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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
27-Jun-2011Adaptive optic demonstrators for extremely large telescopesCampbell, Michael AloysiusEvans, Chris; Ferguson, Annette; Longmore, Andy
1-Jul-2013Angular analysis and search for CP violation in the decay B0 → J/ΨK*0Sparkes, AilsaPlayfer, Stephen; Eisenhardt, Stephan
25-Nov-2010Angular analysis of B → K*l^+l^- using the BaBar detectorWatson, Jennifer ElizabethPlayfer, Stephen; Clark, Philip
1-Jul-2013Automated calculation of one-loop processes within MadGolemWigmore, Ioan TomosBinoth, Thomas; Ball, Richard; Pendleton, Brian
23-Nov-2011Automating virtual calculations in supersymmetric theoriesCullen, Gavin JamesHeinrich, Gudrun; Binoth, Thomas; Ball, Richard
2010Beam asymmetry measurement from pion photoproduction on the neutronSokhan, DariaWatts, Dan
1-Jul-2013Cryogenic cold war : closing the thermal conductivity gapKennedy, Julia SusanPeacock, John; Woodcraft, Adam
2009Deep multi-frequency radio observations of the SHADES fields and the nature of the faint radio populatonIbar, EduardoIvison, Rob; Best, Philip
23-Nov-2011Dynamical electroweak symmetry breaking on the latticeKeegan, Liam Roger GeorgeDel Debbio, Luigi; Pendleton, Brian
27-Jun-2011Far-infrared and sub-millimetre surveys of circumstellar discs.Phillips, Neil MatthewHolland, Wayne; Best, Philip
27-Jun-2011Hadamard subtractions for infrared singularities in quantum field theoryBurton, George Edmund C.Binoth, Thomas; Kennedy, Anthony; Gardi, Einan
2-Apr-2012Investigation of the transfer and dissipation of energy in isotropic turbulenceYoffe, Samuel RobertMcComb, David; Berera, Arjun
1-Jul-2013Ionisation induced collapse of minihaloesBack, TrevorMeiksin, Avery; Best, Philip
22-Jun-2012Massive galaxies at high redshiftPearce, Henry JamesMcLure, Ross; Cirasuolo, Michele; Dunlop, James
1-Jul-2013Massive stars and miniature robots: today’s research and tomorrow’s technologiesTaylor, William DavidEvans, Chris; Ferguson, Annette
28-Nov-2012Measurement of the CP-violating phase φs in the decay Bo/s →J/ψ/φFitzpatrick, Conor ThomasMuheim, Franz; Playfer, Stephen
1-Jul-2013Measurement of the e ffective lifetime of the B0 s meson using the flavour speci fic decay Bs → D-s π + at the LHCb experiment.Fardell, Gemma ClaireClarke, Peter; Clark, Philip
22-Jun-2012Measurement of the G double-polarisation observable in positive pion photoproductionMcAndrew, JosephineWatts, Daniel; Woods, Philip
1-Jul-2013Measurement of the underlying event in pp collisions using the ATLAS detector and development of a software suite for Bayesian unfoldingWynne, Benjamin MichaelClarke, Peter; Clark, Philip; Buckley, Andrew
8-Aug-2012Measurements of B± Meson production at LHCb and characterisation of hybrid photon detectorsYoung, Ross DonaldsonPlayfer, Stephen; Eisenhardt, Stephan
Showing results 1 to 20 of 31
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