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  • Direct arylations on water: synthesis of 2,5-disubstituted oxazoles balsoxin and texaline 

    Greaney Michael F; Culshaw A.J.; Mamone P.; Ohnmacht S.A. (2008-03-01)
    An efficient two-step palladium catalysed synthesis of 2,5-disubstituted oxazoles is reported.
  • Direct estimation of the mitochondrial DNA mutation rate in Drosophila melanogaster 

    Keightley P.D.; Charlesworth B.; Haag-Liautard C.; Coffey N.; Houle D.; Lynch M. (2008-08-01)
    Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) variants are widely used in evolutionary genetics as markers for population history and to estimate divergence times among taxa. Inferences of species history are generally based on phylogenetic ...
  • Direct observation of DNA translocation and cleavage by the EcoKI endonuclease using atomic force microscopy 

    Ellis, Darren J; Dryden, David T F; Berge, Torunn; Edwardson, J Michael; Henderson, Robert M (Nature Publishing, 1999-01)
  • DISC-UK DataShare 

    Rice, Robin (ALISS Quarterly, 2008-07)
    DISC-UK DataShare ( is a JISC-funded collaborative project led by EDINA and Edinburgh University Data Library, with the Universities of Oxford and Southampton as partners, and the ...
  • Disentangling Genetic Variation for Resistance and Tolerance to Infectious Diseases in Animals 

    Råberg, Lars; Sim, Derek; Read, Andrew F (American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2007-11)
    Hosts can in principle employ two different strategies to defend themselves against parasites: resistance and tolerance. Animals typically exhibit considerable genetic variation for resistance (the ability to limit parasite ...
  • Distinct impacts of Eda and Edar loss of function on the mouse dentition 

    Charles, Cyril; Pantalacci, Sophie; Tafforeau, Paul; Headon, D; Laudet, Vincent; Viriot, Laurent (2009)
    The Eda-A1-Edar signaling pathway is involved in the development of organs with an ectodermal origin, including teeth. In mouse, mutants are known for both the ligand, Eda-A1 (Tabby), and the receptor, Edar (Downless). The ...
  • Divorce in Scotland 

    Wasoff, Fran (CRFR, 2002-10)
    This briefing explored divorce in Scotland, setting it in its historical context, and examining recent trends.
  • DNA Interactions of Monofunctional Organometallic Ruthenium(II) Antitumor Complexes in Cell-free Media 

    Novakova, Olga; Chen, Haimei; Vrana, Oldrich; Rodger, Alison; Sadler, Peter J; Brabec, Viktor (© 2003 American Chemical Society, 2003)
    Modifications of natural DNA in a cell-free medium by antitumor monodentate Ru(II) arene compounds of the general formula [(eta 6-arene)Ru(en)Cl]+ (arene ) biphenyl, dihydroanthracene, tetrahydroanthracene, p-cymene, or ...
  • Does living near heavy industry cause lung cancer in women? A case control study using life grid interviews. 

    Edwards, R; Pless-Mulloli, T; Howel, D; Chadwick, TJ; Bhopal, Raj; Harrison, R N; Gribbin, H (2006-10-13)
    Background: The incidence of lung cancer among women is high in the highly industrialised area of Teesside in north-east England. Previous research has implicated industrial pollution as a possible cause. A study was ...
  • Does Music Matter? Evidence from IPA transcription training in factors affecting foreign language sound perception 

    Dundon, Jack (2014-03-31)
    Students participated in a six week linguistics training course called Ear Training, that involved perceiving sounds of the IPA and transcribing them. This course was part of a larger second year University of Edinburgh ...
  • Doing Office Work on the Motorway 

    Laurier, Eric (Theory, Culture & Society Ltd., 2004)
    This article takes the motorway seriously as a place where the society of traffic can be found and studied. While many kinds of activities are done by drivers and passengers in parallel with driving on the motorway, such ...
  • Doing ok? Children and young people's views on what affects their mental health 

    Elsley, Susan; McMellon, Christina (CRFR, 2010-10)
    This briefing highlights the findings from a consultation which was undertaken with specific groups of children and young people in order to inform the NHS Health Scotland draft framework for children and young people’s ...
  • Doing Without Representing? 

    Clark, Andy; Toribio, Josefa (Springer, 1994)
    Connectionism and classicism, it appears, have at least this much in common: both place some notion of internal representation at the heart of a scientific study of mind. In recent years, however, a much more radical view ...
  • Domestic Abuse and Gender Inequality: An overview of the current debate 

    McFeely, Clare; Whiting, Nel; Lombard, Nancy; McGowan, Mhairi (CRFR, 2013-08)
    Domestic abuse is a global phenomenon which adversely affects individuals who experience it and creates social and financial burdens for the societies in which it occurs. While abuse can be perpetrated by women against ...
  • Dominant rams lose out by sperm depletion 

    Pemberton, Josephine M; Preston, Brian T; Stevenson, Ian R; Wilson, Kenneth (Nature Publishing Group, 2001-02-08)
    Male traits such as large body size and weaponry are thought to have evolved to aid males contesting for access to females. But in species where females copulate with many males in a single reproductive cycle, sperm also ...
  • Don’t slip through the net 

    Al-Shahi, Rustam; Kennard, C (2002)
    It is possible to thrive in the modern world without recourse to the internet. But only just. If you are a “technophobe”, deterred by the daunting size and complexity of this continually evolving medium, JNNP could ...
  • Doomsday, Bishop Ussher and simulated worlds 

    Richmond, Alasdair M (2007-11-20)
    This paper attempts three tasks in relation to Carter and Leslie’s Doomsday Argument. First, it criticises Timothy Chambers’ ‘Ussherian Corollary’, a striking but unsuccessful objection to standard Doomsday arguments. ...
  • Dr. John Barclay's teaching of Comparative Anatomy 

    Macdonald, Alastair A.; Warwick, Colin M. (The Veterinary History Society, 2014)
    It has been clear from the various reviews made of the early years of the veterinary school in Edinburgh that one of the seminal events in its founding and development was the introduction, in May 1815, of William Dick ...
  • Drinking up endings: conversational resources of the café 

    Laurier, Eric (Elsevier, 2008)
    A first theme of this article is the abiding relationship between the café and conversation. A relationship which begins with Habermas’s emphasis on political debate in early modernity and continues to more contemporary ...
  • Driving and passengering: notes on the ordinary organisation of car travel 

    Laurier, Eric; Lorimer, Hayden; Brown, Barry; Jones, Owain; Juhlin, Oskar; Noble, Allyson; Perry, Mark; Pica, Daniele; Sormani, Philippe; Strebel, Ignaz; Swan, Laurel; Taylor, Alex S; Watts, Laura; Weilenmann, Alexandra (Taylor & Francis (Routledge), 2008)
    We spend ever increasing periods of our lives travelling in cars, yet quite what it is we do while travelling, aside from driving the vehicle itself, is largely overlooked. Drawing on analyses of video records of a series ...