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  • High Deleterious Genomic Mutation Rate in Stationary Phase of Escherichia coli 

    Loewe, Laurence; Textor, Volker; Scherer, Siegfried (American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2003)
    In natural habitats, bacteria spend most of their time in some form of growth arrest. Little is known about deleterious mutations in such stages, and consequently there is limited understanding of what evolutionary events ...
  • High pressure synthesis of late rare earth RFeAs(O,F) superconductors; R = Tb and Dy 

    Attfield, J.P.; Huxley A.D.; Sokolov D.A.; Rodgers J.A.; Penny G.B.S.; Bos J.W.G. (2008-01-01)
    New TbFeAs(O,F) and DyFeAs(O,F) superconductors with critical temperatures T-c = 46 and 45 K and very high critical fields, >= 100 T, have been prepared at 1100-1150 degrees C and 10-12 GPa, demonstrating that high pressure ...
  • High-pressure gas hydrates 

    Loveday, J. S.; Nelmes, R. J. (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2008-02)
    It has long been known that crystalline hydrates are formed by many simple gases that do not interact strongly with water, and in most cases the gas molecules or atoms occupy 'cages' formed by a framework of water molecules. ...
  • Hippocampal function in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder 

    Hall, J.; Whalley, H. C.; Marwick, K.; McKirdy, J.; Sussmann, J.; Romaniuk, L.; Johnstone, E. C.; Wan, H. I.; McIntosh, A. M.; Lawrie, S. M. (Cambridge University Press, 2010-05)
    Background. The hippocampus plays a central role in memory formation. There is considerable evidence of abnormalities in hippocampal structure and function in schizophrenia, which may differentiate it from bipolar disorder. ...
  • Hitler on race and health in Mein Kampf: a stimulus to anti-racism in the health professions 

    Bhopal, Raj (2005)
    Historically, it is impossible to ignore the impact of Hitler on the social and philosophical concept of race. By the start of World War II in 1939 his book Mein Kampf had sold 5 200 000 copies and been translated into 11 ...
  • Holocene Deglaciation of Marie Byrd Land, West Antarctica 

    Stone, John O; Balco, Gregory A; Sugden, David; Caffee, Marc W; Sass III, Louis C; Cowdery, Seth G; Siddoway, Christine (American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2003)
    Surface exposure ages of glacial deposits in the Ford Ranges of western Marie Byrd Land indicate continuous thinning of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet by more than 700 meters near the coast throughout the past 10,000 years. ...
  • Home and School: promoting the wellbeing of children and young people 

    Shucksmith, Janet; Spratt, Jenny; Philip, Kate; Watson, Cate (CRFR, 2006-02)
    This briefing reports findings from a Scottish study of the links between mental health and behaviour in schools.
  • Home birth in Scotland: exploring women's views 

    Edwards, Nadine (CRFR, 2004-01)
    Planning a home birth within a hospital birth-based culture presents possibilities and challenges for women, their families and their attendants. The study reported here sought to increase understanding about women's ...
  • Host sanctions and the legume– rhizobium mutualism 

    Kiers, E Toby; Rousseau, Robert A; West, Stuart A; Denison, R Ford (Nature Publishing Group, 2003)
    Explaining mutualistic cooperation between species remains one of the greatest problems for evolutionary biology1–4. Why do symbionts provide costly services to a host, indirectly benefiting competitors sharing the same ...
  • How breakfast happens in the café 

    Laurier, Eric (Sage, 2008)
    In this article I present an ethnographic study of `breakfast in the café', to begin to document the orderly properties of an emergent timespace. In so doing, the aim is to provide a description of the local production of ...
  • How can health promotion interventions be adapted for minority ethnic communities? Five principles for guiding the development of behavioural interventions. 

    Netto, G; Bhopal, Raj; Lederle, N; Khatoon, J; Jackson, A (Oxford University Press, 2010)
    The term ‘culturally sensitive’ is often used to describe interventions adapted for minority ethnic communities. However, understanding of strategies for adapting behavioural interventions for such communities is limited. ...
  • How do we know how? 

    Toribio, Josefa (Taylor and Francis, 2007)
    I raise some doubts about the plausibility of Stanley and Williamson’s view that all knowledge-how is just a species of propositional knowledge. By tackling the question of what is involved in entertaining a proposition, ...
  • How to feel things with words 

    Laurier, Eric (Institute of Geography. The School of Geosciences.The University of Edinburgh, 2007)
    A person X says to person Y ‘it’s here”. A common enough thing for someone to say to someone else, and a common enough expression for both to understand, yet professional analysts of language are troubled by what ‘it’s ...
  • How was it for you? The quality of young people's sexual relationships 

    Wright, Daniel; Forrest, Simon (CRFR, 2010-07)
    Few studies have investigated young people’s own evaluations of their heterosexual experiences or relationships, other than by measuring negative sexual encounters. An evaluation of young peoples’ views is important, to ...
  • Human rights: in the real world 

    Brown, Abbe (Oxford University Press, 2006)
    An analysis of the relevance of human rights to litigation and exploitation of intellectual property rights in the UK. The paper considers the impact of the Human Rights Act 1998, and other human rights instruments, ...
  • Hume = Small Hume 

    Ketland, Jeffrey (Blackwells, 2002)
    We can modify Hume’s Principle in the same manner that George Boolos suggested for modifying Frege’s Basic Law V. This leads to the principle Small Hume. Then, we can show that Small Hume is interderivable with Hume’s Principle.
  • I am John's Brain 

    Clark, Andy (1995)
    The brain and its "agent" debate the provenance of thoughts in the charming language of an old Readers Digest article.
  • Identification and quantification of methyl halide sources in a lowland tropical rainforest 

    Blei, Emanuel; Hardacre, Catherine J.; Mills, Graham P.; Heal, Kate V.; Heal, Mathew R. (Elsevier, 2010)
    In conjunction with the OP3 campaign in Danum Valley, Malaysian Borneo, flux measurements of methyl chloride (CH3Cl) and methyl bromide (CH3Br) were performed from both tropical plant branches and leaf litter in June and ...
  • IgG is higher in South Asians than Europeans: does infection contribute to ethnic variation in cardiovascular disease? 

    Bhopal, Raj; Fischbacher, C M; Blackwell, C C; Ingram, R; Unwin, Nigel; Alberti, K G; White, M (2003)
  • ILL, a dying breed or a new brand? The experience of Edinburgh University 

    Lobban, Marjory (Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 2006)
    Purpose – The purpose of this article is to examine the trend of interlibrary loans (ILLs) through the experiences of Edinburgh University Library (EUL). A preliminary study aims to consider how the purchase of one e-journal ...