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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
22-Jun-2012Epiphyte diversity on Scottish aspen – a component of the extended phenotypeDavies, ChantelEnnos, Richard; Iason, Glenn; Ellis, Chris
2010Evaluation of biomarkers for testicular toxicityElkin, Naomi D.Sharpe, Richard; Piner, Jacqui
24-Nov-2011Evolution and ecology of Drosophila sigma virusesLongdon, Ben JohnObbard, Darren; Little, Thomas; Jiggins, Francis
22-Jun-2012Evolution of sex and recombination in large, finite populationsHartfield, MatthewKeightley, Peter; Colegrave, Nicholas
2009Experimental evolution with bacteria in complex environmentsHall, Alex R.Colegrave, Nick; West, Stuart
28-Nov-2013Fitness effects of new mutations and adaptive evolution in house miceKousathanas, AthanasiosKeightley, Peter; Sharp, Paul; Halligan, Daniel
29-Jun-2013Function and organisation of actin and septins in Neurospora crassaBerepiki, AdokiyeRead, Nick; Goryachev, Andrew
22-Jun-2012Function of the forkhead gene fd3F in Drosophila chordotonal neuron differentiationNewton, Fay GabrielleJarman, Andrew; Armstrong, Douglas
30-Jun-2012Genetic diversity and structure of livestock breedsWilkinson, SamanthaWiener, Pamela; Haley, Christopher; Hocking, Paul
22-Jun-2012Genetic evaluation of traits recorded in sport horses in GBStewart, Isobel DorotheaBrotherstone, Susan; Woolliams, John
25-Nov-2011Genetic factors influencing the peripheral nervous system in health and diseaseComley, Laura HelenGillingwater, Tom; Parson, Simon; Horsburgh, Karen
30-Jun-2012Genetics of litter size and prenatal survival in pigsHernández Velasco, Silvia ClaraArchibald, Alan; Ashworth, Cheryl; Haley, Christopher
5-Jul-2011Genome scale analysis of the role of superantigens in Staphylococcus aureus disease pathogenesisWilson, Gillian Jane C.Fitzgerald, Ross; Morrison, Ivan
5-Jul-2011Host-adaptive evolution of Staphylococcus aureusLowder, Bethan VictoriaRoss Fitzgerald, Ross
22-Jun-2012Hypothalamic mechanisms mediating inhibition of prolactin secretion following stress in early pregnant miceParker, Victoria JoanneDouglas, Alison; Leng, Gareth
6-Jul-2013Identification of novel candidate genes for regulation of follicle selection in the avian ovaryMcDerment, Neil AlastairHocking, Paul; Dunn, Ian
27-Jun-2011Identification of pre-synaptic processing proteins from bacteroides fragilisParry, Frances LouiseBlakely, Garry
30-Jun-2012In vitro culture and transposon-mediated genetic modification of chicken primordial germ cellsMacdonald, JoniSang, Helen; McGrew, Mike
2009Individual and epistatic genetic effects of quantitative trait loci affecting growth, feed intake, body composition and meat quality in pigsDuthie, Carol-AnneRoehe, Rainer; Simm, Geoff; Doeschl-Wilson, Andrea
2010Inferring population history from genealogiesLohse, Konrad R.Stone, Graham; Barton, Nick
Showing results 34 to 53 of 94
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