ERA is a digital repository of original research produced at The University of Edinburgh. The archive contains documents written by, or affiliated with, academic authors, or units, based at Edinburgh that have sufficient quality to be collected and preserved by the Library, but which are not controlled by commercial publishers. Holdings include full-text digital doctoral theses, masters dissertations, project reports, briefing papers and out-of-print materials.

Information on current research activity including staff, projects and publications is available via the Edinburgh Research Explorer.


  • Assessing the photoreactivity of peatland derived carbon in aquatic systems 

    Pickard, Amy Elizabeth (The University of Edinburgh, 2017-07-03)
    Northern peatlands are a globally important soil carbon (C) store, and aquatic systems draining peatland catchments receive a high loading of dissolved and particulate forms of C from the surrounding terrestrial environment. ...
  • Autopoietic approach to cultural transmission 

    Papadopoulos-Korfiatis, Alexandros (The University of Edinburgh, 2017-07-07)
    Non-representational cognitive science is a promising research field that provides an alternative to the view of the brain as a “computer” filled with symbolic representations of the world and cognition as “calculations” ...
  • Ab initio molecular diffraction 

    Northey, Thomas (The University of Edinburgh, 2017-07-07)
    In 1915, Debye derived his well-known equation for the X-ray scattering from a sample of randomly orientated gas-phase molecules. He approximated the molecular scattering by adding the contributions of isolated atomic ...
  • Detection and analysis of proteins in the solid phase using extrinsic and intrinsic fluorescence 

    Niland, Hannah (The University of Edinburgh, 2017-07-07)
    Over the past two decades a body of evidence concerning residual biological contamination on cleaned surgical instruments has accumulated. This is substantiated by the number of yearly surgery cancellations due to visible ...
  • Activity-dependent bulk endocytosis: control by molecules and signalling cascades 

    Nicholson-Fish, Jessica (The University of Edinburgh, 2017-07-07)
    Synaptic vesicle (SV) recycling in the presynapse is essential for the maintenance of neurotransmission. During mild stimulation clathrin-mediated endocytosis (CME) dominates, however during intense stimulation ...

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