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  • The Influence of Travelling Fires on a Concrete Frame 

    Law, Angus; Stern-Gottfried, Jamie; Gillie, Martin; Rein, Guillermo (Journal of Engineering Structures - Elsevier, 2011)
    When building fires occur in large, open, compartments they rarely burn uniformly across an entire floor plate of a structure. Instead, they tend to travel, igniting fuel in their path and burning it out as they move to ...
  • The influence of weather-type and long-range transport on airborne particle concentrations in Edinburgh, UK 

    Buchanan, C M; Beverland, Iain J; Heal, Mathew R (Elsevier, 2002)
    This study investigated the influence of regional-scale synoptic weather type and geographical source regions of air masses on two-particle concentration metrics (Black Smoke (BS) and PM10) in the city of Edinburgh, UK, ...
  • Information about Complex Fingertip Parameters in Individual Human Tactile Afferent Neurons 

    Saal, Hannes; Vijayakumar, Sethu; Johansson, Roland (Society for Neuroscience, 2009)
    Although information in tactile afferent neurons represented by firing rates has been studied extensively over nearly a century, recent studies suggest that precise spike timing might be more important than firing rates. ...
  • Information extraction from broadcast news 

    Gotoh, Yoshihiko; Renals, Steve (The Royal Society, 2000-04-15)
    This paper discusses the development of trainable statistical models for extracting content from television and radio news broadcasts. In particular, we concentrate on statistical finite-state models for identifying proper ...
  • Information Storage Using Supramolecular Surface Patterns 

    Cavallini, Massimiliano; Biscarini, Fabio; Léon, Salvador; Zerbetto, Francesco; Bottari, Giovanni; Leigh, David A (American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2003-01-24)
  • Information Storage Using Supramolecular Surface Patterns 

    Cavallini, Massimiliano; Biscarini, Fabio; Léon, Salvador; Zerbetto, Francesco; Bottari, Giovanni; Leigh, David A (AMER ASSOC ADVANCEMENT SCIENCE, WASHINGTON, 2003)
    Novel strategies forinformation storage technology rely upon multistable systems that can be controllably switched between different configurations of comparable free energy. Multistability is present in many molecular and ...
  • Inkjet fabrication of hydrogel microarrays using in situ nanolitre-scale polymerisation 

    Bradley, M.; Diaz-Mochon, J.J.; Khan, F.; Liberski, A.; Zhang, R. (2008-03-01)
    Polymer hydrogel microarrays were fabricated by inkjet printing of monomers and initiator, allowing up to 1800 individual polymer features to be printed on a single glass slide.
  • Inkjet fabrication of polymer microarrays and grids-solving the evaporation problem 

    Bradley M.; Zhang R.; Liberski A. (2009-01-01)
    Polymer microarrays, consisting of either discrete features or a matrix of inter-crossed lines were directly fabricated in situ by inkjet printing individual monomers and initiator solutions in organic solvents through a ...
  • Integrating Articulatory Features into HMM-based Parametric Speech Synthesis 

    Ling, Zhenhua; Richmond, Korin; Yamagishi, Junichi; Wang, Ren-Hua (2009)
    This paper presents an investigation of ways to integrate articulatory features into Hidden Markov Model (HMM)-based parametric speech synthesis, primarily with the aim of improving the performance of acoustic parameter ...
  • An Integrin-Contactin Complex Regulates CNS Myelination by Differential Fyn Phosphorylation 

    Ffrench-Constant C.; Laursen L.S.; Chan C.W. (2009-07-01)
    The understanding of how adhesion molecules mediate the axon-glial interactions in the CNS that ensure target-dependent survival of oligodendrocytes and initiate myelination remains incomplete. Here, we investigate how ...
  • Intellectual Property, Competition and Human Rights: the past, the present and the future 

    Brown, Abbe; Waelde, Charlotte (AHRC Research Centre for Studies in Intellectual Property and Technology Law, 2005)
    Introduction to a special edition of the SCRIPTed journal, focussing on interplay between intellectual property, competition and human rights. The article discusses the significance of contributions to the journal by ...
  • Intelligent Front Ends 

    Bundy, Alan (1984)
    An intelligent front end is a user-friendly interface to a software package, which uses Artificial Intelligence techniques to enable the user to interact with the computer using his/her own terminology rather than that ...
  • Intensity Distributions of Waves Transmitted through a Multiple Scattering Medium 

    van Rossum, Mark; Nieuwenhuizen, Th.M (The American Physical Society, 1995-04-03)
    The distributions of the angular transmission coefficient and of the total transmission are calculated for multiple scattered waves. The calculation is based on a mapping to the known distrribution of eigenvalues of the ...
  • Interaction Diagrams for Ambient and Heated Concrete Sections 

    Law, Angus; Gillie, Martin (Engineering Structures, 2010)
    Bending moment axial force interaction diagrams are a commonly used tool in any design office. When designing for fire conditions, the large axial forces which develop place an additional importance on the consideration ...
  • Interframe Bus Encoding Technique and Architecture for MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 Video Compression 

    Bahari, Asral; Arslan, Tughrul; Erdogan, Ahmet T. (IEEE, 2010-05)
    In this paper, we propose an implementation of a data encoder to reduce the switched capacitance on a system bus. Our technique focuses on transferring raw video data for multiple reference frames between off-and on-chip ...
  • The Internet 

    Al-Shahi, Rustam; Sadler, M; Rees, G; Bateman, D (BMJ publishing group, 2002)
    The growing use of email and the world wide web (WWW), by the public, academics, and clinicians—as well as the increasing availability of high quality information on the WWW—make a working knowledge of the internet ...
  • The Internet and Security: Do We need a Man With A Red Flag To Walk In Front of Computers? 

    Edwards, Lilian (AHRC Research Centre for Studies in Intellectual Property and Technology Law, 2007)
    This editorial focusses on the topic of internet security; its real, or perceived threats to individuals, and the regulatory framework in place to deal with cybercrime. Edwards suggests some obligations for computer owners ...
  • Internet resources for neurologists 

    Al-Shahi, Rustam; Sandercock, P A G (BMJ publishing group, 2003)
    This fourth and final review in the JNNPinternet series summarises the essential internet resources for adult and paediatric clinical neurology, neuroradiology, and neurophysiology. This article is freely available on ...
  • The Internet: an introduction for lawyers 

    Terrett, Andrew; Monaghan, Iain (AHRC Research Centre for Studies in Intellectual Property and Technology Law, 1999-01)
    Given the intense media coverage that the Internet has attracted over the past few years, one might reasonably argue that the Internet needs no introduction. It has successfully permeated into our everyday lives in a ...
  • Interpretation of variations in fine, coarse and black smoke particulate matter concentrations in a Northern European city 

    Heal, Mathew R; Hibbs, Leon; Agius, Raymond M; Beverland, Iain J (Elsevier, 2005)
    The PM2.5, PMcoarse and black smoke (BS) particle metrics broadly reflect different source contributions to PM10. The aim of this study was to generate data for PM2.5 at an urban background site in the UK, and to use the ...