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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
1995I am John's BrainClark, Andy-
2010Identification and quantification of methyl halide sources in a lowland tropical rainforestBlei, Emanuel; Hardacre, Catherine J.; Mills, Graham P.; Heal, Kate V.; Heal, Mathew R.-
2003IgG is higher in South Asians than Europeans: does infection contribute to ethnic variation in cardiovascular disease?Bhopal, Raj; Fischbacher, C M; Blackwell, C C; Ingram, R; Unwin, N C; Alberti, K G; White, M-
2006ILL, a dying breed or a new brand? The experience of Edinburgh UniversityLobban, Marjory-
2011ILLiad and the new brand of ILL service in the University of EdinburghLobban, Marjory-
2001Immune evasion genes from filarial nematodesMaizels, Rick; Gomez-Escobar, Natalia; Gregory, William F; William, Janice; Zang, Xingxing-
2003Immune regulation by helminth parasites: Cellular and molecular mechanismsMaizels, Rick; Yazdanbakhsh, M-
2004Immunity Promotes Virulence Evolution in a Malaria ModelMackinnon, Margaret J; Read, Andrew F-
2000Immunohistochemical study on the distribution of endocrine cells in the gastrointestinal tract of the babirusa, Babyrousa babyrussa (Suidae).Agungpriyono, S; Macdonald, Alastair A; Leus, Kristin; Kitamura, N; Adnyane, IKM; Goodall, Gordon P; Hondo, E; Yamada, J-
2001Immunological genomics of Brugia malayi: filarial genes implicated in immune evasion and protective immunityMaizels, Rick; Blaxter, Mark; Scott, Alan-
Jul-2006IMOP: randomised placebo controlled trial of outpatient cervical ripening with isosorbide mononitrate (IMN) prior to induction of labour - clinical trial with analyses of efficacy, cost effectiveness and acceptabilityBollapragada, S.; Mackenzie, F.; Norrie, J.; Petrou, S.; Reid, M.; Greer, I.; Osman, I.; Norman, J. E.-
18-Dec-2003Impact of localized badger culling on tuberculosis incidence in British cattleDonnelly, Christl A; Woodroffe, Rosie; Cox, D R; Bourne, John; Gettinby, George; Le Fevre, Andrea M; McInerney, John P; Morrison, W. Ivan-
2010Impact of organic matrix compounds on the retention of steroid hormone estrone by a ‘loose’ nanofiltration membraneSchäfer, Andrea; Nghiem, L. D.; Meier, Anja; Neale, Peta A.-
2010Impact of organic matter and speciation on the behaviour of uranium in submerged ultrafiltrationSemião, Andrea J.C.; Rossiter, Helfrid M.A.; Schäfer, Andrea-
2010Impact of pH on the removal of fluoride, nitrate and boron by nanofiltration/reverse osmosisRichards, Laura A.; Vuachère, Marion; Schäfer, Andrea-
2010Impact of speciation on behaviour of uranium in a solar powered membrane system for treatment of brackish groundwaterRossiter, Helfrid M.A.; Graham, Margaret C.; Schäfer, Andrea-
2009Impact of speciation on fluoride, arsenic and magnesium retention by nanofiltration/reverse osmosis in remote Australian communitiesRichards, L. A.; Richards, B. S.; Rossiter, H.M.A.; Schäfer, Andrea-
2010Impact of speciation on removal of manganese and organic matter by nanofiltrationDe Munari, Annalisa; Schäfer, Andrea-
2005Impacts of livestock in regenerating upland birch woodlands in ScotlandPollock, Meg L; Milner, J M; Waterhouse, A; Holland, J P; Legg, Colin-
2004Impediments to municipal water recycling in AustraliaKhan, S; Schäfer, Andrea; Sherman, P-
Showing results 405 to 424 of 982
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