in the antiferromagnetic phase of a-MnMoO4 

    Ochsenbein, Stefan T; Chaboussant, Gregory; Sieber, Andreas; Gudel, Hans U; Janssen, Stefan; Furrer, Albert; Attfield, J. Paul (© 2003 The American Physical Society, 2003)
    The tetramer-based compound a-MnMoO4 exhibits four prominent peaks in the inelastic neutron scattering (INS) spectrum between 0.5 and 2.0 meV below 10 K. They are assigned to magnetic excitations of the (Mn2+)4 rhombus ...
  • Magnetic ion exchange: Is there potential for international development? 

    Neale, Peta A.; Schäfer, Andrea (Elsevier, 2009)
    Magnetic ion exchange (MIEX®) is an ion exchange resin developed as an additive to existing water treatment plants where additional organic matter is to be removed. The smaller size, magnetic properties and simple ...
  • Magnetotransport properties of doped RuSr2GdCu2O8 

    McCrone, J E; Tallon, J L; Cooper, J R; MacLaughlin, A C; Attfield, J. Paul; Bernhard, C (©2003 The American Physical Society, 2003)
    RuSr2GdCu2O8, in which magnetic order and superconductivity coexist with Tmag>Tc , is a complex material which poses new and important questions to our understanding of the interplay between magnetic and superconducting ...