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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
2004From Entertainment to Education: The Scope of Copyright?MacQueen, Hector L; Waelde, Charlotte-
Mar-2005From Lake Nyassa to Philadelphia: a geography of the Zambesi Expedition, 1858-64Dritsas, Lawrence-
Nov-2010From mother to daughter: How mothers and daughters share information about parentingShiell-Davis, Kelly-
2003From Napster to GroksterMacQueen, Hector L-
1-Apr-2009From Rapid Place Learning to Behavioral Performance: A Key Role for the Intermediate HippocampusBast T.; Morris R.G.M.; Wilson I.A.; Witter M.P.-
1999Full completeness of the multiplicative linear logic of Chu spacesDevarajan, Harish; Hughes, Dominic; Plotkin, Gordon; Pratt, Vaughan-
2002Full-length-enriched cDNA libraries from Echinococcus granulosus contain separate populations of oligo-capped and trans-spliced transcripts and a high level of predicted signal peptide sequencesFernandez, Cecilia; Gregory, William F; Loke, P’ng; Maizels, Rick-
1966Fumigation with the Liquid Fumigants Carbon Tetrachloride, Ethylene Dichloride and Ethylene DibromideAnonymous-
Jul-2001The function and synthesis of RibosomesLafontaine, Denis LJ; Tollervey, David-
2003Functional Expression Cloning of Nanog, a Pluripotency Sustaining Factor in Embryonic Stem Cells.Chambers, Ian; Colby, Douglas; Robertson, Morag; Nichols, Jennifer; Lee, Sonia; Tweedie, Susan; Smith, Austin G-
2002Functional gene screening in embryonic stem cell implicates Wnt antagonism in neural differentiation.Aubert, Jerome; Dunstan, Hannah; Chambers, Ian; Smith, Austin G-
2004Fuzzy interpolation with generalized representative valuesHuang, Zhiheng; Shen, Qiang-
2006Fuzzy Interpolative Reasoning via Scale and Move TransformationsHuang, Zhiheng; Shen, Qiang-
2010Gaseous and particulate water-soluble organic and inorganic nitrogen in rural air in southern ScotlandGonzalez Benitez, Juan M; Cape, J Neil; Heal, Mathew R-
1995Gastrointestinal anatomy, diet selection and digestion in mammals: a brief overview.Leus, Kristin; Macdonald, Alastair A-
Mar-2007A Gender Audit of Statistics: Comparing the Position of Women and Men in ScotlandWassof, Fran; Breitenbach, Esther-
Jan-2002Gender Care and Transitions, in association with the Scottish Poverty Information UnitInnes, Sue; Scott, Gill-
Dec-1984A Generalized Interval Package and its Use for Semantic CheckingBundy, Alan-
2010Generating Tailored, Comparative Descriptions with Contextually Appropriate IntonationWhite, Michael; Clark, Robert A J; Moore, Johanna D.-
2004Generation of embryonic stem cells and transgenic mice expressing green fluorescence protein in midbrain dopaminergic neuronsZhao, Suling; Maxwell, Sarah L; Jimenez-Beristain, Antonio; Vives, Joaquim; Kuehner, Eva; Zhao, Jiexin; O'Brian, Carmel; de Felipe, Carmen; Semina, Elena-
Showing results 341 to 360 of 983
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