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  • Fitting Standard Software Packages to Non-Standard Organisations: The 'Biography' of an Enterprise-Wide System 

    Pollock, N.; Williams, R.; Proctor, R. (external) (Routledge, 2003-09-01)
    This paper investigates the development and implementation of a generic off-the-shelf computer package and the competing pressures for standardisation and differentiation as this package is made to fit new organisational ...
  • Flammability of Christmas Trees 

    Van Wagner, C. E. (1963)
    The flammability of conifers used as Christmas trees depends mainly on the foliar moisture content and also on the crown density. Trees allowed to dry can be ignited with matches when the moisture content falls to about ...
  • Flies put the buzz back into long-term-potentiation 

    Paulsen, Ole; Morris, Richard G M (Nature Publishing Group, 2002-04)
    Two new papers show that an atypical protein kinase C may mediate the maintenance of long-term potentiation in the mouse hippocampus and of associative memory in Drosophila.
  • Fluxes of trichloroacetic acid through a conifer forest canopy 

    Stidson, R T; Heal, Kate V; Dickey, Catherine A; Cape, Neil; Heal, Mathew R (Elsevier, 2004)
    Controlled-dosing experiments with conifer seedlings have demonstrated an aboveground route of uptake for trichloroacetic acid (TCA) from aqueous solution into the canopy, in addition to uptake from the soil. The aim of ...
  • fMRI changes over time and reproducibility in unmedicated subjects at high genetic risk of schizophrenia 

    Whalley, H. C.; Gountouna, V-E.; Hall, J.; McIntosh, A. M.; Simonotto, E.; Job, D. E.; Owens, D. G. C.; Johnstone, E. C.; Lawrie, S. M. (Cambridge University Press, 2009-07)
    Background. Functional brain abnormalities have been repeatedly demonstrated in schizophrenia but there is little data concerning their progression. For such studies to have credibility it is first important to establish ...
  • Formation and destruction of the Eratosthenes Seamount, Eastern Mediterranean Sea, and implications for collisional processes. 

    Robertson, Alastair H F (Ocean Drilling Program, 1998)
    The first of two tectonic-oriented objectives during Leg 160 in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea (April–May, 1995) was concerned with study of processes of genesis and incipient collision of the Eratosthenes Seamount, a ...
  • A formulaic approach to translation at the post office: Reading the signs 

    Wray, Alison; Cox, Stephen; Lincoln, Michael; Tryggvason, Judy (Elsevier, 2004)
    TESSA is an interactive translation system designed to support transactions between a post office clerk and a deaf customer. The system translates the clerk’s speech into British Sign Language (BSL), displayed on a screen, ...
  • Fouling autopsy of hollow-fibre MF membranes in wastewater reclamation 

    Nghiem, Long D.; Schäfer, Andrea (Elsevier, 2006)
    Fouling in membrane filtration processes is problematic but inevitable as it occurs with the retention of contaminants that accumulate on the membrane surface. The causes of fouling are often specific, depending upon feed ...
  • Fouling effects on rejection in the membrane filtration of natural waters 

    Schäfer, Andrea; Fane, Anthony G.; Waite, T D (Elsevier, 2000)
    Membrane processes in drinking water applications are micro- (MF), ultra- (UF) and nanofiltration (NF). These processes remove turbidity and bacteria (MF), viruses and macromolecules (UF) and small molecules and hardness ...
  • Fouling in greywater recycling by direct ultrafiltration 

    Nghiem, Long D.; Oschmann, Nadine; Schäfer, Andrea (Elsevier, 2006)
    Greywater is no doubt a valuable resource that can be used to alleviate water shortage and increase water conservation in individual households. It is particularly important for arid and semiarid regions like Australia. ...
  • Fouling mechanisms of submerged ultrafiltration membranes in greywater recycling 

    Oschmann, Nadine; Nghiem, L. D.; Schäfer, Andrea (Elsevier, 2005)
    This study examined the influence of greywater constituents on the fouling behaviour of submerged hollow fibre UF membranes during greywater treatment for recycling purposes. Experiments were carried out on a bench-scale ...
  • Free Belief 

    Toribio, Josefa (Kluwer, 2003)
    The main goal of this paper is to show that Pettit and Smith’s (1996) argument concerning the nature of free belief is importantly incomplete. I accept Pettit and Smith’s emphasis upon normative constraints governing ...
  • French Urban Space: 1. Arriving in the City 

    Mansfield, Charlie (2006-11-27)
    This research has developed from my teaching French-language literature in Canadian Studies at the University of Edinburgh since 2005 and as the start of my doctoral work in French at Newcastle University. The research ...
  • Frobenius n-homomorphisms, transfers and branched coverings 

    Rees E.G.; Buchstaber V.M. (2008-01-01)
    The main purpose is to characterise continuous maps that are n-branched coverings in terms of induced maps on the rings of functions. The special properties of Frobenius nhomomorphisms between two function spaces that ...
  • From Child Porn to China in One Cleanfeed 

    Edwards, Lilian (AHRC Research Centre for Studies in Intellectual Property and Technology Law, 2006)
    In this editorial, Edwards discusses the implication of regulatory systems to block illegal content posted on the Internet, specifically child porn. Edwards considers the role of Internet Service Providers (ISPs), as ...
  • From concept to commercialisation: student learning in a sustainable engineering innovation project 

    Schäfer, Andrea; Richards, Bryce S. (Taylor and Francis, 2007)
    An interdisciplinary sustainable design project that combines membrane technology with renewable energy to provide water for remote communities and developing countries was offered to students for voluntary participation. ...
  • From Entertainment to Education: The Scope of Copyright? 

    MacQueen, Hector L; Waelde, Charlotte (Sweet and Maxwell in association with the Intellectual Property Institute, 2004)
    The paper considers the scope of copyright in the light of the so-called “digital (or Internet) revolution” of the last twenty years, and raises some issues about the present and future shape of the law which seem to require ...
  • From Lake Nyassa to Philadelphia: a geography of the Zambesi Expedition, 1858-64 

    Dritsas, Lawrence (Cambridge University Press, 2005-03)
    This paper is about collecting, travel and the geographies of science. At one level it examines the circumstances that led to Isaac Lea’s description in Philadelphia of six freshwater mussel shells of the family Unionidae, ...
  • From mother to daughter: How mothers and daughters share information about parenting 

    Shiell-Davis, Kelly (CRFR, 2010-11)
    How parents, and mothers in particular, choose to raise their children is influenced by a range of factors. Expert advice as well as social, cultural and political factors all play a part. Personal and family experience ...
  • From Napster to Grokster 

    MacQueen, Hector L (W Green, 2003)
    An article examining the free exchange and file sharing of copyright music, films and other digital media over the Internet.