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  • Oil & the non-oil economy in Scotland 

    Robertson, Neil (Unit for the Study of Government in Scotland, University of Edinburgh, 1984)
  • The Oil Heaters Regulations, 1962 

    Butler, R. A (Her Majesty's Stationery Office, 1962)
    STATUTORY INSTRUMENTS 1962 No. 884 CONSUMER PROTECTION The Oil Heaters Regulations, 1962
  • 'Old Maids’: family and social relationships of never-married Scottish gentlewomen, c.1740–c.1840. 

    Duncan, Alison Jean (The University of Edinburgh, 2013-07-04)
    The thesis argues that never-married gentlewomen dissociated themselves from negative and ubiquitous stereotypes of the old maid by focussing on their gentility rather than their marital status. By demonstrably fulfilling ...
  • Old medium, new design : in search of alternative aesthetics of Taiwanese aboriginal woven textiles in theatrical costume designs 

    Chen, Wan-Lee (The University of Edinburgh, 2012-06-27)
    The main purpose of this practice-led research is to explore the relevance of present day Taiwanese aboriginal weavers’ work to contemporary society and how it might be integrated into today’s production processes, and ...
  • Older women and domestic violence in Scotland 

    Flueckiger, Jennifer (CRFR, 2008-09)
    Older women, like younger women, experience domestic violence in large numbers and suffer significant physical, emotional and social consequences. Because of existing attitudes about women and age, these older women ...
  • Older women and domestic violence in Scotland - update 2008 

    Scott, Marsha; Morton, Sarah (CRFR, 2008)
    This report provides an update on literature published since an earlier research project, Older Women and Domestic Violence in Scotland, conducted in 2003-2004 and published in June 2004. The original project was ...
  • Olivier de la Marche and the Court of Burgundy, c.1425-1502 

    Millar, Alistair (The University of Edinburgh. College of Humanities and Social Science, 1996-06)
    The principal aim of the thesis is to give a detailed analysis of the career and literary output of the Burgundian courtier and chronicler, Olivier de la Marche, within the context of the political and cultural milieu ...
  • On a Question of H. Friedman 

    Plotkin, Gordon (ACADEMIC PRESS INC, 1996)
    In this paper we answer a question of Friedman, providing an ω-separable model M of the λβη-calculus. There therefore exists an α-separable model for any α≥0. The model M permits no non-trivial enrichment as a partial ...
  • On approximating the stochastic behaviour of Markovian process algebra models 

    Milios, Dimitrios (The University of Edinburgh, 2014-06-27)
    Markov chains offer a rigorous mathematical framework to describe systems that exhibit stochastic behaviour, as they are supported by a plethora of methodologies to analyse their properties. Stochastic process algebras ...
  • On being a person through time: the value of life extension and the ethics of aging intervention 

    Horrobin, Steven (The University of Edinburgh, 2008)
    In context of the possibility of aging interventions leading to significant or radical extensions in human lifespan, this thesis seeks primarily to address the question of the value of life’s continuance to persons, as ...
  • On being oneself: A comparison of heidegger and buber on personal identity 

    Munro,J. P. L. (University of Edinburgh, 1979)
  • On bisimulation and model-checking for concurrent systems with partial order semantics 

    Gutierrez, Julian (The University of Edinburgh, 2011-06-30)
    In concurrency theory—the branch of (theoretical) computer science that studies the logical and mathematical foundations of parallel computation—there are two main formal ways of modelling the behaviour of systems where ...
  • On Bonnefoy 

    Mansfield, Charlie (East Midlands Arts, 1993-12)
    Book review of English translation of French poetry by Yves Bonnefoy With these narrative artefacts, fragmented and unfinished, Yves Bonnefoy begins to show us a world without conclusion. His act of defiance towards the ...
  • On charge 3 cyclic monopoles 

    D’Avanzo, Antonella (The University of Edinburgh, 2010)
    Monopoles are solutions of an SU(2) gauge theory in R3 satisfying a lower bound for energy and certain asymptotic conditions, which translate as topological properties encoded in their charge. Using methods from integrable ...
  • On combining collaborative and automated curation for enzyme function prediction 

    De Ferrari, Luna Luciana (The University of Edinburgh, 2012-11-29)
    Data generation has vastly exceeded manual annotation in several areas of astronomy, biology, economy, geology, medicine and physics. At the same time, a public community of experts and hobbyists has developed around ...
  • On conformal submersions and manifolds with exceptional structure groups 

    Reynolds, Paul (The University of Edinburgh, 2012-06-25)
    This thesis comes in three main parts. In the first of these (comprising chapters 2 - 6), the basic theory of Riemannian and conformal submersions is described and the relevant geometric machinery explained. The necessary ...
  • On elliptical why-fragments 

    Donaldson, James (The University of Edinburgh, 2013)
    In this dissertation I argue that why-fragments cannot be explained through syntactic move-and-delete operations. This argument is motivated by the existence of why-fragments that are discourse-initial and, in many cases, ...
  • On French borrowing as a lexical choice in Middle English translation: a historico-semantic approach 

    Yip, Kelly (2007-08-27)
    The present study begins as a survey of previous studies in French borrowing in Middle English, and thereby the related works on the multilingual situation in medieval England and bilingualism. As the survey proceeds, a ...
  • On Functors Expressible in the Polymorphic Typed Lambda Calculus 

    Plotkin, Gordon; Reynolds, John (Information and Computation, 1991)
    Given a model of the polymorphic typed lambda calculus based upon a Cartesian closed category K, there will be functors from K to K whose action on objects can be expressed by type expressions and whose action on morphisms ...
  • On Generating Combilex Pronunciations via Morphological Analysis 

    Richmond, Korin; Clark, Robert; Fitt, Sue (2010)
    Combilex is a high-quality lexicon that has been developed specifically for speech technology purposes and recently released by CSTR. Combilex benefits from many advanced features. This paper explores one of these: the ...