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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
25-Nov-2011Identification of genetic influences in late-onset Alzheimer’s disease (LOAD)Allen, MarietYounkin, Steven; Wright, Alan
24-Nov-2011Impact of synaptic depression on network activity and implications for neural codingYork, Lawrence Christophervan Rossum, Mark; Rossum, Mark van; Oram, Mike
30-Jun-2012Implementation and adoption of the first national electronic health record: a qualitative exploration of the perspectives of key stakeholders in selected English care settings drawing on sociotechnical principlesCresswell, Kathrin MartinaSheikh, Aziz; Worth, Allison; Murray, Scott
27-Jun-2011Importance of dendritic cells during Schistosoma mansoni infectionPhythian-Adams, Alexander Thomas Luke; Adams, Alexander Thomas Luke PhythianMacDonald, Andrew S; Maizels, Rick
29-Jun-2013Increased levels of phosphoinositides cause neurodegeneration in a drosophila model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosisForrest, Stuart GordonPennetta, Giuseppa; Ribchester, Richard
2010Incremental semi-supervised learning for anomalous trajectory detectionSillito, Rowland R.Fisher, Robert B.; Vijayakumar, Sethu
2010Inflammation and cognition : the association between biomarker levels, their genetic determinants, and age-related cognitive decline.Marioni, Riccardo EmilioPrice, Jackie; Deary, Ian; Murray, Gordon
2011Innate and cognate roles of B cells in T cell differentiation and memoryMorrison, Vicky L.Gray, David
5-Jul-2011Interactions between glucocorticoid metabolism and inflammation in obesity and insulin resistance.Nixon, MarkAndrew, Ruth; Walker, Brian; Rossi, Adriano G.
22-Jun-2012Intermediates of DNA double strand break repair in escherichia coliMawer, Julia Sofia PamelaLeach, David; Harrington, Lea
5-Jul-2011Investigating mechanisms of salt-sensitive hypertension in 11β-HSD2 heterozygote miceCraigie, EilidhBailey, Matthew A.; Mullins, John J.
30-Jun-2012Investigating the association between BRAFV600E and methylation in sporadic colon cancerBaxter, Eva LouiseRamsahoye, Bernard; Forrester, Lesley
22-Jun-2012Investigating the mechanism by which thalamocortical projections reach the cerebral cortexChen, YijingMason, John; Price, Allan; Pratt, Tom
2008Investigating the mechanism of translational stimulation by Deleted in Azoospermia-likeSmith, Joel W. S.Gray, Nicola
30-Nov-2012Investigating the role of Runx1 in the specification of haematopoietic stem cells from early precursors in the embryo using a Runx1 reactivatable knockout mouse modelBour, Pierre Gilbert LouisMedvinsky, Alexander; Kunath, Tilo
25-Nov-2011Investigation into taxane resistant breast cancerKenicer, Juliet Elisabeth MargaretBartlett, John; Gourley, Charlie
6-Jul-2013Investigation of putative regulatory loci relevant to the pathogenesis of psychiatric illnessWalker, Rosie MayEvans, Kathy; Hall, Jeremy; Thomson, Pippa
5-Jul-2011Investigation of the cardiovascular effects of apelinHamilton-Smith, Katherine Mary; Smith, Katherine Mary HamiltonDenvir, Martin; Newby, David
27-Jun-2011Investigation of the interactions of DVAP-33A, the orthologue of human VAPB.Parry, Katherine ElizabethPennetta, Giuseppa; Ribchester, Richard
29-Jun-2013Ion channels and electrical excitability in native murine anterior pituitary corticotrophsLiang, ZhiShipston, Michael; Rowe, Iain
Showing results 47 to 66 of 123
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