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  • On the use of prosody in a speech-to-speech translator. 

    Strom, Volker; Elsner, Anja; Hess, Wolfgang; Kasper, Walter; Klein, Alexandra; Kreiger, Hans Ulrich; Spilker, Jorg; Weber, Hans; Görz, Gunther (International Speech Communication Association, 1997)
    In this paper a speech-to-speech translator from German to English is presented. Beside the traditional processing steps it takes advantage of acoustically detected prosodic phrase boundaries and focus. The prosodic phrase ...
  • On which one can see the processes ... 

    Henderson, Frances (2010-11)
  • On Wright’s Inductive Definition of Coherence Truth for Arithmetic 

    Ketland, Jeffrey (Blackwells, 2000)
    In “Truth – A Traditional Debate Reviewed” (1999), Crispin Wright proposed an inductive definition of “coherence truth” for arithmetic relative to an arithmetic base theory B. Wright’s definition is in fact a notational ...
  • On-line dispute resolution in cross-border consumer e-commerce transactions: lessons from eBay and ICANN 

    Edwards, Lilian; Wilson, Caroline (Taylor & Francis, 2007)
    Effective dispute settlement is regarded as one of the means of enhancing consumer confidence in cross-border purchases over the Internet. Yet, studies of online dispute resolution (ODR) show, on the whole, poor uptake of ...
  • On-line Overlaid-Handwriting Recognition Based on Substroke HMMs. 

    Shimodaira, Hiroshi; Sudo, Takashi; Nakai, Mitsuru; Sagayama, Shigeki (2003)
    This study discusses the subject of training data selection for neural networks using back propagation. We have made only one assumption that there are no overlapping of training data belonging to different classes, in ...
  • One and two point micro-rheology of hard sphere suspensions 

    Harrison, Andrew William (The University of Edinburgh, 2011-11-23)
    The material that is covered in this thesis concerns the calibration and application of a set of optical tweezers to be used for one- and two-point micro-rheology experiments on hard sphere colloidal suspensions. The ...
  • One Tone, Two Ears, Three Dimensions: An investigation of qualitative echolocation strategies in synthetic bats and real robots 

    Walker, Ashley (University of Edinburgh. College of Science and Engineering. School of Informatics., 1997-07)
    The aim of the work reported in this thesis is to investigate a methodology for studying perception by building and testing robotic models of animal sensory mechanisms. Much of Artificial Intelligence studies agent perception ...
  • The One-boxing Intuition in Newcomb's Problem 

    Grundy, Camilla (The University of Edinburgh, 2010-11-15)
    In Newcomb's Problem, a lot of people choose the option of one-boxing. However, the equivalent choice is rarely made in other similar decision problems. This discrepancy needs explaining. In this thesis, I consider ...
  • Online intermediaries and copyright liability 

    Waelde, Charlotte; Edwards, Lilian (World Intellectual Property Organisation, 2005)
    The report, presented to the World Intellectual Property Organisation, examines the role of online intermediaries, and liability for copyright infringement. The authors discuss the difficulties found in disclosure identity ...
  • Online optimisation of information transmission in stochastic spiking neural systems 

    Kourkoulas-Chondrorizos, Alexandros; Chondrorizos, Alexandros Kourkoulas (The University of Edinburgh, 2012-06-25)
    An Information Theoretic approach is used for studying the effect of noise on various spiking neural systems. Detailed statistical analyses of neural behaviour under the influence of stochasticity are carried out and ...
  • Online Study of Melanoma Identification: The Roles of ABC Information and Photographic Examples in Lesion Discrimination 

    Cornell, Ella (The University of Edinburgh, 2013-07-02)
    Public education campaigns designed to increase awareness about malignant melanoma, the most fatal form of skin cancer, currently use written criteria (ABCD) to describe its common features, but an increasing body of ...
  • Ontological and value incommensuration: Marilyn McCord Adams on medieval and modern approaches to Theodicy 

    Chandra, Michael A (2008)
    The Medievalist and philosophical Theologian Marilyn McCord Adams argues that the standard treatments of evil in Anglo-American philosophy of religeon are overtly abstract respecting both evil and God. She contends that ...
  • Ontology evolution in physics 

    Chan, Michael (The University of Edinburgh, 2013-07-02)
    With the advent of reasoning problems in dynamic environments, there is an increasing need for automated reasoning systems to automatically adapt to unexpected changes in representations. In particular, the automation ...
  • The Ontology of Cognitive Systems 

    Ravenscroft, John (The University of Edinburgh. College of Humanities and Social Sciences, 2007-06)
    In this thesis, I shall explore the theoretical and empirical expositions regarding the causal mechanisms of cognitive growth. I shall do this in order to determine if biological epistemic theories of cognitive systems ...
  • The Ontology of Knowledge and Belief in Republic V 

    Scaltsas, Dory (2007-08-30)
    In Republic V, Plato makes the astonishing claim that knowledge is a different and independent power from belief, in the way, for example, that sight differs from hearing. I will argue that this is a fundamentally different ...
  • Open Access Implementation Responsibility Matrix 

    Krzak, Anna (University of Edinburgh, 2015-02-05)
    Draft Responsibility Matrix for College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine for REF Open Access requirements implementation.
  • Open Access Licences 

    Guadamuz, Andres (AHRC Research Centre for Studies in Intellectual Property and Technology Law, 2006-12)
    Presentation by Guadamuz about open access licences.
  • Open access, open source and e-theses: the development of the Edinburgh Research Archive 

    Jones, Richard D; Andrew, Theo (Emerald, 2005-08)
    The Theses Alive project, conducted at Edinburgh University Library, aimed to produce an E-Theses repository with a view to providing a solution which may be appropriate for other UK higher education institutions to ...
  • Open Data, Open Minds - Web 2.0 Data Visualisation Tools 

    Macdonald, Stuart (2008-08-01)
    Presentation given at the Edinburgh Repository Fringe 2008.
  • Open Graphs and Computational Reasoning 

    Dixon, Lucas; Ross, Duncan; Aleks, Kissinger (EPTCS, 2010)
    We present a form of algebraic reasoning for computational objects which are expressed as graphs. Edges describe the flow of data between primitive operations which are represented by vertices. These graphs have an interface ...